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  1. Microwave powerplant

    I think the power output is insane compared to hydrogen. In SC2K it was 30 000mw while the hydrogen was 50 000mw. could you revamp it to have a similar ratio?
  2. Adams Island

    how many big tiles per side?
  3. Show us your favorite skyline

    Sydney is a beautiful city, reminds me of vancouver, but 300 feet taller. Only thing I think Sydney is missing is mountains.
  4. Burj Khalifa

    Chairs are a tad to big. And are the raillings all the same size? compared to the railings at the very bottom and the very top the railings in the middle look like they are 3 meters tall, the others being 1 meter of course. Edit - door may be to big, I dunno if that what the real one will look like though. How big in-game will it be or are we not allowed to know yet?
  5. the Freedom Ship

    Someone in vancouver wanted to build it in burrard inlet. Wouldn't fit under the bridge unfortunately... Try building it ti scale and/or try out the new design.
  6. the new 797

    A-380 had a problem with the wing span? Are you talking about the limitations at most north american airports?
  7. Millenium Tower VS Burj Dubai

    Below buri dubai is between 1000 and 5000 feet of sad with giant super porus facades of sandstone undernieth. they are pumping water into the holes to replace any lost oil. But if you stick enough weight over the top of it, either the sand will push our of the way and the building will sink, or the weight causes the porus sandstone to collapse, and the water is forced up into the sand, making the building sink due the the liquification effect of the ground.
  8. Millenium Tower VS Burj Dubai

    Any one want to take a bet that these super tall towers collapse because they are to heavy for the ground?
  9. Airplane Graveyard

    any way you could build more of these and get a way to add em to airports? Comox used to have an old graveyard for dead military aircraft by the golf course, and I've consistantly seen dead aircraft at aerodromes in the states.
  10. Big Office Tower

    any dependancies? cause all i get is the lot, not the building itself.
  11. One and Two World Trade

  12. Westjet Avro RJ85

    nice plane. Looks reasonably close to a dash 8. Any other airlines that run these? Northern air? - just a suggestion for a future plane. In the meantiem I love this and am downloading it. Its about time someone did a westjet.
  13. AIR CANADA 767200ER

    Nerd guy, you build it, they will come. Fuck air canada, westjet would be nice. Should have a tutorial on how to make planes.
  14. Greater Vancouver Region

    Nifty. How many large cities is this across?
  15. Sumwhereinunavut Canada

    How big is it?