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  1. Discussion about City Tile Size

    Technically "LA" is only a small area of the Los Angeles area. I'm sure it's the same way with other big cities. So technically speaking, Simcity isn't too far off, I think haha. A large part of San Bruno is home to San Francisco Intl airport. We can make at work, as long as we do what's said below I was thinking this earlier and I'm glad you brought it up. I hope it's exactly like this, and I think it will be. I think they're going to make good decisions with this game.
  2. Show us your most unique and creative transportation network!

    This is my city, and I just recently started using this method.It may be boring, and repetative but it's extremly effective. I don't have any avenues (except one, which I built it for a rare exception), all one way streets. Before I started densing my zones, I earned so much. I was earning around $10k per month, and that's a new record for me without cheating (even with cheating). I hardly even had to use roads then, mainly streets. And I figured that this method would perfectly set me up for easy one way streets too, and I didn't have to build any avenues. I have very little traffic probblems, and the only public transportation I have is passenger and freight trains.