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  1. Dubai (UAE) Vision Based

    Hey again, Yes, I've taken a recess from Simcity 4, but I am going to be working on this now that I have a nice stretch of free time. I will continue to upload progress, and I am getting to the oil areas, I'm just working on one tile at a time. I need to get some more stuff from the STEX so it may be a while before I post my next pic, but the project is not dead, it just was delayed Thanks for all the critic's comments, I will try my best to continue improving my city. As I said, its a long and steady progress for my first CJ. Stay tuned!-- I'm back!!
  2. Dubai (UAE) Vision Based

    Thanks guys, Keep the criticism coming, I won't bite. I am trying to build this as well as my city making skills!! I'm an engineering student so I take to criticism well. We can sort of consider this a group project if you will, haha. Thanks for all the comments for those who were pleased with it. As I said, don't be afraid to shout out if it needs work. STEX is down right now, so I'm just going to be modifying the layout and planning my skyscraper district. P.S. A late welcome to page 2!
  3. Julianopolis

    Wow, looks great, is this your first CJ? I like your trees and how you mixed BATs with Maxis buildings well done. P.S. the tropical look is making me sweat so good job!
  4. Dubai (UAE) Vision Based

    Here is my latest update, I have been working on creating the residential sections with some windy roads and palm trees. My next work will be on the skyline, which I need to get some proper stex buildings for. Many middle class and wealthy citizens continue to flock to Dubai mainly due to its corporate and tourist success and consequently, the development of middle eastern apartments is keeping general contractors and architects busy. Many middle to upper class families have the luxury of living on one of Dubai's busy avenues just minutes from their corporate jobs. Some of the changes in fortunes and the realization of the high cost of living has driven a few families from the region, but this neighborhood continues to go from strength to strength while the old is replaced with the newer more modern feel as the dry air and corporate climate continues to heat up the region. Large Apartment and condo development has brought more prosperity and a modernization of the city. Edited lots of times: I'm having a heck of a time justifying the images so they look proper, maybe I'm missing something???
  5. Dubai (UAE) Vision Based

    Hi again, No pics in this update, but I am working very hard on this CJ because it would be great to build a City Journal of this difficulty and make it correct for my first chance at a CJ. I will continue to work hard on this project, I am currently downloading more buildings from the stex, and working on revamping my transportation network. If you ware curious to know how I plop residential buildings, I will simply tell you then later I will post pictures of how it is done (I am really busy tweaking dubai right now). Basically, you just zone an area of residential, let it develop, then you simply plop the desired residential building where you want it in the zoned area and it won't abandon. I think its a glitch but it works and it has been very helpful for me because of the fact that many of the middle eastern houses I am working with are awkward shapes, which is further adding to the challenge. P.S. I will make sure my screenshots are free of clutter next time.
  6. Dubai (UAE) Vision Based

    Ok, here are some pictures of the real Dubai, you can see that I haven't just zoned things without looking... Look above, in my screen shots, you will notice that the commercial district is mixed with other buildings, just as I have it. Here is another one, with the roads diagonally with some mixed development, just as my first screen shot shows. I do appreciate the feedback and your honesty. Yes, I do have some work to do on my transportation network, and I agree with your method of building the city center (the larger, taller buildings) first. That is exactly why I am working on this tile, it is the downtown area of dubai which is exactly what these screenshots are taken from.
  7. Dubai (UAE) Vision Based

    I've totally restructured the city from scratch. This is what I have now. The city looks much more realistic now and I figured out a sneaky way to make the ploppable residential buildings from abandoning, which I will show in a tutorial later. You may need some sunxcreen for these! Dubai's Housing development Highrises
  8. Making a good city for CJ

    Hi again, I'm back again for yet another question! When I look at many of the city journals that are really well done, I notice that the buildings are placed very neatly and everything looks very nice. Is it best when you are building a city for a city journal to do more plopping of buildings than zoning and development? I am currently working on my own middle eastern city where I am basically starting over and some of the homes and businesses that I downloaded are very difficult to develop, in fact, with the end maxis development mod, I still have to be very very accurate with my zoning otherwise it won't even develop. I am wondering if it is better instead to just plop the buildings that I need so I could obtain the desired realistic look. So, if I do plop, I guess there is only one question left: For residential, how the heck do you prevent them from getting abandoned (like the larger condos that would be placed around a Middle Eastern Themed City)? This could also go for commercial, but my experience is that commercial buildings don't abandon quite as easily as residential buildings do. Thank you.
  9. Lot Editor and Plug-in Manager Forum Archive 2008 This thread contains all of the stray topics created in 2008 in the Lot Editor and Plug-in Manager forum. This thread serves to condense those topics into one topic before merging into the new SC4 BAT & Lot Workshop forum. However, all of the posts from the original threads are merged chronologically, which means that if two threads were posted in during the same time span, their posts will be mixed together, making it harder to read. To help with this, the title of original thread has been edited into the original first post of each thread. Remember that you can use Ctrl+F to search through your current page. 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 -Jasoncw Controling developable plugins Hi, I would like to see my developable plugins develop only instead of the regular RCI buildings that came with the game. Is there a way to control the game built maxis buildings and stop them from growing and only grow the particular buildings (BAT growable buildings that are plugins) that I want in my city?
  10. Dubai (UAE) Vision Based

    Well, Looking at the way I have it laid out I have to agree with everything said above. I will be working on creating a more realistic dubai now but I will still have some vision buildings in the downtown area. Looking closely, I notice that there are a lot more row houses and developments like that (as mentioned) in the residential developments. Since I may not be able to get a high pop out of this by making one city, I will certainly have to plop some of the downtown buildings to allow for a more realistic effect since it is difficult to get them to develop on their own. Consider that everything in that picture above was sim developed, which lets face it, does not create a very realistic environment. I may have to do a bit more manual placement of buildings in the downtown.
  11. Dubai (UAE) Vision Based

    Ok, I'll admit it right here and now, It isn't real world based per say, so I renamed the topic "Vision Based" based on the vision I have of Dubai as a futuristic city. This doesn't mean that it will nescesairly look like this, it just brings together the vision of Dubai as being a skyscraper city filled with wealth and power. If I were to make this more realistic, there would really be only one line of skyscrapers running along the avenue, not like the way I have it. However, I don't think this would be as exciting, so I decided to settle for the megalopolis look that I have now.
  12. Dubai (UAE) Vision Based

    Well, This is about it for now in the downtown section. I plan to expand to the north and build up the seaside condominiums and make a mostly residential section. The population of the single city tile alone is over 500,000 with over 500,000 commerical jobs. Like I said, I am sort of making it realistic with some dream city touches (i.e. more big buildings than there are in real life.) With the way construction is going over there, it wouldn't surprise me if it looks like this in 100 or 200 years. I figured too that starting out making the first tile the largest would help feed growth and help lift the stage caps so I could develop the coastal portions of the city (I.E. Hotel and Condo development). And yes, it was very hard to find a complete collection of buildings in the downtown region so it does look Maxisy at this point, but I will try to mix it up a bit with other buildings as they come out. It appears that the princess hotel (the tall building with a dome on top) was a plopable and developable building so it ended up being built in this city. I'm not sure if I should destroy it or leave it where it is because I will put the tower in its correct location (which is not on this city tile, it is actually probably about 2 or 3 cities tiles away). Its a bit glossy, but my vision is to create a Dubai of the future. I will replace the Burj Dubai Building with its fully finished counterpart (also thanks to skyscraper) when the on the very day that the very last phase of construction on the real building is complete. Heres the latest SS (I didn't close out the sidebar in this one, sorry guys. My next SShots will have it out!) P.S. I can't wait until I get to work on the palm island portions, it will be interesting to say the least heh.
  13. Dubai (UAE) Vision Based

    This is my current undertaking, Dubai based off of the real world terrain (I can't remember whose map I used, but I'll give credit). The downtown I am currently working on and I am almost finished with this portion of the map. My goals for this project are to make a realistic Dubai with some nice pieces put in place to make it look more like a dream city and to build one of the largest populated regions out there (it is a 3000X2000 ish sized region, lots of space here, all large city spaces). After all, this real world city seems to make the impossible possible! Here are the initial screenshots, gameplay has been about 5 hours, using the super demand ordinance (to help it grow fast because my time can be limited folks), and no money cheats or other cheats. There are some areas where the buildings are being downgraded to RSS instead of RSSS, so I will probably clean those up in the future by adding more mass transit and ammenities to increase desirability. Apart from that, this piece of land is just about finished, I may just fill in the rest for this large tile with medium/light density zones. I plan to gradually step out of large construction into medium in the surronding tiles and then light for about 80 percent of the rest of the huuuge region map. This will certainly be a city of the future, and as I mentioned earlier, I may put in some nice touches to make it a surreal city of dreams. You may recognize some of the landmarks placed in the city, I used the BLaM tornado building (which looks a lot like the Chicago Spire in Chicago), I also have the Emrates Building Construction by Skyscraper (which mysteriously appears as a blank brown tile from far above (notice the final screenshot near center). I also plan to put the princess towers in their proper place in the region. I did some quick number crunching and if I were to complete this at this rate, it would probably take me about 3 months to complete this project, which won't likely happen, so I would say about a year to a year and 3 months total build time for this. Like I said in the summary, its a looong project!!
  14. Get this if you want easy stage 8

    I've read around and people that have had problems getting stage 8s, get this mod. It helps a bunch. It is a nice mod because if you don't want to use it, you can just uncheck it in your ordinance menu. To use, download and extract to (your simcity4 folder/)plugins. Then in the ordinance menu of your budget window, check super demand. Keep in mind that it does create unrealistic demand, but if you want to make big buildings and are having a hard time, it is a must have! http://www.simtropolis.com/modding/index.cfm?p=details&id=185
  15. Show us your skyscraper districts!

    Here is mine: