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    Basic Lotting Tutorial

    Basic Lotting

    For those who want a good CJ, you might as well take up on custom content creation. For example, you're building a Middle Eastern city and want a filler for the empty spaces such that it fits the environment. Before we start making growable lots, lets start something smaller.


    Disclaimer: This tutorial assumes that you know some of the basics of the lot editor including rotating objects and textures.


    First, I used the grass green lot provided by maxis.


    Let's change up the base texture, I don't want a grass lot in my Middle Eastern cities especially if its somewhat far from a water source. I'm going to make this a concrete texture by going to the Base Texture tab and click Add Item. From there, pick a concrete texture. Remember this, use a base texture so that it fits with the surrounding environment such as other building's / lot's base textures.


    I want a dirt path, but you might be wondering how if I just selected a texture. The answer to that is going to the Overlay Texture tab. Then, you need to look through the menu for a dirt texture. Don't worry, this won't delete the base texture as this type overlaps the base texture.


    See? No harm done to the base texture. But I want to add more than just that, maybe a prop (object) or two?


    A prop is basically your objects where things like cars, streetlights, and other things that can be placed on the lot. In order to place a prop, you go to the Prop tab and click Add Item. Although the pop-up menu has no object viewer like the textures. You can go through each prop and select them to see what they look like. Besides that, there's a type-in box above the menu. From there, you can type an object you want such as a car. Remember, the results will be highlighted and you can press the Enter key to see more results. Pick a prop, any one. Don't worry, if you don't like it, you can always delete it by pressing the Delete key while selecting that prop. Alright, I picked my car (junker) and now able to place it on the lot.


    Like so, after I selected my desired prop such as this junker.


    I don't want to end there, I want this to be gritty as possible. If you downloaded a couple of prop packs, your prop menu will be much larger than the original Maxis' one. If you play around with the props, you are able to make something like this.


    Complex? Nope, I just added a few props such as Shanties (by onlyplace4), Maxis garbage and a few street lights and that's it! Don't worry, you can overlap props and even make them out of bounds if a prop allows it.


    I'm done my lot and ready to save this, (and edit for the future). Click Save As and name it whatever you want. I'm going to call it Slum_1.


    Congratulations! You completed your good looking lot and ready to plop wisely in your cities. Look how much gritter it looks with some lotting.


    Hope this helped you out!


    If you want to get more serious with your lotting, I recommend using the SC4 Plugin Manager and make buildings suited to your liking. You can use this tool to even create growable custom lots by using a building. I haven't covered this because I just want to get the basics down before I can move onto more advanced things.

    User Feedback

    Thank you! This is very helpful. I've never fooled around with the lot editor, so I really needed just a general introduction like this. It seems so easy now! "I can no other answer make, but, thanks, and thanks."

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    I have one problem. I have created my own lot - Passenger Railway Station. But when I build this rail station in my city, nobody use it. Usage is 0%. Next to this station is different rail passenger station with 10% usage. Why ???

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    @ Laky99:

    I am not sure of your problem as this might be some pathing issue. If that is not the case, try editing it in Reader or PIM, that should work. If that does not work, then it is your city's transportation network. Again, a problem like that has many variables.

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    I made a composting facility in the lot editor but I don't know how to turn it into a mod for the game. I wanna make it so it handles small amount of garbage without producing pollution but isn't the most desirable building to live next too (Theres a facility here in my city that people complain about the smell every now and then)

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    @Nekomaster: You need to use the SC4 Plugin-Manager, or use a blank building. The blank building is created by exporting a small, transparent box from GMAX. Then, you open SC4PIM and edit its values and catorgoies. Finally, assign that blank building to your lot and you should be fine.

    That's how I done most of my Middle Eastern growables and fillers.

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    This definitely helped me understand the importance of increasing the number of props on a lot. I just wish the Lot Editor had a better way of organizing props so that they were easier to find and see before plopping.

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    how do you rotate buildings so they are facing the right direction. I want the front of my building to face the road. cant seem to find the option to rotate it so its facing the right way. 

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