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About this City Journal

A pleasant little doomed region...

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First of all I'd like to say that I have updated all of my past entries with grammer and spelling checks. I have also made them more coherent and generally more fluent. If you've already read through them, you may want to flick through them again; although I doubt you will notice much difference.

Before these updates I realise that I sounded like somebody who had only just begin to speak English, or as if I were some total moron. This is pretty embarrising on my part, seeing how Ilive in the country that gave said English language its name! You see, I've been very ill the past week or two, and have only just recovered. In that time It was pretty hard to get my head together and think straight, but now I feel I can write with at least an acceptable level of grammtical correctness.

Really this update is to tell you that I will not be updating for about 4 days(ish). I'm having a late summer holiday, but I will be bringing my laptop for when it undoubtably rains, so be prepared for a mega-update on tuesday/monday!

After that however, I will be away for another 5days(ish) to see my unbearable grandparents up in the worlds-worst-city-ever-in-the-world-in-the-history-of-time town, Mansfield. I will DEFINATLEY be bring my laptop there, so expect another Ultra-update the Monday after next!

In other words, what I'm saying is I wont be updating for a few days. I will post another of these the day before I have to go on that most dreaded of trips up t' north t' see t' Grandparents...(seriously, I hate how Northeners do that t' thing.)


Crazy stories in local papers are the least of the many Romascan problems...

Newtville is showing signs of extreme abandonment and building dilipidation:


People just can't afford to run such small farms anymore. It looks like if Newtville carries on as she does, she'll be the first of the settlement to fall victim to the recession.

Reddton on the other hand is niether growing nor shrinking; the area attracts a small amount of tourists, and the industrial core that Reddton is built around still provides enough money and jobs to supply everybody with their needs'. It looks like Reddton will just about ride out the storm.

However, monopoly owner Bill Texan has recently shown interest in the area. As the big cities to the east and west grow, as does the traffic between the two cities through Romascus.Bill wants to make a propositon: he wants a massive multi-billiondollar super mall to be built on the main road that cuts through Romscus:


The red are is the proposed site

Building the mall would be free, and would attract much needed tourism to Romascus. but on the other hand, the mall would probably cause a massive surge in immigration to the area, with people looking for jobs. Does Reddton sacrafice her beauty to clear a sure route through these dark times? What do you think? (Bear in mind that the mall would look pretty awesome... just sayin' is all...)

But what bout the smallest settlement on the River, Rostbury?

Well, the mayor of Rostbury saw potential in the old scenic view spot which climbs up the slope of the Romascus Ridge:


What people want in these economic times is cheap holidays; sightseeing that doesn't cost a fortune. And what better way to exploit the regions natural beauty than to build a full scale double platform viewing area?




More shops have flocked around the base of the area. The coffers of the little burg are growing; and so is the town itself:


On top of this resounding tourist promotion sucess, industry has just begun to expand on the river for the first time in decdes. One of the two companies stationed at Rostburg saw potential in being in such close proximity to cheap labour.  The company hs expanded its factory estate (bottem of pic). And as every good mayor knows, people go where the work goes.


Many financial experts predict that this source of cheap labour could show Rostbury through the tunnel, and in to the light at the end...


Something's got the local papers buzzing recently. Rumors are spreading, housewives are gossiping, and conspiricy nuts are raving. Something big is going down on the Romscus ridge...

A huge portion of land on the rocky Romascus Ridge (the range of mountains to the west of the river) has been bought up by private investors. It's all been very hush-hush, without explanation or warning. A local newspaper has been doing some investingating, and sent a chopper over the mountains to see just what they're doing there...


That photograph shows the only current development on the purchased land. The photograph clearly shows some sort of settlement, however there were no recorded setlements on the ridge prior to the investors' purchase. Hell, the settlement isn't even connected to any form of transportation network. so just how they managed to get the required building materials up their in the first place is the biggest mystery...

And oddley enough, ever since the land was bought up, the men in black suits all seem to have disappeared. Maybe they were working for the investers, trying to find a suitible location for the town... or maybe something stranger's going on...


Mars250 and mgmg14 - The farmwalls I believe are called "dry stone wall" or "dry stone farm divider". Well, something along the line of that anyway. They're on the STEX (obviously)

Mars250 (Overview pt.1) - Most of the buildings' are indeed Maxis buildings, but I pulled a few off the STEX. You'll see more STEX buildings in later updates. Also, it takes a ground mod as well as a tree mod to make them look good!

Gagwee - I can't see anything wrong with your English actually...

Plyplay665 - I couldn't agree more. You need at lest a little bit of drama in a CJ, other wise it isn't unique!

And it would probably be faster to say...

Everybodyelse who commented - Thanks :D. I ws expecting at least  little bit of negative feedback, but all posotive is good too!

Edit: Higher quality image uploaded, with location map attatched. Also, clearer details were added.



Rostbury is the newest  of the settlements  in Romascus, and like Reddton is founded around an industrial estate.. Rostbury is the least effected of all of the settlements, because of it's ability to produce cheap labour, and ts close proximity to the Newtville farms.


The residents may be poor, but as long as they have work they're happy. Demand from the porrest people of Romascus to live here is always risng slightly, due to its close proximity to work and cheap housing projects.


But then again, what could possibly come out of such a small insignificant burg? Being sheltered from the global recession, does she have the potential to become a fullyfledged town, or maybe even a city? Only time will tell...

Authers Note

Well, just my luck to end up with a nasty cold. I'm off work today, and as such have bugger all to do other than watch terrible daytime TV, and SC4. I'm going to be updating the CJ all day, so you may want to keep tabs on this CJ. I'll be adding new screenshots to their respective parts, adding more detail to each of the towns, and adding a new update later on (don't worry, the actual storyling is coming soon :D) if you read this CJ, please comment, and give constructive critisism! After all, this is my first CJ, and I need to know how I'm doing.

I hope you like what you see! Oh, and I'll be doing a replies section every 5 updates, so don't worry if it seems like I'm ignoring you...

(Also, there are always at least 4 pictures for every entry. If only 1 or 2 show, try refreshing the page. It seems to work for me anyway!)


Overview pt.2

While Reddton needs tourists desperatlry, this little farming community of 8000 people looks like it'll need a miricale...


Newtville is the oldest settlement on the river, and eats up what little fertile land there is to be found there. The farms were made hundreds of years ago, and still have the old fashioned wall dividers. They produce some income, and provide food for the residents; not much of an living, but at least its something.

However the village is in a state of decay; the farms are losing out to the ever expanding industrial scale farms to the East, and without the farms people are leaving en-mass






Can Newtville chip in on what little industry Reddton has? Can she find new life in the tourism industry? Will she be able to expand her ancient farmland? And what of her neigbour over the river...

(Note that most of the screenshots aren't showing here for some reason. Shame really, because most of them really show the abandonment problem)


Overview pt.1

As you can probably tell from the intro, Romascus is in dire need of help; the place is just too small to sustain its self on an economic level in this harsh economic climat. Either somethng expands, or the whole place will end up a ghost town...

Firstly, a map to show you where I'm talking about when I talk about it:


Now, before we try to sort out Romascus' many, many problems, lets look at what we're dealing in depth. We'll start with :


Reddton is the biggest settlement on the river Romascus (which isn't saying much as there are only 3), with 24,000 residents'. On the surface, Reddton looks as problem free as a city can be, with quaint subuebs, a sea view and a large industrial centre...






... but dig beneath the surface, and you'll see that Reddton is going to collapse in on herself soon if left on her own two feet for too long.

You see, Reddton was built around industry. This industry to be precise:



Pctured above is the Reddton automotive parts repair shop and supplier; also known as RAP

And as you can see from the first picture, there's a big gap full of trees; in the middle of the industrial core; that's where the Reddton Gas Company used to be before it got moved up river. That cost Reddton a lot of jobs, and being an industrial town, that's VERY bad news.

So, what did Reddton do? Turned to tourism! The only problem being that you need tourists to be a tourist attraction.

The mayor ordered the old docks used by the RGC be torn up and replaced with a pier, recreational docks and commercial buildings:



Note the distinct lack of tourists...

Either Reddton attracts tourists somehow to this rural stretch of land, or she faces fading into obscurity like many unsucessful rural tourist towns.




Aaah Romascus; the little river nestled away between the rocky mountain ridges to the West, the rolling hills to the East, and the the watery depths of Lake Romascus to the South. Tranquility; beauty ; bliss; all these can be found here in this wonderfully remote location... well, that is if you can find the damn place.

Being in such a remote location does come with its disadvantages: buisness' see nothing of value here other than tourism, new industry hasn't set up in a very long time, and the place is so far from anywhere notable that people don't want to live here unless they're retired or looking for a place to hide from the law in. And with the recession gripping the world with an unforgiving fist, the residents of Romascus all have one reason or another to leave to the big cities to the East.

Is there anything that can save Romascus? Is there any chance that the burgoning little settlements that litter the river will someday grow in to utopian metropolis'? And what about those men in black suits spotted around town? What could they be up to I wonder...

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