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About this City Journal

My first crack at a CJ, my goal (like many newbs) is to achieve skyscrapers in my business district. I am using a map created by simtroplois user Screwball The only mod I am using is NAM...

Entries in this City Journal


After spending some more time developing the dirty industrial island to the south east here are the new updated Census numbers

Residential:     193,000

Commercial:      13,000

Industrial:            93,000

I have continued to grow the "dumb" high desity residential area on my dirty island, but I am now running into some funding issues, I may need to cut health care until I can get the budget balanced.

Here is the new Pro Baseball Stadium that has been awarded to the moron's of Filth Island...


I took ShultzCity's advice about using street's rather than roads in my suburbs and I'm quite pleased with the results.


And the best part is I still have no traffic problems in my suburbs...traffic.jpg

I'll leave you with the updated region views.  Thanks agian for any comments/recommendations you have.




I'll start each update with a status check of my region using Sawtooth's Region Census tool..

Right now I stand at:

120,000 Residential

11,000   Commercial

42,000   Industrial


Here is the start of my suburbs which lies directly west of my industrial center, and north of my indended downtown center.

After putting in an extensive education system, I was rewarded with High Tech Demand, which was quite exciting...


Due East of my industrial center, I put in some high density, grid-like residential.  This city I plan on keeping 'dumb' to supply workers to my dirty industry which I am confining to the island in the south east.  Here is a shot of my first 'high-rise' apartment building!


Lastly, here is a satilite image of my region with transportation view.



Up next, continued industrial/residential growth on the southeast island.



First up is planning my highway system, the idea here is to give two loops to my water front, and some 'fingers' reaching out to where I plan to place industry and residential areas.


I have also decided where I wish to start development, I have identified a nice area for my downtown and suburbs, and I have choosen where to start my industrial center.


Time to get to work!

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