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Flats in Kriminsk 
Kirminsk is known as the industrial heartland of Zemlâkamnâ,

an essential part of the grea

t wheel that keeps the nation marching forwards.

Kirminsk is a place of little hope and fewer prospects, the populace trapped and unable to escape to the brighter jewels that their labour has produced. A maze of prefabricated high rises and industrial complexes, Kirminsk is the manufacturing hub of the region, producing everything from engines to kitchen sinks, usually for transport to other cities. This does not, of course, mean that everything in the region is produced here- with little investment in education, high tech production, such as computers, takes place in other cities, mainly Vostrevosk and Antresk.

Not all of the population belive that they should bear the brunt of the burden of production, and protests, often escalating to riots, are common. These are not tolerated, and Kirminsk police are often seen sporting riot gear and rifles loaded with rubber bullets. This is sometimes not enough, so the city has a strong military presence.


Strike "talks", Kirminsk style.


Kirminsk factories.


The average home in Kirminsk.




An overview of Zemlâkamnâ

A major region of the URSursflag2.jpg


Zemlâkamnâ, as the name would suggest, it primarily composed of rocky mountains and hills. Between the large mountain ranges exist the main cities of the region, on the highland plains that are the only possible locations for large settlements. Outside of these features, the rest of the land of Zemlâkamnâ is mainly rolling hills and valleys. The only development here is sprawling farmland and a few small villages.

Orignally rich pine forest, this has mostly been removed for the ever expanding human needs, the forest now only existing in the mountain foothills and the few undeveloped patches of countryside.


The region is controlled by a regional council, which is composed of representatives of each major settlement. This is usually, but not always, the mayor of the settlement in question.

This system has been imposed since the fall of the monarchy in 1864, when the advisory council (which itself is composed of delegates from the regional council) finally stripped the royal family of their remaining powers. The royal family still exists, mostly due to tradition, but the populace's increasing communist idealism will soon see the end of the royal family.

Keeping the popular vote of the people is a difficult task for any political candidate, as they must appear to encourage socialist values while steering the country along the route of capitalism. Luckily, the people who so idolise soviet values often have little idea what this means, and the steps towards capitalism in recent years have been small enough to go unnoticed.


The URS has had a mostly uneventful history in comparison to other nations, though a recent border dispute escalated into a minor conflict, resulting in the Zemlâkamnâ plains war, lasting from 2009 to 2011. A memorial to the 547 casualties of the 12 week conflict can be seen in the center of Vostrevosk, the main commercial city for the region.

Earlier histories include the decline of the royal family, taking place over the two centuries preceding the final 1864 removal of powers act.

Military strength

The army of the URS is smaller than that of neighboring nations, but is well trained and equipped in comparison.

The main battle tank of the URS is the Challenger 1, purchased after the UK replaced them with the Challenger 2.

Also in service are many ex-german Leopard 1 tanks, which the URS intends to relegate to support divisions.

Along with the purchase of the Challenger 1, the URS army conducted trials for a new rifle. They considered the LA85, but in the end utilised the German G3 battle rifle. Some elite groups may be equipped with G36 rifles.

They are also remarkable for using NATO equipment, unlike most other nations in the area, which use ex-warsaw pact equipment.

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