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Valasio started off as 'The Bay,' but a glitch found its way into my plugins folder and it completely erased one of my cities. There was a big hole in the region. So, I created Valasio to save all of my work. These are some older photos when it was still The Bay.




Here's somesatellite shots:

Valasio as of June 5th, 2009. I estimate that Iit is somewhere between 35% and 45% built-out.


The southern city of Bayport and it's extensive parklands. Population est. 400,000


The Volero-Salamanca metro area, with the industrial areas to the north. Roughly 2 million sims.


The Eastward Expansion. I plan to push all the way to the river with low and mid-level development, then place some extensive parklands on the east side of it.



Welcome to

Valasio is a region I created that is the culmination of all of the knowledge about city-building concepts I have learned over the years.  There are many factors that I had to consider in its development (which is ongoing). These go beyond the issues included within SimCity 4 itself, such as pollution and traffic congestion. Among these other issues are connectivity, aesthetic appeal, and conservation.

I took these factors into account throughout the construction of Valasio in order to make for an ultra-realistic, modern, functional metropolitan area. While I am still far from perfection, I still feel that I have accomplished alot. Not only did I have to perfect the means by which I keep the cities in good shape with respect to the game itself, I had to elevate them to my own standards. Bwlow, I have outlined the principles behind the success of Valasio.


One of these standards is connectivity. After years of trial and error, I realized that my most successful cities were the ones that had developed intricate connections with the cities around them. I could increase the commercial and residential populations in one city by diverting all of the dirty industries into a neighboring city. At the same time, denser development could take the place of industrial areas and populations were able to multiply. To be able to do this, I had to
the cities. I utilized every mode of transit available: all types of roads and highways, railroads, airports, monorails, subways, and even ferries when suitable. In doing so I developed  an incredibly complex transportation network as I continued to connect my cities. This led me to realize that in order for the region to succeed as a whole, I had to stop looking at each city's transportation systems individually and start looking at the system regionally. Currently, I am working on finishing Valasio's extensive beltway, which will one day make a giant loop across the entire region, and fine tuning my subway and monorail systems to cut down on commute times region-wide.

Aesthetic Appeal and Conservation

Nobody wants to see a shabby, poorly planned city, let alone live in one. I researched alot of cities, both real and ones created on Simtropolis, and realized that the ones that were most successful were the ones that were planned out and had alot of green space. My first cities lacked this crucial element entirely, and once I had finished one, it really was'nt worth looking at. So I began to place more parks than were needed to simply improve land values in order to give Valasio some character and charm. I began by surrounding some of my busy highways and rail lines with forestry to add some visual appeal (while also toning down traffic noise in my neighborhoods). When first planning out my city and installing the necessary infrastructure, I dedicated larger areas to trees, city parks, and local greens and plazas. The double part this strategy plays is cutting down on "manhattanized" areas by adding more open spaces. Cities look messy when it is just a giant cluster of concrete. Could you imagine what New York City would look like without Central Park? The strategic location of certain parks in certain neighborhoods of various densities was crucial in makign Valasio pleasing to the eye.

The incorporation of these elements into Valasio are what sets it apart from many other cities. I hope that it can serve as a model for other SimCity enthusiasts to model their own cities after.

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