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About this City Journal


I never leave a city building YouTube watching session, or Simtropolis City Journal reading spell, uninspired. I also never leave it disappointed in my inability to replicate the results myself.  I am, quite simply, in awe, of some of the work done here.  I've tried to create a City Journal before. I generally have always left with the same sense of, unfulfilled expectation. I am hoping my fourth crack at the City Journal experience will not be the same.  Welcome to Opportunity.

Opportunity is where things happen. It is where you can wake up in the morning knowing there is nothing you can't do. Take a walk on the pier, visit a great restaurant, watch your local major league sports team, or that little league game down the road.  Opportunity is having a great job in a city where you don't have to sacrifice clean air and water to have that job.  Come to Opportunity to take a cruise, or a boat tour; a helicopter ride or head out on that trip you've been saving for.

Opportunity is where things happen. Let's begin.


Entries in this City Journal



On the edge of the river lies the somewhat secluded, high end communities of Cemetary Shores and the University of Opportunity.



This amazing little neighborhood has everything you need to live, and thrive in Opportunity.  With parks, recreation, the Botanical Gardens and amazing shoreline views from one of the many tall residential buildings - this little community has it all!



Opportunity is somewhat known for hosting some of the finest doctors in the world and the University Hospital is no exception. As home to Dr. Robert Wishinghouse, the worlds leading doctor on removing those disgusting blackheads you see in YouTube videos, the University Hospital receives a TON of visitors with huge pimples to pop.


The residents of Opportunity LOVE their trees. They have a saying around these parts: "If its not a building, its a tree" and that is a motto they've kept with them for generations. City planners have been militant - if there is no building, a tree should be planted. You will see a LOT of green space in Opportunity!










Well. I know I suggested that this was going to be a nice, clean city; but lets be real for a minute, every city needs a little industry in it.  I sat down for my first session and built up a little island with all the basic necessities to get a city up and running.


On Industrial Island we have a nuclear power plant. Fenced off and everything.  Opportunity may need more power in the future, but this is good enough for now.


We have some warehousing and light dirty industry on the island as well.


In addition to electricity, the water services are located on Industrial Island as well.


The whole island is wrapped in sea walls. It took a LOT of fine tuning with the land to get it looking OK. I'm not sure I am ever going to be as good at this as the pro's are.  Props make a TON of difference in this island. The shipping containers, parking lots, fencing, trees and planter boxes - these make a big difference in the appearance of Industrial Island.   



Allow me a moment to wax poetic.

I've started a million cities, in a million city builders. There is NOTHING better to me (as someone who perpetually cannot finish what he starts in the way he wants to finish it) than the blank slate of an empty map.  There is a lot of opportunity here.

I am seeing places for people to walk along the river - that's what I might tackle first. 


I'd love to tackle a great transportation hub as well. I've never been great at road networks, or train networks, but I am trying to improve and this is going to, hopefully, give me the chance to get some feedback.


Please send along any and all comments as I go. I would really like to stick with this and I think the community engagement would go a long way to making this a reality for me.


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