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About this City Journal

My second city journal here on Simtropolis, this will be dedicated to the city and surrounding metropolitan area of Lenox. It will be built in Cities:Skylines with an obnoxious amount of custom content. I'm doing a lot more masterplanning than in my previous city of Jamestown, mostly because this map has almost twice the buildable area and it's feasible. This city journal will hopefully include maps, neighborhood showcases, tours of infrastructure, and periodic overviews of the region as a whole.

Entries in this City Journal


This isn't an actual post, because I've been having TONS of issues with a pesky mod, and I've only ~mostly gotten the game back the way I want it. Was previously using Traffic Manager with Improved AI mod, with no problem for quite a while, when suddenly yesterday opened my save to an infinite series of object reference errors, and cars jumping around like mayflies on wheels. Still haven't figured out what caused it to freak out out of nowhere, especially since i am now using the Traffic Manager Plus mod combined with the standalone Improved AI mod (which is essentially the same thing in two parts.........why should it work differently???) with no issue. Only caveat is that, as separate mods now, the AI doesn't follow the Traffic Manager custom lane flags, so I'll have to tweak a few intersections if I want them to work closer to the same way. Much better than what I expected, which was that my save was corrupted. Thanking the gods that at least that didn't happen.

So anyway, in honor of my traffic managing modding woes and the despair they cause me, along with my focus being drawn away too much by this to care about much else in the city for the time being, here's a comparison of traffic between what the base game does and what Improved AI does. I only did a tiny bit of stuff other than letting the simulation run for a bit (added a bit of residential zone because a perfectly timed death wave started during all this mess! ugh!) while I let the traffic work itself out. I disabled despawning so I could get a very real sense of how well the Improved AI actually cleared out jams, and the results were incredible.


Vanilla traffic AI, only thing i did was disable despawning to reveal the true nature of the issues


After running the simulation for a bit with Improved AI. No jams. Traffic is very heavy in some parts, but still flows well

Hopefully this is all over for now, so I can get down into the neighborhoods and work on stuff. I'm loving my new theme with a mix of Feindbild's and others' NY styled buildings, mixed in with European style blockhouses. I honestly didn't think it'd work very well, but so far it's looking great! Stay tuned!


Here's a little preview of the beginning of the new city.

Lenox began as a small mill town on Mercer and Remington islands in the Hawke river. Its location along existing shipping routes allowed the small mill to develop into a larger industrial operation along the river, and a town called Mercer was soon officially established. Mercer grew quickly, and soon many more new towns started popping up along a nearby ridge above the riverbanks. Officials from Lawrence County, which presides over the area, began to see the need to establish a central government and infrastructure plan for the rapidly growing Mercer area. Funds were bolstered, officials were appointed, a charter was drafted, and the Commonwealth City of Lenox was established.

The residents of the mostly lawless unincorporated towns that littered the upper banks weren't very happy about the county stepping in and establishing a city to charge them taxes and tell them what to do. Many residents saw the change as reason to move across the river to Perry County, where they could again establish their own unincorporated towns. Thankfully this sentiment was far outweighed by the number of people who flocked to the new city with all its protections and services. 


One of the city's two main boulevards, Rutherford Blvd.


Looking toward the city along the Remington Bridge. This bridge connects the main industrial areas along the river with the rest of the city. The town of Mercer can be seen on the left along the beach.

Currently, Lenox is still operating on a provisional charter and has no elected officials. Lawrence County appointed an interim City Council, whose job it is to assess the current infrastructure, take a provisional census survey, and develop draft legislation that will be worked on further by the full-time council that is to be elected in the coming weeks. The city charter provides for basic ordinances and taxation. Once the council is elected and take their offices, a mayoral campaign and election process will take place; for now the Lawrence County Board President is acting mayor, although her only true duty as such is to preside over council meetings.

The city is growing quickly! Things are happening!

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