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About this City Journal

The Journal of a small country in the North, Delta Democratic Nation or "Delcratica".

Entries in this City Journal


Port Charim

 Port Charim is a fast developing new City. This city is even bigger than the capital city!!!!!!!

Port Charim R pop is 196,910

                       C pop is 107,970


Delta R pop is only 37,029!!!!

           C pop is only 44,043!!!!

Here's is a comparison:

Port%20Charim%201.jpgPort Charim


You see how Delta has less Commercial and Residential towers than Port Charim.

This is mainly because delta has farms and farms don't really help COM desirability...

Also note that I have an ugly power line over the water ( pss... if you find a solution to make them disapear, other than building another power station, please comment!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

Also there is a bridge over the water and guess what, No people go on the bridge!!!!!

Might as well just get rid of it :P !!


There are a very high amount of ferry routes!

Purple is mass transit. Not too many people use the roads.....

I couldn't get an ingame picture yet so........

See ya :)


Another update.

This time Delcratica has more cities.


Sorry you cant see the citynames but her's a list, try to correspond:


-Port Charim

-Poll Farms

-Aurora farms

-Acton Farms

-and the oddest one, Movie town

Here's a pic of movie town


You see, the drive in movies are made historical so they will never redevelope.

Anyways, here is what might develope in the future with the transportation system.


Thats all this time. next time I'll add one on Port Charim.44.gif


Yo Delta is the capital city of Delcratica. It is a awfully small city (4x4km)

(thanks sky guy for advising me to use region census1.gif)


By looking at this pic, you can see that Delcratica relies on farming asnd agriculture for it's econimy. Then they would ship it to other countries by water. Let's take a closer look at the city (not really closer)


Express 50 is the main Highway(large) in the whole country. It will (because I havent finished) connect all the major cities together.

You can also see that I downloaded some ploppable ships. A closer (literally closer) look  |



By downtown, I mean literally downtown.

Some roads.


In this picture You can see the General Hospital (LBT) on 6th ln/main st. and the Central Hub on Main st. for Delta Metro (rail), Delta SC (street car/tram) Trans-Delcratica Railroad (HSR). You can see part of the port and the central fountains (which is below the bridge on main st.). Also note that Main st. and Flanand ln. have bents/detours.

Here are that odd reasons for the detours:

Main st. In the old days when there wasnt a Trans-Delcratica railroad Mainstreet went straight North/South, like this:


And there was a King street. After The HSR was built, Main st wasn't as "Main" anymore because downtown went westwards (as you can see in the downtown pic,  the old main st is in the little corner)! Also the HSR was fast, so it needed smooth curves, this resulted in the weird bend so the HSR could turn propperly.

Flanand - Because there is a school in the way :P !

Lets look at something weird now


Looks like the rich people (R$$$) like it in the middle of the R$

Also You can see the City hall in the corner near Flanand.

Here you can see the Centre of the government!


1. House of commons

2. The New Parlament

3. Hall of records

4. Independence hall

5. Delta Castle

6. Delplaza

7. Gov station for tram network

the city hall's in the previous picture in the top (very top).

Here's the dumb thing... I built the gov centre afterwards if you havent noticed :P

That's all for this update. Im not sure when Ill write the next one but see ya!!!!!!!



 This is my first CJ and probably the first thing i had ever contributed to Simtropolis.

I got the map from p1 and tweaked the parts with ports!


Special thanks to:

  • NAM team-transportation
  • LBT-Civics
  • SOMY-ports
  • Pegasus-CDK/CSK
  • JBsimio-Schools
  • Jeronij-sea walls
  • everyone out there that I didn't mension (deeply sorry)
  • and last but not least p1 - the map "alpha delta"
This is how the region looks like after I built two cities (I do not have that much time - Psssssss....im only ________ years old)

The 2 cities are Delta and Port Charim. Delta is the Capital city of Delcratica. and Port Charim is just a huge port.

Thats all the time I have. Hope you  read the updates!!!!!

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