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OOC: Right, this will be a CJ with a bit of a difference. Basically I got Tropico 5 on a whim today and have decide to start up a little CJ so you can watch me probably fail horrendously as I try to keep my little piece of paradise in the Caribbean running smoothly!


To anyone wondering no this doesn't mean that my CSL CJ's are finished as this will be more of a side project (though will probably be played a fair amount at first, new game syndrome and all). Now some of you may have seen my first attempt at this. Well I've tried again and restarted the CJ with medium difficulty as I just kept dying to military coups with very hard settings. Still it should be a interesting journey so I hope you stick around!


I'm really not sure how long I'll last before I'm shot or something. As for how I want to rule I have a vague idea but as we all know plans don't ever survive first contact so it should be interesting.


Anyway I hope you all enjoy watching me fail and don't forget to comment and laugh at me as we follow the progress from Colonial to hopefully the future, of a small island called Nomico!





Issue 1: Nomico, A Caribbean Paradise!


El Presidente Jacobo Gabmerico here and I'd like to welcome all to the paradise that is Nomico!

Apparently granted too me by my generous king I have some sort of mandate to rule this island for a bit or something along them lines. Truth be told I don't really plan on leaving if I can help it as, everyone knows I'm obviously a brilliant leader and president!

Anyway I suppose first I should introduce myself



El Presidente himself for the island of Nomico here in the Caribbean (I'm not entirely sure where in the Caribbean mind you, I was pretty drunk on the voyage over so didn't really take much notice of where we were going). Don't mind the bio I love spending money really (provided it benefits me that is).


Anyway lets get on with it shall we.


Lets see, this was the view as we pulled into port, apparently I'd sent an advisor ahead or something while in my drunken state as it seemed we have a larger port than what the King told me we would.



Also I'd managed to upset the Kings advisor, old Oaksworth already by agreeing to some shady Dutch guys trading deals on the way over. I mean he was offering it at a quarter of the price that the crown was so what was I meant to do?


I didn't want to completely annoy the crown this early though so I did acknowledge his majestys rather odd request for coffee in some sort of attempt to raise money to build a underwater palace.




As such our farming endeavours quickly grew (though not all of it was based on coffee production) and soon we had a rival sizeable amount of farming going on (secretly stockpiling money and food for the revolution!)



Meanwhile, apparently I may have had a bit too much fun on the voyage over as I seem to have a heir (or at least that's what old Oakworth is saying).Going by the name of Adan he was apparently decided by a arm wrestling competition (this island is crazy) he has dreams of becoming a rich landlord or something. Whatever, he seems to be able to build housing cheaper than I can so I'll let him get on with it.



Speaking of which old Oakworth wanted me to build some mansions for him and his chums so I decided to build these houses instead to house some of the revolutionaries. Sorry Oakworth, you have the money, they have the houses. They also have a local pub because every settlement needs one of those.



While this has all been happening our industry hadn't stopped working (around the clock hours here in Nomico) and our port has expanded by quite a lot to allow all them smuggl.. I mean legitimate traders to buy our goods.



At this point we also figured out how not to shoot yourself in the face with a musket and built this fort. Old Oaksworth might be getting a bit wary of our whole revolution plan but don't worry we should be fine for a bit.



Several years later we apparently have a large amount of support for the revolution and Old Oaksworth is looking ever more worried.



Which is probably justified given that we declared independence several months later. Here you can see our brave revolutionaries fighting off Oaksworth pals as they try and storm the palace!



Unfortunately they managed to overpower our brave soldiers and almost made it too the palace but for the towers I'd wisely built around it.

Luckily though they didn't manage to completely break everything. Still as you can see the aftermath of the fight is pretty close with only a couple of towers left.



Anyway with the island firmly under my control it was time for me to write up a constitution.



Firstly everyone can vote. This doesn't really bother me as I don't plan on letting them vote that often anyway.


Secondly everyone's free to worship whoever they want as long as they also worship me of course.


Thirdly on account of how close the revolution was we've decided on allowing all citizens to fight for their island should they need too.


Anyway with the constitution written up and peace ensuing its time for me to go put my feet up for a bit. Apparently half the world is at eachothers throats but as long as they don't come bothering us I'll leave them too it.


Till next time


El Presidente Jacobo Gabmerico of Nomico Island



OOC: Decided to start over on a lower difficulty as I kept getting killed in the very hard settings. Lets see how far we get this time shall we.

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