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About this City Journal

Molded by no other then Post-WW2, and the Cold War.

Entries in this City Journal


Welcome Back To 1985.

In two Astreins, both see a idea of a small town, on the different spectrum as expected, but how much? These two small towns are basically here to represent the lives of the small towns in a torn nation, and how polar opposite towns, still lead a common lead, to what was once a unified nation.


We look firstly, at the small town of Neuwiederitzsch, West Astrein.


More modern office buildings fill up the areas of the small town during the Astrein War. This town

was a major battle site, and most of the town with a few exceptions was leveled by the communist.

Which only, a few years earlier was also nearly flattened during the Second World War.


The old Raupenberg Street Hospital, survived the war with small damage, and since restored.


A Tract School, to accommodate students, and was quick to build. [Tract meaning Many built and easy to build

such as Tract Houses]


So ends the tour of the small town, and now across the Glasslow River and across the wall...


The town of Kleinapenburg, which was completely flattened originally during the Astrein War...


Though it has around 2,000 people living in just two housing towers and one single family residence, and outside of

that, it's industry, how great urban planning... :ohyes:


Before the split, this was actaully a much larger town, larger then Neuwiederitzsch, but most of that was destoryed

during WW2 and the Astrein War, as mentioned. Any traces of historical buildings, is completely gone in Kleinapenburg.


Pardon me, "Any traces of historical buildings, is completely gone in Kleinapenburg" is a strong statement, what I really

mean is that only two historical buildings left standing, after the 4-7 city blocks of historical homes and buildings. As seen

also, the main paved road ends, due to the elevated rail, as well as they ripped up the rest of the road.


Warehouses, and industry...The "Ideal Communist City" looks like a train wreck.. Hopefully next time we come back to Astrein

the Communist Goverment, can make a neater appearance to show the public. They don't need their reputation to be ruined

anymore then it already was.. :no:


Communism looks so much like a party, unless your not really in the party.



The 'Modern' Republic of Astrein was founded after World War One, and the collapse of the Austrian-Hungarian Empire. It was created as the Republic of Astrein, and located between South-East Germany, and the newly formed Czechoslovakia. Astrein was gain independence, due to its long past history of independence, culture, and way of life. It was once a major trading kingdom in the middle ages, and has long, and gained land. During World War Two, when Fascist Germany was attempting to create a New World Order, annexed the republic, and attempted mass-genocide on their people, which killed around 214,500 Astreinians. Though, after the fall of Germany and the end of the Second World War, the newly formed UN, and the USSR split Astrein, like they did with Germany, leaving the creation of two separate nations of, "The Republic of Astrein" [West Astrein] and then the, "People's Democratic Republic of Astrein" [East Astrein], and which shortly in 1948, joined the Warsaw Pact, though both Astreins couldn't get along as great as many thought they would. Which lead to the attack in 1949, known as the Astrein War, which East Astrein attacked West Astrein, to attempt to reunify Astrein under Communist Rule. It led to a short five month battle, ending with UN troops having to push East Astrein back. Luckly, no battles took place in Glasslow (The Capital City), which was split into West and East, due to the Astrein split, but battles took place just outside the city. It led to the United Nations to build a long wall to further seperate East and West Astrein, and officially cutting connections with families who have relatives on either side. Today, both nations are split, and connections between both are little, to none, which brings us to the present, 1985.


The Republic of Astrein's Flag [West Astrein]


The People's Republic of Astrein's Flag [East Astrein]

The Year: 1985


West Glasslow, the Capital Building of West Astrein


One of our fine three modern highrises in Glasslow, they come out of the city with joy. With historic buildings beside it,

like that odd one in the upper-left, which lost the front of its building, thanks to World War Two.


The Historic Hotel Victoria, which is known as one of the most popular hotels to stay at.

Though the two other major hotels are the Hilton, and the Riverview.


Here we also see affects of World War Two, a entire building was destroyed, so the city decided to place this in,

looks a bit out of place, but it gets the job done.


The original police station was also bombed during World War Two, and with help from the U.S.A., they were able

to build us a Art-Deco styled Police Station near the Astrein Wall.


Some historic city blocks in West Glasslow.


Then, there's the memorial of the Astrein War, for West Glasslow.


Now, we head toward Gate A, into East Glasslow, in the Communist controlled, East Astrein.


As, we cross the gate into the unknown, we can see Communist-Blocs greeting us, how bland.


I spot a tall Prefab Tower, looks so comfortable..


The Tour Guide said, these towers recently got caught in a fire, and have yet to be rebuilt.. Odd..


I think I spot one of the taller buildings in East Glasslow, another Prefab tower...


I also found, the Astrein War Memorial for East Glasslow, it looks weird, (Did They use molds of broomsticks?)


I actually like the design of the East Astrein capital building, but that's due to its the original (Unified)

Astrein capital building, that the Soviets got when the city and nation was split.


Then next to it, a statue of Lenin himself.. How glorious...


I'm thinking this is the only "dense" area, with historical buildings in East Glasslow.


The House of Soviets building for Astrein, the USSR really is trying to keep a grip control

over this nation since the Astrein War.


Historic Buildings, flattened for Elevated Rail stations like these, and others deserted like the ones behind it.


Thank you for joining me for downtown of two Glasslows!

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