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About this City Journal

With Ardleton I have initiated a realistic and detailed town, and will track its progress and growth as it develops. I will focus on realism and asthetic quality... "Ardle is bursting...

Entries in this City Journal


Well, the construction of the long awaited Truth and Freedom Spire has been completed, and along with the unveiling of classic trading spaces, the opening of the new shopping and civic square was a massive success.

Developed across the duel-carriage way and within the heart of the new commercial land zoning, the civic square is now a hubbub of excited shoppers and those seeking relaxation in the various plazas and restauarants. Not to mention the massive boom to tourist economy the spire has brought to the area. Big name stores such as Subway, GAME, Next, Top Shop and various other high street chains have come to Ardleton. So come one come all to see the physical vision of Ardleton's people - the Truth and Freedom Spire!


Looking North across the Square


Looking West


And standing back we see the impressive structure set in the new Commercial district of West Ardleton.

West Ardleton and the new Commercial Development


At the top right of this picture we see a new secondary pedestrian precinct that we can see closer here...

West Commercial Pedestrian Precinct


What exciting new developments will Ardleton see in its new future? Stay tuned to find out...


3 Years into Ardleton's future...

In just three short years, Ardleton has flourished! The two families continue to give such good guidance and governance to the people and the continued efforts of nearly every citizen means that the exciting hopes and dreams of the people are becoming the fruits of their labours...

Housing has sprung up all around the outskirts of Ardleton, and families from all over are coming to live here, in hopes of a better future for their children...

Baker Housing Estate


With the influx of talented young couples and families to these high quality housing schemes, a surge in the local IQ has brought with it a surge in technological industries. High-tech industry has been setting up industrial parks along carefully selected edge green belt locations.

KJB Industrial Estate


The rise in technology has meant industry sponsored grants have been awarded to many of Ardleton's places of education. In particular a locally based communications partnership sponsored Ardleton College with the awarding of a College Radio, complete with broadcasting studio and mast. Many exciting guest hosts have appeared on the College Network; WKACR including Opie and Anthony, No Holds Barred Radio and civil rights truth activist Alex Jones.

College Radio WKACR



Industry however, also sees a lucrative oppurtunity for sponsorship deals in sport. The Modele Market Research company organised a group sponsorship from several successful industries to support the push for a government grant. After a year of tireless work, the sponsor was granted and the erection of the Ardleton-Industry Sports Park (AISP) was begun. Fairly soon international games were being hosted at the arena and big names artists were performing on the large scale arena stage, convertible out of one end of the seating. Upcoming performances include; The Rolling Stones, Marilyn Manson, Scouting For Girls and Immortal Technique.


Ardleton-Industry Park


Up on the North Side, a new housing project was constructed and with it the development of a whole area  of the North Side where it was previously brush and scrub up to a busy Highway. Now a barrier has been created and the green area has been turned into a local park and recreatioinal facilities for the inhabitants of Chakoty Tower.

Chakotay Tower and Chakotay Park



Coming very soon, an exciting new Town Shopping Square is unveiled...


Copse Ridge finally populated and open for business...

At long last the long awaited community of Copse Ridge finally 'cut its red ribbon' so to speak and was officially declared an offshoot of Ardleton. It is recognised under the town charter and enjoys all the benefits of being part of the trade and technology based economy of Ardleton.

Set on the top of Copse Ridge, so named after the groups of trees that populated its peaks years before, the town flows down the incline to a steep drop of about 20 feet, at the bottom of this steep drop we have the port. After much deliberation of trading agreements, a fine port was established for the import and export of goods. Ardleton's produce was beginning to hit foreign shores...

The port town is set on a steep hill, and this first picture looks down the incline to the shore line at the bottom.


Copse Cliffs, with road winding down to the port


Moving slightly west we can see the steep housing projects with incredible views out of every window.

Copse Ridge Coastal Housing Scheme


As well as fabulous houses with excellent views, Ardleton's tradition of clean and asthetically pleasing business districts has also been employed in the planning and construction of Copse's office and trading space...

Copse Ridge Central Business District


All in all Copse Ridge is leading the way in Ardleton's expansion scheme, and with more expansion planned to several other surrounding regions, Ardleton's prospects flourish with possibilities every day...

Copse Ridge



Coming soon - in our next update, we catch up with Ardleton a few years down the line... With quite a bit of expansion and huge boom in population numbers, watch the space for an exciting new update... Coming soon...

In our next update...

With such demand for urban development, the Ardleton Council on Urban Planning have approved the drawing up of plans for a trans-urban development across Copse Ridge on the shores of the East River. Councillor Belan has already begun talks with several notable urban developers and the horticultural society is excited about the business oppurtunities the growth and sustainable expansion will bring to the eastern farms, currently located quite far out of town...

Watch this space for further news, an update will follow soon...

In other news, the harvest at this months Farmer's Market was bountiful and the fruit won local and national awards...

Delicious Ardle Apple display at this months Farmer's Market local produce awards



For those of you that like the 'behind the scenes' pictures - I will upload periodically 'in game' pictures of the actual carrying out of my development...

The first buildings are built...



The first arable zoning is laid...


Some arable land just after zoning, with only basic roads and fir tree boundaries...


I will update this further with more 'behind the scenes' pics during the development before the final 'image' is created...


As with every major development, Ardleton has its fair share of notable buildings and locations - centres around which its inhabitants flock daily to further their education, development, careers or just to relax and enjoy the beautiful town and all it has to offer.

Locations of Education...

One of the most important areas of Ardleton life is the pursuit of knowledge and creativity...

First of all, we see Ardle High, another focal point of growing developing Ardleites lives... Surrounded by trees kept in place from the areas development, the high school continues to turn out the brightest brains in the district who almost inevitably go on to study at Ardle College, and in turn, Maysa County University, to further themselves in the avenue of their choice...

Ardle High School


The next logical step in any Ardleites career path is the college, seen here complete with sports fields and leisure facilities...

Ardle College


After that, a good student will want to specialise, and possibly further research into his chosen career path. The perfect location - Maysa County University, located right here in Ardleton...

Maysa County University, Ardle



Maysa County University Prospectus Front Cover


Other Notable Locations... At the centre of all political discussion and social decision making is the town hall. Here those in positions of power debate for hours the best way to further the town and a logical conclusion is always brought, resulting in the best path being chosen for the people of Ardleton. Of course, often debates can last for days, but the floor is always open to public contribution - the voice of the people is first and foremost in the minds of Ardleton's council.

Ardle Town Council Hall


The farmer's exchange and local resource centre is pivitol to the continued support for the farming community. It also acts as a go between for the financial, town planning and local interest horticultural groups...

Ardle Farmer's Exchange and Horticultural Society


A healthy body makes for a healthy mind and theres nothing an Ardleite likes to do with his time more than relax in the great out doors. If he's not tilling the soil or researching it, he's excercising in healthy competition at one of Ardleton's many public parks...

Ardle's Coast Park


One other area of great importance is the Ardleton Brewery. Home to a fine selection of real ales and colated liqueurs, the Brewery's most famous produce, Ardle Ale, is on the top of every dad's fathers day present list...

Brewery Kegs


Ardle Brewery - Home of the famous Ardle Ale


Ardle Brewery Gift Shop - Bottles of Ardle Ale can be seen down the left hand display cabinet




Looking downtown, we see an overview of the layout and of the modern, clean asthetic Ardleton promotes. With an administration keen on sustainable living, waste and litter is kept to a minimum and Ardleton is praised for its clean and cosmopolitan streets...



Looking closer now at some of these areas, we see the central square with Ardleton's distinctive town fountain, opened at around the same time Ardleton pledged its dedication to sustainable living...

Ardle Fountain


Moving slighty west of the fountain we see the pedestrian precinct and its surrounding shopping and office facilities...


Pedestrian Precinct


Travelling north we see the heart of the commercial success. With a forward thinking and future orientated business acumen, Ardleton houses some powerhouses of the internet business community and continues to succeed in bringing great revenue to the region through its handling of data processing and research colation. This work is carried out from the numerous offices found in the Harvern district...

Harvern Business District



With a current and rapidly growing population of just over 15,000, Ardleton is bursting with life, and is the perfect relocation location for someone looking to further a career in anything from high quality retail, sustainable urban development or technological research to traditional farming and outdoor pursuits.


We begin with a view of one of Ardleton's neighbourhoods. We can see the school at the heart of the community, and just behind that a park and recreational area. Around this hub we see housing at various income levels.


The history of farming runs thick through Ardleton's veins and the arable ethos is still very much at the heart of the community. Here we see the local market, almost at the centre of the downtown CBD...



The arable land surrounds all of Ardleton and stretches far to the horizon in every direction. With it's distictive country roads and extended boundaries of fir trees, there is no mistaking the Maysa countryside...




Welcome to Ardleton...


Welcome to the growing rural-centric town of Ardleton (Affectionately known by its inhabitants as Ardle), situated in the county of Maysa.

For several generations this town has grown from a small farming village to a thriving community.

Under the supervision of the visionary Armon-Modele family, Ardle has gone from strength to strength and yet, though now these days buzzing with urban life and a cosmopolitan attraction to the arts, Ardle has always managed to stay true to its arable roots.



In my first City Journal, I hope to achieve an attractive and engaging journal, focusing on realism and asthetic quality. I have recently been getting back into Sim City 4 after a break, and have engaged very much in the use of additional material from the STEX. I hope you will enjoy the fruits of my labour and I would very much appreciate feedback of all sorts, positive and negative. Any suggestions and positive criticism to allow me to better my creation would be welcome. So sit back and let me take you to Ardleton, a growing rural town in the idyllic county of Maysa...

Ardleton Farmland before sunset, with a view to the water at the south...


A note on Plugins, Mods, Cheating and my treatment of the Game Mechanic.

A great deal of my enjoyment of the game is found in playing the game as much as possible. In this vein, I never 'cheat' per say, though I do use a good deal of excellent things I have downloaded from the STEX. Everything you see inside this CJ is self supporting - by that I mean the entire city, and indeed all the cities in the regions are in the position of positive money gain. I get a great deal of enjoyment knowing I have created an effective, realistic and asthetically pleasing city, whilst still maintaining a growing city that makes its own money within the game mechanics.

Some of the things i list underneath some may consider an 'adaption' mod to the point of cheating, but I personally feel they all fall within my own parameters, and indeed none of them are massively game altering. Something like the NAM for instance is game enhancing, not breaking...


Network Addon Mod

News Filter

No Rail Dirt

PEGPROD Water Mod - Brigantine


PEGPROD Mountain Theme Pack

PEGPROD Security Fencing

PEGPROD Utopia Series - Plazas and Bus Stops

PEGPROD CDK Leveller - To flatten ground effectively

BLAM Glenni Roundabouts

ITS UK Shop Pack

The Welcome Inn

CSX GA Industrial Brewery

CSX GA Rural Commercial

Motorway Signs

Ship Effect - Ploppable Ships

PEG Scenic Drive Kit

Edison Strip Mall

Deadwoods Highway Walls

Triangle Park Set

Tree Pack 2

Available from EA as a dependancy for the CSX GA plops:



I will update this list as I add/remove things in use within the CJ

I hope you enjoy my City Journal - Ardleton

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