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About this City Journal

Random images from my Cities: Skylines stream

Entries in this City Journal


Like with the previous entry you can see all the below images (and more) in this imgur album: http://imgur.com/a/eZtHh

So today saw a lot of expansion and improvements to the city. It grew by about 3 tiles and is now covering 8 tiles in total (not fully developed yet)


The city now has an elevated highway which helped relieve the busy roads in that area of the city quite a bit.


This area provides decent cover from rain.


The new waterfront district features lush homes and high quality of life.


City progress so far.I love the free hand road tool. It is really space inefficient but it looks soo good.


Public transport sees a lot of usage here. It features about 10 buss lines and 4 metro lines, around 5.000 daily commuters in total so far. Not bad for a city of roughly 30.000 citizens I think.


The city needed lots of workers, and commercial. Something I was unable to fulfill properly using only the free hand road tool and zoning, so a more grid based city popped up on the other side of the highway.


Even though parts of the city is grid based it still features lots of open spaces and green areas for the citizens to come, breathe and relax for a while.


This gate symbols the gateway between the new and the old city. Also it helps break the repetitive grid pattern that I had to resolve to.


To commemorate the industry which made the city into what it is today the city decided to erect this monument.


And this is how the industrial district has developed so far. Traffic is a mess. Even with two highway connections and a cargo train terminal, every time the traffic is somewhat under control the district expands with new and better businesses which in return drives the traffic up again.


I accidentally San Francisco'ed a highway intersection


Oh look, a new frontier. We are going to conquer the other side of the river.


This new district is made up of several circle roads connected together with paths and parks. This is the first step across the river the city has made so far, but this area of the city will probably see heavy expansion in the future.


To help reduce the commute and traffic on the roads a rail line was established. Right now it connects the new settlement across the river with the old town and the industrial area. But uhm. What's that mountain in the background?


It looks kinda odd.


Uh, a volcano. Hopefully dormant.


And the view from up here is kinda nice.


Birds eye view of the entire city as I left it before I realized it was in the middle of the night and I had to get up to work in a few hours.


Welcome to the newly founded city of... ehm... I honestly don't remember what I called the city. I went with the default name. I was too excited to play the game than to come up with a name for the city :rofl:


Manor Village is the first district of the city. It stretches all the way along the shoreline in the old town area. Manor Village was founded after the inauguration of "Ivy Industrial Park" you can see in the background. My experiment with curvy roads lead to the creation of the new Hillside Park district which you can see behind the water tower.


Ivy Industrial Park already has a lot of established factories and warehouses however the need for expansion is ever present.



The first fire (that I noticed in time for a screenshot) in the city. I love the animations of the firemen entering the building and extinguishing the fire.


The city grew quickly. Here we're on the main street overlooking the new financial district and you can see Hillside Park has expanded nicely in the background.


The city is now utilizing its vast forests for more work. Also this helps to even out the traffic flow in the city since now people can get work on both sides of the city.


Keeping the minds of the people in top shape required the construction of a new city university. At the same time the new lake windmill park opened. Providing the city with plenty of clean energy.


What's not as clean as it gets is the sewer lines which currently is dumped into the lake. Thankfully the currents move the waste away from the lake.


A nice overview of the city so far. The city allowed for high density development to be built around the university. The districts around manor village however have decided not to allow any high rises at all. Since the opening of the logging industry they also banned heavy traffic to keep the trucks off their streets.


Ivy Industrial Park was clogging the currently access point to the city with its trucks, thus it was forced to build a cargo station to help ease the congestion. This provided a nice boost for the industry nearby.


At the outskirts of the industrial park the new solar power plant was established. Providing even more clean energy for the power hungry city.


Modern office buildings started to pop up on the city's skyline. This drew in more commercial business and offices and caused a whole new (and significantly bigger) financial district. The traffic forced the creation of the first 6 lane road in the city.


Got wood? Maybe we should look into more neighbourhood connections the next time we visit this city.

You can see even more images on my imgur album here: http://imgur.com/a/eZtHhit will be updated frequently.

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