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Japan - Vishalia contract

Recently the president went to Japan to meet the prime minister mostly to discuss in terms of technology and also to help in developing Metropolis!

The prime minister agreed to it and now famous Japanese company Toshiba comes to Metropolis and have set up a 24 floor building

This contract will help in bringing many Japanese companies, industries and technologies to Vishalia, monorail to be set up in 2023 in metropolis and also help in safety equipments for the Nuclear Power Plants and also an all-round development for the entire country!

Now, Since the diplomacy with Japan and Vishalia is working well. President Mani Bharathi now aims to meet the American president Barack Obama.


Nuclear Power Plant

Since metropolis is growing, the population has been doubled in past two years. According to the census of Vishalia, in the year 2017 there were 832,453 people in this city. But in 2021 it came to around 3,000,000 people!

So, since the population is growing at a rapid rate, the old coal power plant can't generate that much electricity. So, President Mani invested 80 million Vishalian rupees and planned to build an Hydrogen power plant. But, during this time Hydrogen was not a good option because no body have used it till now and the technology is still in prototype stage. President mani had no choice but to switch to nuclear!

Lot of people agreed to this decision but many disagreed it due to the safety of the nuclear power plant. But they somehow agreed to it. So, now Metropolis has a nuclear power plant.

The coal power plant had been shutdown on 2022 and was demolished and made into a petrochemical industry.

Now the people of metropolis have no frequent power cuts and have loads and loads of electricity.


Emerging Skyscapers

As soon as "5 year tax holiday" policy was put into action. The President received calls from big companies like Pedrina Pharmaceuticals, Hogan - Wallace and White and Huston® Corporation

Now many companies are targeting metropolis for setting up their offices their. There has been a huge demand in IT companies as well as financial ones and some others also.

Currently AIG, Huston Cooperation, Pedrina Pharmaceuticals and other companies have built high-rises in the downtown area of Metropolis.

Now, Metropolis has become a huge hit in multinational firms as well as IT companies.

The Downtown area of metropolis - YZ6zqwU.jpg

* - Huston is a trademark. Copying it so will result in severe penalties.


Metropolis is the capital of Vishalia - A country which was born, when India got divided. Now Southern india became the country of Vishalia. Mani Bharathi, a leader of southern india became the First President of Vishalia.

His goal was to make Vishalia a better country, both in-terms of Development as well as a safer place to live.

Bangalore, a city of southern india is now renamed Metropolis and was made as the capital of Vishalia.

Mani introduced many polices like the 5-year tax holiday for Multi-national Businesses and even for Large Scaled once.

One more advantage is that, it has lot of sea-ports as well as some of the most Major ports of india is now under the control of Vishalia. Due to this, there was an increase in economy, and in February 20th, 2015 it was crowned as second fastest growing economy surpassing India.

Many Companies from around the world migrated to Metropolis, setting up their headquarters there!

This is how Metropolis was born.

The Region of Vishalia - BVjZTWi.jpg



Recently there was a change in my interests, now i kinda like simcity 4 a lot, thats the only game im playing rite now. Im actually a big fan of skylines and high-rise buildings. That was kind of a goal for me whenever i create a new city in sc4.

But I never really got a high-rise until this new city which i made was fully filled with high-rises but i made a new area and downloaded tons of BATs from STEX and then added to my city and made it the downtown area. Just Because the nightlightings are cool.

I Made this Journal abt my favorite city and all the things that are happening in it.

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