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About this City Journal

A prawinian's City Journal

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03 - A tour in Ostprawa

Hi all !

Today, we are going to cross the small Prawa river and explore Ostprawa, the eastern twin-city of Westprawa. Together, they form the consolidated city of Prawa, which is to be the capital of the Prawinian province. Actually, Prawa is reaching the 1.200.000 prawinians citizens are the increasing population become a growing problem for the planners of the city council. In fact, due to a very strong politic of welcoming emigrants and workers from all around the world (mainly from central Europe and northern America), infrastructures progressivelly need to be tranformed and upgraded... ...but that's another problem !

Ostprawa, like its western counterpart, is the place of several main institutions :


The Neuberg Research Center, or PwNRC, is probably the most important center for treatments against cancer. Numerous scientists of the world are working there, and the Center is also a place of important scientific congresses.


The Prawinian Cinema School is also a well known place for cinema lovers and future conductors and producers.

Ostprawa can be a nice city to visit, as it has many touristic places, like museums, art galleries, concert halls... Soon, a new marina will be opened too, and you can be sure it will increase numbers of visitors in town ! So, you can easely book an hotel in Ostprawa and, if you can afford it, try the Borovy Hotel***.


The major difference between "Ost" and Westprawa is the trade center building complex, which, to be honest, make the western city very jealous !



Finally, the city is also an urban experimentation place. As most of the city is of middle density, the prawinian planners face the problem of overpopulation and need to boost the housing capacity of the town. In this optic, 10 years ago, it was decided to create "block complexes" (nicknamed as "bK"), scattered all along the city. These complexes are groups of identical high density building, gathered on a large zone, and connected to the rest of the city by roads. Usually, planners try to add every needed structures to the complex, in order to make them almost independant of the rest of the urban tissu.




That's all for the moment...

See you later !


Hi all,

First, let me thank you for viewing and commenting my last entry :)

Let's continue our tour along the Westprawa's streets !

Southward, more big buildings can be seen. In this part of the town, planners of the council authorized some high density buildings, in order to welcome important city infrastructures and increase population.


The first skyscrapper of the town was built by council's decree : the Prawinian National Bank. The PwNB was originally created to serve the needs of many immigrants settling in Prawa. As the population flow is very strong, it is still an important part of the bank's activity.

Also, the PwNB carries several functions, especially in developing the country's infrastructures : roads, railroads, energy plants, industrial installations and has a speciality of funding bridges constructions.


This part of town also saw the constuction of first high-level condos, raised by private fundings. You can see them around the Police Headquarter's sector.



City planners also tried to develop artistic schools and infrastructures. The most important school is the Prawinian Musical Conservatory, set around the Pokratitz's roundabout. Three buildings compose the school : the Rachmaninov's Piano school, the Ravel's Orchestra School and the National Prawinian Concert Hall, which is the most recent construction.


Finally, it's still again in this sector of the city that the council's planners tried to establish low-density housing. It took only some months after the decree's publication to see the construction of small patches of individual houses : the firsts seen in Westprawa !


The first place where these houses were built was a small island, south of Westprawa, along the Bykowka river. But this was too small to satisfy the heavy demand of this type of housing and the Council progressively allow some fields and depleted industrial sectors to be used, resulting in apparition of some more houses here and there.


See you later !


01 - Introduction

Hello everybody,

Playing SC4 since several years, I recently decided to edit my first CJ !

My goal is to create a relativelly realistic city, with all its infrastructures, seaports, transports and all... ...without heavy modding and painstaking micro-management ! I enjoy the mixing between the vanilla buildings of the original game and the various jewels made by experimented modders around here.

No cheats except one : the famous "moolah" ! I simply raise the initial budget of the cities when beginning, without adding more money after. I just want a little help at first. The aim after that is always to have a balanced budget and make a city prosperous following the game's rules.

Major mods and addons are the NAM and various creations made by wellknown modders. I recently installed the SPAM addon but did not give it a try yet.

Map is based on Drunkapple's Arkhangelsk file, which I flattered totally : ground is everywhere levelled at 5 meters above water. Flat, flat, flat !


So let's go now !


Before going further, I would like to inform the reader about the correct pronounciation of prawinian words. The prawinian language is mostly based on central european idioms and german influences. However, as the town is welcoming many new populations, english influence is considerable. However, some letters must be correctly spelled :

W is pronounced like V, as in "victory" or as F if the letter is at the end of a word

J is pronounced like Y, as in "yes"

C is pronounced like TS, as in "cats"

So, then...

Westprawa is the western part of the Prawa island. this island is cut from north to south by the small Prawa river and bordered, in the north by the impressive Wysoka river. We can see here the major part of the city, including the small island of Jesow, mostly occupied by rich houses and villas. Rest of the town is almost 100% composed of small buildings and civic infrastructures :



Westprawa is the actual place of the foundation of the Prawa city and the arrival of the first colons, almost 50 years ago, in this part of the northern european region. The remains of this period of installation is the small canal system, which was used to deliver wood, food and fuel to the various neighborhoods of the growing city. Today, as Prawa is reaching the million prawinians, this system is almost obsolete and mostly unused now :


Finally, the city suffers from the massive expansion of the global Prawa urbanisation and is progressivelly considered as a suburb now, as the other part of the Prawa island, Ostprawa, is expanding very fastly and welcomes many new companies and industrial buildings. If you have a walk in Westprawa, you will notice that some houses are sometimes in bad shape or abandonned... ...however, the place enjoys a very nice view on the river Wysoka and you can spend some nice journey on the famous hotel of the city !


See you later !

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