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And the Champion Is?

Ok, most of this week both teams had a dead heat with a tie of 149. Also most of this week Team 10 had more points in the second quarter. Until last nights update of scores. Team 9 who was atleast 6 or so points behind, won the game with 16 points in the second half to team 10's 15 points if that's not drama I don't know drama. With that Team 10 had to loss 6 points for the normal score.


And now for the "Trophy"


Ok now that the 2014 brackets are are over.

In Feburary I will be starting the 2015 season stuff including getting ready for the "Selection" process. So if you like the trophy and want to see your cj on the golden backboard if you already have a team number edit your cj use the full editor and then add your team number into the title. This is the only way your cj can be part of the selection process. If you have any other question my staff will be more that happy to help.

Why to go Schulmania 2014 Champions!!!!

Once again thanks for watching and hope to see you next season.


2014 Playoffs

The Play offs


Well today starts the playoff round between Schulmania and Scrapbook. This means next Friday this league will have it's first Champion. Some more information about the trophy. Who ever is the winner will receive "Thier trophy" via a landmark lot. to place in their city. They will receive it one week from now. May be best team win. When viewing this thread if you click on the category for 2014 season you can just see the pages for the 2014 season. I hope everyone enjoys this project and I'll be able to start a new season next year. Thanks for all the comments. I can post a picure to show how the scores are calculated.

The round structure for 8 teams is:

Excellent 8 the two teams in each section plays the other.

Playoffs the winner of [section 1] plays the winner of [section 3] . The winner of [section 2] plays the winner of [section 4].

Championship the winner of [sections 1 and 3] plays the winner of [sections 2 and 4]. This winner is the champion.


Here is the Excellent 8 for your viewing pleasure.

ps, this was up yesterday, yet hidden Now it's here and now you all can see it.


The game between Schulmania vs Marinko was won in the last 30 seconds when Schulmania was able to get off two three pointers and kepted Marinko from scoring, and ate as much clock as they could. I wonder who will come out a winner in the "playoffs"

89James89 Well I edited the introduction to go into more detail for what I'm doing here. I changed a few things and some time I will edit the introduction again. Thanks for the question, hope you like this.

LnX During the period bewteen selection-day, and the next main day, in this case Excellent 8 each night i figure out how many views each cj went up for the score of the first half. Then how many repies the cj went up for the score of the second half. then those two numbers are added to calculate the teams score fore the game. If the score is higher then 149, which I found to be the highest recorded college teams end score the score of the cj is subtracted to equal 149. The team with the highest score moves onto the next round. If the two teams have the same score 149 or what ever the team with the higher second half score will be the winner and the other team will drop 6 points. This continues through the championship game. Thank's for your question I hope this helps,

SimRico Well I'm glad your looking forward to this, Maybe your team will do better next season, if there were more teams, your team would last longer. Thanks for your comments.

See everyone next Friday for the "Playoffs" hope your favorite team makes it through.


Submit Team

This page is where teams reply to submit their CJ into the league.

If the Team owner wants to make a logo for the team just edit your submission post with the picture. The owner doesn't have to do this, if they want that's fine if not that's ok too.

The teams

Division IA

Region 1

Ellis Valley[1], Mass Effect[30]

Region 2


Region 3

Scrapebook[10], Queensferry[11]

Region 4


Division IB

Region 1


Region 2


Region 3

Peyton Place[17]

Region 4


Division II

Region 1

Region 2

Region 3

Region 4

Division III

Region 1

Region 2

Region 3

Region 4




This is a sport project. Like the March madness going on for NCAA Basketball tournament. This league has four divisions, Division IA, and IB are for cj’s in the SC4 old section. Division II is for cj's in the CitiesXL section. Finally Division III is for cj's in the SimCity 2013 section. There are four regions within each of the four divisions. They are just 1,2,3, and 4. Any cj is open to join this project the only requirement is that is has atleast 1 reply. To submit your cj “Team” just reply to the “Sumit Team Page” or send me a pm with the name of the cj. A person can only submit one cj per division. Once your cj in this league I will send you your [Tnumber] – Team Number [iD].

There are up to six round in this tournament. The first round is "Selection-Day". This is where I pick the 8,16,32,or 64 teams to play for the championship. With this round I rank the cj's by the number of replies. I'm doing this in an excel spreadsheet. I put the names, view, and reviews into the spreadsheet. The next round for this season is the Excellent 8. In this round teams only play against other teams in their region. I input the current values for all 8 cjs for views and replies. The difference in the number of views is the teams score for the first half. Then the difference in the number of replies is the score for the second half. Those two scores get added for the final score. The team with the higher score wins the game and moves onto the next round of the tournament. This is repeated for all 8 teams. The next round for this season is the Playoffs. There now are only four team left. Now the team from region 1 plays against the team from region 3. The team from region 2 plays against the team from region 4. I put in the current views and replies for those teams and who ever wins goes on to the next round. The next round is the championship. There are only two teams left. The winner of the 1 and 3 regions plays against the winner of the 2 and 4 region. I put their current view and replies in and the team with the higher score is crowned the champion.

There will be a “bracket” that players and the viewing fans can guess on who will make it through each round. The season is will take place once a year between the end of February through the end of March. You might have notice some cjs already have their Team Numbers. They are set and don’t have to join, want to join?

oh yeah, one more thing

The "Champion team" will be awarded a [real trophy] since the current season is sc4 I will make the trophy it will be a landmark 1x1 or 2x2 lot. I will send it to the winner after I posted the championship post.


Selection day: over.

Excellent 8: is up.


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