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About this City Journal

Creating a new region in SC4.

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Welcome Back!


takemethere: Yes, I like that one as well. It is the iBots Interplanetary Headquarters, which is not on the STEX as a separate file. I downloaded as part of Terring's Barsoom Project, found here:

If you want to download it, don't be afraid of the huge file size; you'll be deleting about half of the files. The buildings aren't realistic (they're SimMars buildings), so it's best not to download if looking for realism.





Benedict: Thanks! I got caught up in other video games... but I'm back!



Hey guys! Sorry for the long hiatus; it sure does make me look bad. Summer has stolen my time away from SC4, but I promise to try and update this a bit more regularly!


This update will feature the region's capital city, Malaby. The city is home to approximately 84,000 Sims, and is a part of the Colbertson metro area. Originally, the city was a bedroom community for farmers in Colbertson, but as the farms were torn down, the city fell into decay. The city tore down the abandoned neighborhoods until a nice, rectangle-shaped town was left.




Once Colbertson grew to a large city, the government decided to move to a new city to improve Congressional efficiency. The new choice was Malaby, just outside of the city.

The city government voted to tear down the central part of the city, where the new government buildings would then be placed. The new city would then be built around the existing plan. By then, Colbertson had grown to the foothills of the Malabian Plateau, on which the city is located.

The Palace of the Government, which contains most of the region's government. It contains most of the region's departments, and it houses the royal family. All of your complaints about the state of the nation are directed here, but the royal family doesn't care. That's why they hire people to work here...



The Supreme Court of South Devon, which is awfully small. It is located just east of the city's business district and marks the eastern border of the government-controlled area of the city. It was constructed by famous architect Pierre Wonka DesVu, who happened to like gold. So much that he made the dome pure gold, as well as gild it. There have been numerous attempts to steal the dome, but none have succeeded. We're sure it wont happen. Most likely won't. Positive. Just a note, the Court does not take cases just because your pizza from the shop down the avenue didn't have pineapple on it...



The downtown area of Malaby, located to the east of the Palace of the Government. These buildings were hand-selected to make the city's small business district. The district has yet to obtain a flashy nightlife, however. Plans to make a new nightclub are underway, though.


The Chamber of the People, where the government listens to the vox populi. Not that they will ALWAYS listen, but they sometimes do. The building was imported from some far-away place in another world called Europe. We have no idea what that is.
That's it for this entry. I'm not sure what will be next, but it'll probably be some updates of the larger cities.
As always, constructive criticism is appreciated! In fact, tell me what you hate, what you like; comment away! I'm running out of ideas for entries, to be honest. if you have any suggestions for buildings, mods, textures, let me know. Until next time,
Vale for now!



Welcome Back!

After a long hiatus, I am back and present you with the latest workings in South Devon: The City of Braeselton. It is home to 500,390 Sims, and is second only to Colbertson in the number of jobs, homes, and overall resident happiness.

As with most of the major cities in the region, Braeselton was originally a master-planned city, but quickly turned into a fast-growing urban metropolis. The city spread is limited by borders with neighboring regions to the north and east, the South Devonian Sea to the south, and the Steel Mountains to the west.

The city itself is largely constructed on a flat plain between the Steel Mountains and the Braeselton Highlands, leading down to the sea. The infamous Braeselton Volcano to the northeast is a constant reminder of the land's constant tectonic activity.


Developers in Colbertson wanted the city to become a city of gleaming commercial high-rises and wealthy condominiums, and quickly laid roads, streets and avenues, as well as skyscrapers in the city's CBD. Zoning followed, and the new city was on its way to glory.


After some development, Braeselton looks like a Communist's dream city gone wrong. Residences aren't growing as tall as developers want. Offices are sitting empty. Commercial zones develop shops instead of offices. The avenues sit empty. City expenses far exceed its income. People protested the general emptiness of the city, in addition to skyrocketing tax rates.


After just a few years, the city was jumping, recovering after the massive fires that swept the CBD just after the construction of skyscrapers. Some high-wealth residences start appearing around the city, especially to the west of Downtown. The city also get's a flashier nightlife, although some people are lobbying the government to cut the amount of light pollution at night. How sad... one would not see the artificial stars at night if the bill was passed...


Braeselton University, one of the region's most prestigious schools of higher education, specializes in architecture and engineering. The classes are hard, the professors handing out papers, and lots of pizza is delivered! Get studyin'!


The Braeselton Stock Exchange glimmers at night next to some downtown business. Per se the city's power conservation law, only certain buildings are allowed to have electricity usage during the night.


A freight train hauls goods stored in warehouses in southern Braeselton. In the top right corner is the Eastern South Devonian Court of Law-Deciding Jury Processes That Incriminate Criminals. Many a person has been taken there and have not come back... Is Dr. Vu up to something, or is it the National Congress?


Hiawatha Bank Tower, one of the first skyscrapers in Braeselton, sits in the middle of downtown. Neighboring buildings were torn down to make way for the Braeselton Green Park.


Braeselton Volcano lies in the northeastern sector of the city's boundaries. Although it hasn't erupted in 70 years, developers are still unwilling to build anything on the mountain's slopes. Recently there has been a series of small earthquakes around the base, but no alarms yet...


Modern Downtown Braeselton. The city is clad with shiny steel skyscrapers, competing with Colbertson for the most lustrous skyline. Washington Tower, the tall white/bluish tower, dominates the skyline and supplies 12,000 office jobs. Even so, it is a copy of the same building I Colbertson, so many Sims believe Braeselton to have an inferior skyline.

And finally, an update on the region's largest city, Colbertson.

The city of Colbertson has grown tremendously in the past few years, growing from a modest population of 75,000 to a sizeable metropolis of 736,800. In addition, the surrounding areas of the city have now become very suburbanized, growing as more low and middle class families move to the area.


Skyscrapers line the waterfront in lower downtown. Don't try driving too close to the cliffs!


Even taller skyscrapers dominate and define Colbertson's skyline. The PanPacific Building is the tallest in the region, employing around 15,000 people in its cubicles. Train and subway traffic is persistent, but regular traffic is unheard of, since most Sims do not drive on the streets. Hilly topography and strict laws discourage most drivers.


The Winspear Stadium area is crammed with other skyscrapers, competing for sports-watchers' business and the desirable land values. The arena is so well-built that only barely hear the screaming fans inside.


Industry lies just east of the downtown area. High-tech companies, manufacturing plants and smelters all make products for the city and the surrounding region. Also a recent development in the city are SkyFarms, which are now providing food for the Sims.


The shoppes around Rayburn Square, named after the commercial magnate Ronald Rayburn, Sr. To stifle the growing commercial service demand, malls and gallerias stretch into the sky. Only 3 reports of ovens and 7 reports of shopping carts crashing through the windows have been reported!


The Colbertson metro area packs approximately 1.2 million Sims into the bay area.

Next up is the city Malaby, the region's capital and seat of government (same thing


Also, if you have any suggestions for mods/buildings/etc. I would appreciate it!

Until next time, vale!


Welcome back!


jmsepe: Thank you for reading the CJ. I'm reading yours all the time to see how they are built... Continue writing awesome posts!

Schreifer: Yes, there are lots of trees around. I hate having open land, so whenever I start a new city I usually use the God mode forest icon to cover the land...

Now, to the entry. Today I will be showing off some small towns that are used as fillers for a regional highway and rail system. Some of these towns are tiny, lifeless towns, and others are starting to grow somewhat, although nearly 7/8ths of the population lives in 3 major cities.

First off is the tiny town of Larkston. It is located to the east of Kerrsville and is a bedroom community to Kerrsville's industrial area.

This is Larkston compared to the rest of the Colbertson metro area. It is little-known and largely ignored by regional developers, which see the small, mountainous area as developmentally unviable.



This is the entire town, connected to the rest of the region by highway and rail. The population stands at 3,200 Sims.


A few condominiums sit next to opulent mansions and grungy rowhomes.

Next is the town of Hazelton. Hazelton is located to the east of Larkston. Highway connects it to the rest of the region.


This is downtown Hazelton, the buildings typical of any Smalltown, USA downtown. Small single-famliy homes sit across the road from the shoppes. The population here is about 3,550 Sims.


A few residences north of downtown. Many older Sims live in the town, so education has not been a big priority for the mayor. This has upset many of the families, which must travel next door for school.

Next is the town of Derrange, population 470. Derrange is built on two islands in the middle of the bay, pretty far off the highway.


This is the town in its entireity. Notice how this tiny town has managed to cram its citizens onto these islands.


This is the main residential island, with most of the 470 Sims living here. Across the water to the left is the highway, and to the right is the commercial and industrial part of town.


This is the commercial-industrial part of town. A handful of houses have been built to supply workers to the factories and production lines.

Here is the town of Portermouth. Portermouth is in between Larkston and Hazelton. The population is around 1,200.


Fast food restauraunts sit across from several-story offices in downtown Portermouth. The bright colors attract any travelers who happen to be passing by.


Offices sit on Main Street, across from some mansions and homes. Trash has been a persistant problem, which scares away many investors and developers.

Next is the very tiny town of Cliffton Bay. Home to just 175 residents, it is the smallest town in the region.


This is the town. The homes cling precariously to the sides of the hills. Kids must be careful here, and many play in the streets, as they are rarely used here.


The commercial center of the city can be called the town's "downtown", but many consider it to be a sad, small town office strip.

And finally, the town of Inlet Bay. The city sits far away from Colbertson, but is relatively close to Braeselton. (Entry will be next) Inlet Bay is home to 5,230 Sims, but several developments have been planned, due to the town contaning the only airport in the area, a major developmental plus.


This is the town, chosen for its natural beauty. A seaport is currently planned, but funds is needed to cover the expedentures of running the port.


Mansions and top-notch homes rule the town, with the poor forced elsewhere as the rich rush in for views of Inlet Bay. The street system has been the core of controversy, as the rich's minds are set spinning by the cul-de-sacs.

That's it for now, but I will be posting my next entry sometime in the forseeable future. It is another major city, and I will include with it an update on Colbertson's development, because it has grown by leaps and bounds.

Until next time, vale!


Welcome back!


Schriefer, thank you for your comment. As this is my first journal, expect the updates to get a tad better as time progresses.

This is the city of Kerrsville, located just south of Colbertson. It was founded as a little settlement for agricultural workers, although no agriculture actually existed in the city until later into its history.


Kerrsville is located roughly inside the red outline, with Colbertson to the north and the town of Larkston to the east.


Kerrsville about 5 months after its founding. After some Sims found a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow-colored fireworks (There isn't any rainbows here in the SimVerse), the city has now been able to fund several projects, starting with a fancy-schmancy bridge.


The main residential sector of the city. The small area of commerce was supposed to be the "downtown" area, however, all commercial growth has been on the other side of the highway. The population stands at 826.


The city now 1 year further into the timeline. A smattering of high-wealth residences have made their way to the eastern sector of the city. Many of them still sit there, but no longer dominate the little skyline the few buildings have made.


Downtown Kerrsville after 6 months. Offices have now moved in, and cozy little Maxis houses have definitely added to the desirability. The roads that ran past have now been turned into one-way streets, the first attempt in the region to use them.


An aerial shot of the city, about 22 years after the first road was laid. A new residential subdivision has been added into the city, located in the northwest of the city proper. Notice how a few farms (Maxis also) have now made their mark on the landscape.


After 49 years, the downtown landscape has changed dramatically, and the city truly no longer is just farmer's quarters. This city now has its own vibe, nonetheless with a small-town feel to it. The population here is approx. 16,900.

Well, hope you liked this update. I will be showing the region's small towns in the next update. Be watching for it!

Until next time, vale!


Welcome again! Today I bring you a new city that has been in the works for a while now, and now I bring you the master-planned city of Isbanchol! Yes, I reversed the pronunciation for Istanbul to make the name.


Schulmanator, thank you for your welcome. I hope you like the random, sporadic updates that I will make.

And now, I bring you into the city itself. Currently at the publishing date, the city stands at 88,203 Sims, but I will most certainly expand it into a large city, possibly bigger than Colbertson itself. The mayor of the city is Fanny Maken.


This is the layout of downtown Isbanchol.As you can see, the city is made of a grid-like road system. The center is made of high-density zones, followed by medium-density ringed by low-density. Currently, no attempts have been made at a public transport system, but hopefully the city can get one soon.


After a few minutes, the city sprang up around the CBD, with the most notable residential buildings being low-wealth, high-density tenements. The city would soon turn around and grow some medium-wealth and high-wealth buildings.


Here, the city is entering its first growth burst. Construction cranes are starting to add medium-density buildings into the city's skyline. The population here stands at 46,000 Sims.


Still later, the construction cranes are rising as the populace is moving into the city! The population here stands at approx. 74,000 Sims. At this point, the original public services were pushed to the limit, and needed to be expanded immediately.


The Isbanchul Church, an old relic of faith in a brand-new, modern city. Attendance has been very high for years!


A fairly large library stands across the street from one of the city's High School. It seems the manager can only hire mean old ladies as the librarians. Special thanks to Jasoncw for the building file.

Thank you for reading this short little update showcasing cities in my region, I will be making another update sometime in the future. Until then, Vale!


Welcome to the region of South Devon!

This city journal is my first CJ, and it most certainly will not be my last. Over the course of time, I will outline the founding of each town, post its development, and found new towns.

This work has been in development for a little while, since about May. It has been a long road to this point, and am excited to finally share it to the community.

Now, for the facts.

The largest city in the region is the city of Colbertson, home to approx. 224,000 Sims. The Colbertson metropolitan area is home to 250,000 Sims, divided into 4 suburbs. There are 5 other cities scattered about the region, connected by highway and rail. In later updates, I will go over each city, combining the 5 outer cities into one update.

Now, for the city of Colbertson.

The City of Colbertson

Welcome to the city of Colbertson, heart and soul of the South Devon region. Being the largest city in the region, many should expect many things to occur in the city. Although the city has a moderate population, the skyline is not impressive, and its economy rooted in agriculture.


Around 9,000 people are employed in agriculture, growing lots of produce for the various stores and markets in the region. A large network of railroads constantly move freight to the suburbs and to downtown Colbertson. People toil for long and arduous hours in the fields, sowing seeds and reaping the harvest once the season comes around.


The middle of the city, Downtown, is home to plazas, apartments and a handful of hotels. The mayor of the city is currently working on expanding the entire city and make it look more aesthetically appealing. Currently, downtown is a hodgepodge of mansions, houses, small shops and medium-wealth hotels.


That's it for the first entry in this CJ. Next entry will come shortly!

Until next time, vale!

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