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After more than three months and way more than 30 cocktails, Rum Rock Harbor has finally complete (I'm having rum and Coke right now to celebrate). I've never tackled anything this big, unless you count a big fat kid in high school football named Rodney Swanson. From Collinsburg to the Rico River, this city turned out just the way I wanted it to.


I didn't know much about mods, BATs, and MMP's before all of this, and I was a total NAM virgin. Of course I used my tiny brain to figure out most of it, but my wife still isn't impressed.


It looks impressive to live in those high rise condos, but in reality, none those buildings have elevators. Carrying six grocery bags to the 27th floor is not easy.


Rum Rock Harbor's lighthouse! There's a 43% chance you'll make it into the harbor unharmed.


If you like eating fish, you'll love the Rum Rock Dock. It's loaded with great restaurants and people who smell like halibut.


Thanks for checking out Rum Rock Harbor. It's been a labor or love -- or maybe a "Flavor of Love" -- I'm not sure which. Make sure you take a look at some of my older journals... or don't. Have a great frickin' week.


Postcards from RRH!

Here are some random pics from in and around Rum Rock Harbor. Below is the interchange between Interstate 445 with Highway 6, and is also known as the "Road Rage Express". People throw up more birds than at a KFC.


You're looking at Rum Rock Municipal Beach. It's considered one of the cleanest beaches in the world because they don't allow people from Oklahoma to swim there... Badum tish!


What's the difference between industry in Rum Rock and a Kardashian sex tape? One is filthy, stinky, and has made thousands of people sick to their stomach. The other is the industry in Rum Rock... Badum tish! I'll be here all week.


I finally finished the work around the baseball stadium. That tall building at the top of the picture is where they store all of the steroids for the players.


The Ocean City Apartments have some of the best views in Rum Rock Harbor. Many of the residents have telescopes so they can observe the wildlife on the beach... and by wildlife, I mean girls in bikinis. :noway:


And there's most of Rum Rock Harbor! That barge just dropped off a huge shipment of Ron Rico Rum, most of which will be purchased by the politicians and the baseball team.


Took me hours to force all five of those puppies to grow so it would look like a unified apartment complex. I baked a lasagna and had a birthday by the time they popped up the way I wanted them to. It was worth the wait.


Thanks for checking out my CJ. The first 100 people to leave a comment get a free download of that song "Let It Go" from the "Frozen" soundtrack.


I'm drunk!

It's Friday. I'm drinkin'. I'm posting pics from Watson Plaza.

Truthfully, I've had two cocktails with Maker's Mark and I'm feeling good. We'll see if this thing looks as good tomorrow morning. You should never post with "Sim Goggles".


This is Watson County Park. That trail overlooks Rum Rock Harbor. I've been driking a little too much.


Night pictures seem to be the big thing these days. I bet this one will get me into Ben's Top Ten... probably not.


Here's the "NSA View".


Thanks for looking. See you soon. My drink is really strong. I think I need more ice. See you when I'm sober. Leave a comment.


Arbor Park is a combination of terrestrial suburbs and ocean view living, and is perfect for Sims who like pirate jokes.

What's a pirate's favorite robot? ....Rrrr2-D2! (Seriously, I just made that up.)


There's the Rum Rock Harbor Pier. Each year they swindle an average of 250 tourists by selling them cheap postcards and Rum Rock "I drank some rum and squeezed your bum" t-shirts.


There's the Arbor Park Parkway. It's hard to say three time fast, especially if you've had some cocktails.


Rum Rock College is below and home to the Rum Rock Salty Serpents. It's a private college that rich kids attend, and many of students grew up in those beautiful houses to the east of the college.


Rum Rock Pier is a great place to grab a bite to eat, or -- if you've got a boat -- go looking for sunken treasure. What's a pirate's favorite socks? ...Arrrrgyle.


Here's another look at Arbor Park Parkway. You get free McDonald's fries if you can say 'Arbor Park Parkway' three times real fast.


That's University Heights. Those houses were paid for by shady investment deals and Ponzi schemes.


Thanks for taking a look at my CJ. Come back tomorrow for naked pictures of Jessica Alba. And please leave a comment below.


The Rum Rock Bingers are dead last in the National League with a dismal record of 3 and 92. Despite lack of interest and low attendance, they still charge $14 dollars for a shriveled hot dog.


Below is the Belfast Bridge which goes straight to the ballpark. Emergency crews are responding to a grill that caught fire at tailgate party. It's the most exciting thing to happen at a Rum Rock baseball game in the three years.


These hotels are right outside the stadium and depend on baseball tourist dollars to stay afloat. Now that the season is a wash, no more free Wi-Fi and forget complimentary muffins at breakfast.


There's the Rum Rock Tech Center. That building to the left is where they market the Vegetti vegetable pasta maker.


Buying ticket to a Binger's baseball game can be used as a tax write-off because every purchase is considered a charitable donation.




Here's another view of the Rum Rock City Center. Trams are awesome.


Thanks for visiting my CJ. Come back tomorrow for free music downloads from Sony, and my exclusive interview with Donald Sterling. I always love it when you leave a comment, so type a little a little somethin' somethin'.


This is Rum Rock Harbor's City Center. It's the heart of the metropolis, and where the brokers, lawyers, traders, and bankers live... basically the epicenter of all criminal activity.


I'm not sure why I built a tram, I don't have any traffic problems. But it works and I love it (it's my first one). Oh how I wish I could figure out how to increase traffic. Help me baby Jesus!


I've got about sixteen cars in a city of 35,000. It's the antithesis of any other city's problems.


Lot's of trams -- but no cars! Still, I love the way this turned out.


Look at the beautiful sound barriers. Of course you need traffic to create traffic sounds, and I don't have any.


Here's the "NSA View" of the Rum Rock City Center. The surrounding area isn't quite complete yet, but I thought I'd share it anyway.


Thanks for checking out my CJ. I wish someone from NAM would look at my journal and tell me how to increase traffic. That darn Traffic Simulator just won't work for me.


This is your first view of Rum Rock Harbor! The Gaslamp District combines the old with the new, and it's where the hipsters and yuppies have decided to take up residence so they can be cooler than everyone else. Gweneth Paltrow lives on the top floor of that brown apartment building, and annoys the neighbors by blasting Coldplay and naming her kids after fruit.


There are never any damn open parking spaces along the 4th Street. I'd bring in some buses if I thought anyone would actually ride them.


Minutes after this photo was taken that interstate was loaded with cars... I swear!


Despite the protests from local Sims, I dropped a Burger King. I love their chicken sandwiches and onion rings and deserve a place I can call my own in all of this. I'm having it my way, bitches!


There's a look at WPTX Channel 8. They show a lot of reruns of "Friends", but will switch to soft-core adult movies after the kids are in bed.


That's the intersection of Copper Boulevard and 4th Street. Lot's of great restaurants. I would suggest having the sushi pizza at Trivani's Japanese Pizza Kitchen.


You're looking at Fendway Plaza and Gaslamp Park. It's not a bad place to sleep if you're homeless.


Here's the "NSA view" of the east side of Rum Rock Harbor. There are cars on the interstate. I told you!


Thanks for checking out my CJ! For every comment you leave, I'll donate $1 to the Toothless & Unwed Foundation in Jackson, Mississippi.


Baker Falls connects to Rico River, and is a community of about 3,000 Sims. It was named after Emily Baker, who became the first person swim over the falls naked.


You'll notice a few factories sprinkled around this body of water. It's not only the beauty that attracted them, but also the relaxed dumping restrictions.


Baker Falls is loaded with hard working Sims who have no desire to live in the urban sprawl of Rum Rock Harbor. They're very isolated from most of the commercial world, and the city council just voted to block a Star Bucks from being built. Star Bucks is suing.


...However, the residents do like Pizza Hut for some odd reason.


You're looking at Baker Elementary. This morning the kids are learning how to eat paste and sniff markers.


Baker Falls has some light industry. That factory to the left is where the no! no! hair removal laser is made.


"I want my baby back, baby back, baby back..."


Here's the "NSA view" of Baker Falls.


Thanks for checking out my CJ. Make sure to check back on Wednesdays for 20% off coupons to Dairy Queen. ...Oh, and leave a comment!


Rico River is a suburb of Rum Rock Harbor, but it's an isolated community filled with hipsters, hemp retailers and Google surfers. There are only two ways in: one by car (as you can see by the road bridge), and by train (as you will notice by the rail viaduct). Of course once you're in it's impossible to resist the power of The Home Depot.


Sharon and Eddie Babblestein live in that small house below. They built their residence long before Rico River became a suburb and still try and remain solitary. They hate land developers.


Rico River is a very popular suburb. They come here to escape crime, traffic and gun violence. Good luck with that.


No one can escape the power of a franchise like Old Navy...


... or a Dairy Queen Blizzard!


St. John's Methodist Church is the oldest church in town and is the place to pray before taking a ride on the Rico River.


Thanks for checking out my CJ! Take a look at my older stuff and tell me what you think. And make sure to come back for Bingo nights on Friday!!!


Rico River is a northern suburb of Rum Rock Harbor. The Rico, or "El Agua Diablo" as the locals like to call it, is a recreational paradise. However, it's claimed many souls over the years, as inexperienced and inebriated tourists have tried to tame these rocky rapids after drinking one too many Miller High Life's.


It's a great place to go camping if you like nature; it's a great place to hide if you're on the run from the cops.


"The Six O'clock" is rolling into Rico River Station. Those commuters smell like train diesel, sweat and failed business deals.


That's the Rico River industrial complex. Those hard working blue collar workers churn out lawn fertilizer, outdoor wear, and Snuggies.


There's the source of the Rico River. Meryl Streep once tried to run the Rico with Kevin Bacon after he kidnapped her and her son. Sadly, Kevin didn't make it. (Bonus points if you can name the reference.)


Rico High School is the home of the "Fighting Bass". The football team is a dismal 0 and 7 this year cause the players spend too much time down at the river trying to pick up sunbathing chicks.


Thanks for checking out my CJ. One of these days one of my pictures is gonna make it to the Simtropolis slideshow. Until that day, I'll just keep drinking and making cities. Feel free to leave a comment!


Pearl is a suburb of Rum Rock Harbor that's loaded with wealthy bankers, lawyers, software entrepreneurs, and people with a much larger vocabulary than me.


St. Michael's Church sits along the Morlin Railway. The church rumbles from the sounds of passing freight at about the same time Father O'Rourke is delivering his sermon every Sunday. Parishioners liken the rumble under the pews to the word of God being sent from Heaven... others just find it annoying.


Purchasing a home across from the Seven Poplars Golf and Tennis Club is worthy investment.


It was a good year for stock trading in the subdivision called Lake Shore Heights.


Golfers play the Sunday back nine while good Catholics make their peace with the Lord.


That tall brown building houses the Security Commercial Asset Management team, or SCAM. To the right is the Pearl Resort, where SCAM brokers have lunch with their favorite politicians.


Golfers at the Seven Poplars Golf Club yell "Four!" because they make about four thousand dollars every day.


Here's the "NSA view" of Pearl.


Interstate 75 isn't very crowded this fine Sunday morning.


Thanks for checking out my CJ. Comments are always welcome. Make sure to come back for "Two Dollar Tuesday". That's where admission to view my journal is only two dollars!!!


Gordon Park rocks!

Gordon Park is the fourth suburb of Rum Rock Harbor and it's loaded with cookie-cutter neighborhoods. Modella Towers (to the left) is where all the rich hipsters live. They sit on their computers playing the stocks, while adopting kids from China and blogging about how much they hate paying in taxes every year.


You can't have a legitimate suburb without a Lowe's and a great looking Walmart.


Gordon County Park is where the residents of Gordon Park like to go hiking and biking. Their kids play soccer, little league baseball, and take tennis lesson for $100 an hour ...Makes me sick that I even created it.


Gordon Lake is a fantastic place to recreate in between stock trades.


Corbus Island is the hip place to camp and fish.


Richard Kennedy is out on his Kayak today. He's the heir to the Kennedy fortune. Lucky bastard!


Here's the "NSA view" of Gordon County Park.


Gordon County Heights is where the one percent live.


Here's another satellite NSA photo of Gordon County Park.


Suburbia at it's best...


A walk to the lake...


Thanks for checking out my CJ! Comments are always welcome. Have a great week.


Julep is a suburb just to the north of Rum Rock Harbor with about 4,000 inhabitants. This town tries to be good on the outside, but is so bad to the bone on the inside...


You're looking at Oak Ridge Towers and Park Field Condos. This is the town's epicenter of infidelity, including Mayor Hub's secret fling with Patty Rigby. There's a Rico's Rite Aid just down the street in case the mayor's affairs finally catch up with his body.


Julep High School is academically superior to most schools in the area. However, unbeknownst to the community, Principal Gellar has been teaching Mrs. Allerby "wood shop" behind the bleachers.


Quick Pax is more than Julep's primary mailing and packing facility, it's also notorious for smuggling in exotic animals and mail-order brides from Sweden.


Mayor Hub is shacked up in room 214 of the Holiday Inn Express with Jessica Lamb, Julep's honorary Tree Queen of 2012. She's been planted more than four acres of soybeans in a Nebraska farm field.


The local Rico's Rite Aid keeps Julep from becoming a hot zone for diseases that spread like a California wildfire.


Thanks for checking out my CJ! Have a great day and feel free to leave comments below.


Just up the hill from Collinsburg sits the small and isolated community of Grainger Hill. It's named after ol' Moses Grainger, who tragically died drinking milk after the cow fell on him.


Gary Grainger took over the farm after his father died. He's an odd bird who lives alone and hides all his money somewhere in the barn. Only the cows know his secret.


Those three houses belong to Edna Porchman, Linda Gitner, and MaryAnn Sanders. All three are old maids, who for the past eleven years have been vying for Gary Grainger's heart -- and his fortune. Unfortunately the low-cut blouses and homemade baked pies just aren't enough to win Gary over. And the feud keeps festering. It was only a year ago when Linda Gitner's award-winning roses mysteriously vanished from her backyard. She suspected Edna Porchman after several stems were spotted poking through a plastic garbage bag in Edna's garage. The two haven't spoken since.


Lance and Julie Wessman live across from the Grainger farm. Rumor has it that Lance is going to leave Julie after he spotted her touching the pool boy's vacuum hose last Friday afternoon.


There's a lot of drama in them there parts!


Lester Mills owns that house with the blue roof. He loves his twenty-two cats and watching the Animal Planet every night. Everyone steers clear of Lester.


Thanks for checking out my CJ. Comments are always welcome.



My previous city was destroyed by a Windows 8 update so I had to start all over (curse you Bill Gates!). I named this new region Rum Rock Harbor because rum on the rocks happens to be my favorite drink. Rum Rock Harbor has a suburb just to the north and west, and it's name is Collinsburg. It's a tiny little tourist town with less than 1,000 residents and it's a damn fine place to live.


There's not much shopping, but there is a sale on saving your soul every Sunday.


Dancing was voted legal by the city council just two years ago.



Residents of Collinsburg love the outdoors. That guy you see kayaking lives in a van down by the river!!!


Even the smallest of towns can't escape Starbucks Coffee.


Don't do anything controversial cause the neighbors will definitely gossip about you.


I call this the "NSA view".



Thanks for checking out Collinsburg. I recently made it into "Ben's Top Ten" and would like to keep that tradition going, so leave a comment below.


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