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Creating Messingville

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A few days ago I MMP'd a lake on some open space, but it looked pretty dumpy. I asked anyone viewing my CJ to submit some suggestions, and it totally worked. This is what it looked like originally. (Not my best work. Even Sim dogs refused to poop there.)


...So I blew out a bunch of trees and rocks, simplified the look, added some houses, and called it Connifer Lake. Here's what it looks like now...


Yeah baby! Now Sim dogs are pooping everywhere!


Thanks to Schriefer who said I should throw in a low density neighborhood, and to 47Ply, who suggested I remove the road surrounding the lake, which I did. (I bumped it back a bit and added in more pine trees.) Pioneer thought I should drop a Walmart, but I've never seen a Walmart next to a lake. Besides, I can't have kids getting spanked next to such a pristine piece of property.


Mattb325 houses are da bomb!!! Using anything less would be uncivilized.


This is the future sight of a lot more dogga poopy.


Still no trains. Not sure why they're not rolling through. I love trains and want lots of them, but I've only had one train so far.


Gotta give this area some Maxis love. It's still fun to sprinkle in some of the originals here and there.


Thanks again for checking out my city. Thoughts, thumbs up, stars, comments are always welcome.


Over to the left of center is the newly completed Pine Ridge suburb. Over to the right is an unnamed suburb with a rail depot and a big frickn' lake I created. Originally I put up some high rise condos and apartments around the lake but it didn't fit with the landscape, so I Donald Trumped those bad boys -- as in, "You're fired!". I'm not feeling creative and need some ideas. The person with the best idea will win 1 million dollars... worth of affection and appreciation.


Here's a closer look at the lake. Feel free to comment on the landscaping. It feels a little too stiff, like I went overboard on the MMP.


The path and entrance are the only parts I like. Does it need a parking lot? Maybe a PEG Mountain parking lot?


Thanks in advance for your tips and thoughts.


Pine Ridge is a suburb on the outer edge of Messingville, and the northeastern corner of Pine Ridge has just been invaded by a bovine population. In fact, there are more cows moooving in than people. You'll notice that one of the cows is on the outside of the fence. She's udderly impossible to coral. :ohyes:


These cows are better seen, not herd.


These people like to live off grid. No Starbucks. No IKEA. They must be IKRAZY!


This is the type of isolated neighborhood where horror movies take place. If some guy who claims to be a census taker is knocking at your door, don't answer! "No, I don't have any Chianti!"


That bridge is nice enough to sleep under.


We have a pond in the back. We have a pool and a pond... Pond'd be good for you.

-Ty Webb


These cows are for show and will never end up on a plate at a steakhouse. And they cownt their blessings everyday for that.


Thanks for putting up with my crappy jokes. Comments and yellow stars are always appreciated.


The residents of Pine Ridge are moving up in the world cause they just opened a Hooters down the block. The hamburgers aren't the best, but the buns sure are fun to look at. :lol: I built it next to a fire department because the wait staff is smokin' hot!


The young professionals who live in this apartment building love the new Hooters for lunch.


None of the people that live in this neighborhood want their daughters working at the new Hooters.


This is where the men of Pine Ridge go to pray for forgiveness after a long night at the new Hooters.


Here's the industrial edge of Pine Ridge. Why does everyone in this neighborhood have a purple car? Probably so they look good when they're pulling up to the new Hooters.



Forester Lake is where the wealthier citizens of Messingville live. These people all went to private schools and then on to colleges where they sell Rolex watches at the bookstore. I put a railroad next to their subdivision to keep their egos in check.


The people who live here are doctors, lawyers, and AIG executives who haven't gone to prison yet.


I laid down some condos for the Ivy League kids who need a place to live during the summer months.


I built another frickin' land bridge. This one turned out better than the first, although it's a little glitchy towards the bottom of the pillars. I knew I should have gone to college for engineering. I forced my Sims to sign a legal release promising not to file a lawsuit if it collapses.


Here's another view, cause I know you love land bridges as much as I do.


Thanks for checking out my journal. Comments and positive ratings are always welcome.


I decided that if I'm gonna call this suburb Oak Park then it should have a park with some oak trees in it. And that's my first land bridge!!!


Here's another angle. They're actually driving across it!


And here's another angle. Can you tell I'm very excited about building my first land bridge?


And here's another bridge I built because my Sims were tired of waiting for trains to go by. So I raised their taxes and built them an rail overpass. That's how I roll as a mayor.


The blue collar workers needed a place to work, so I plopped some industry down for them. Now they smell like onions and petroleum. But they have an Applebees across the street so they can have a Coors Light on their lunch break.


Thanks for checking out my journal!


Oak Park is the second suburb of Messingville. My Sims like it because it smells like Panera Bread and flowers. These are hard working folk who work all day and go to sleep early. I put the Toys R Us right across from the McDonalds to drive the parents nuts.


Oh boy, do they like to eat at Chili's on Friday nights.


Here's a nice little neighborhood.


Trains should start arriving any day now.


Here's a better look at Oak Park.



Poor but pretty...

Gladstone is a suburb of my much larger city Messingville. Beyond the cute rows of older established neighborhoods live the people on the other side of the tracks. These are the folks who watch "Here Comes Honey Boo Boo" on basic cable every Wednesday night because they consider it "educational tv". I even gave them a pond so they have a place to bathe when they forget to pay their water bill.


I finally figured out how to upload multiple pics today. Tomorrow I learn how to spell three-syllable words.



Welcome to Gladstone, Messingville's first suburb. It's on the edge of town and is very quiet, conservative and safe -- the way the residents like it. I tried to plop a strip club, but the city council voted me out. They like church on Sundays, and then it's an immediate trip to Starbucks for some good old-fashioned capitalistic coffee.


The wife is at work tonight, which means I had some time to work on my first neighborhood. I included Messingville's first elementary school, a church, and a Dairy Queen so my Sims can enjoy the taste of a delicious Oreo Blizzard. Now I'm gonna have to find a gym to download so the nightly news isn't hammering me for an obese population. By the way, Peg's International Flag Mod was a dependency for several of the schools I downloaded, but I can't get that darn thing to function. It would be helpful if you could provide me with some tips so my kids don't have to walk under a brown box in order to get to school. Curse you brown boxes!!!

Thanks for any comments and have a fantastic day!



Bare with me...

This is my very first attempt to journal a city. Hopefully this whole thing works, cause up until a couple of seconds ago I didn't know how to make a screenshot. Hell, I can barely turn on my iPhone.

I'm calling it Messingville, named after actress Deborah Messing because the geography is very flat. My infrastructure has been laid out, including my highway and train networks. It's been a couple of years since I've played, and I'm still in the process of downloading my mods, bats, lots, slats, tots, bits, tats, Mogs, bots, and all of the other abbreviated technical terms for the cool stuff that really smart people make. I'm not sure what kind of personality this city will take on, but I'm guessing most of the residents will be calling for my resignation by the time it's over (It's like the Sims got their very own Mayor Rob Ford).

This is an experimental city and I'm excited to make it grow, although my wife is sitting in the next room waiting for me to thaw out tonight's frozen lasagna dinners, so any further work is going to have to wait.

Thanks for following along and please excuse my silly ramblings or pics uploaded to the wrong place.

And away we go.....


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