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About this City Journal

I show my Simcity 4 works here, whether it is city or rural development, over a couple of different maps.

Entries in this City Journal


As the heading of this entry says, I changed the title and description of this CJ! And I also downloaded a new map to mess around on/with. The new map is by drunkapple. This does not mean I am ending development on the Eaton map but rather leaving it until I get some more inspiration for that map. Right now my focus is on the new map which I have named:

The Kingdom of Samsonia

Now onto today's entry;

I am going to start by showing a picture of the tile before any development; (looking North)


Next, I drew out the main highway that will run through the middle of this small city. I plan to make it have approximately 100,000 sims inside the metro area. (looking North)


Then, I converted it to RHW-4, added a tunnel through the southern mountains and built a large causeway/viaduct spanning the delta of the Miltern River. (looking North)


And a better view of the causeway/viaduct; (looking west)


Finally, here is a terminating highway that runs from the west, cutting through some mountains and over some of the delta into a full T-interchange with the N/S highway; (looking west)


That concludes this particular entry. Please leave any constructive criticism in the comments and have a good one!


A short teaser update today with a few images and then a map.

NOTE: In between the video and this update I have done some development and zoning. It is mainly farms with some small streets and Residential too. I also added another town which can be seen on the map. More detail in the next video.

1st image here is the original at-grade intersection between the M79 and the C518 (un-named for now). In preparation for a large growth period the ERDOT has given Maxwill County some money for a diamond intersection as an upgrade.


For $100,000 work begun on the C518/M79 diamond intersection. The land was cleared and the service station was demolished - being replaced by a couple of different ones in town.


The M79 was chosen to overpass the C518 because of various space concerns with the C518 corridor. Work begun on the overpass. While the freeway overpass was being constructed, traffic was rerouted via Four Ways or a temporary feeder road coming of the farms to the south.


The C518 was relayed and extended to the Residential development north of the project. The road was then re-opened to traffic.


Off/On Ramps were layed down and the freeway was re-opened to traffic. The temporary feeder road was demolished.


Tree's were replanted and high mast lighting was put in. Here is a day shot of Maxwill.


And a night shot of the same area.


Next is a WIP road directory for the city tile. It still needs some roads to be named and I haven't worked out how to accurately map the PegPond MMP stuff but I will either guess or leave it as is.


Here is the same map but with some extension plans or the town. Currently Maxwill hosts ~2,000 people. Four Ways ~100.


Well it turned out to not be such a small teaser update as I first imagined it but it's something to tide you over until the next video is recorded/released. It will probably be Saturday Morning AEDST. Thanks for reading and get ready to be more involved in the next update video as I have something planned. ;)


Here is the city tile - it is a large sized tile: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0BxXuu0UXlcXsa3ZCenZKRGpCbDQ/edit?usp=sharing

I wasn't feeling 100% on the day of this recording so it is of lover quality - sorry :)


Rules on the Let's Play competition:

  • On the North and Eastern borders no neighbor connections can be destroyed.
  • New neighbor connections are allowed on all borders
  • No massive land changes - small terrain changes such as ground lifters and bridge approaches are allowed.
  • NO MODS OTHER THAN NAM 32 - Here are the content I use, don't use anything other than these but you obviously don't have to use them all :)


  • Texture sets can be different to mine however RRW must be used.
  • Feel free to make a video showing me your design - extra points :P
  • You may zone but never press play.
  • Once finished please upload your "City - Stanton County.sc4" to Google Drive or equivalent and comment with a link ;)
  • If you are unsure about something ask in the comments BEFORE doing it. If the tile you have developedv is incompatible with my game then your are disqualified.
  • The winner will have a county or city named after them.


In 1856 John Bourke Hapton set out travelling to look for a place to settle down far from the hustle and bustle of the city. He came across the area named after himself later and one of the places he set up shop was this quaint little township just of the A12 rural highway (I moved the invention of the car back 100 years or so to about c. 1795) near the Partial Y interchange that the A22 terminates - the interchange is now named the Bourke Interchange and it was known to be "Southern" Hapton after people settled 3 km north in Hapton itself.

This is the land John Hapton found:


A few months later a logging camp was set up and a small clearing was made. However due to the death of John Hapton it remained just a clearing for many years on.


Fast forward 5 years and John Hapton Jnr convinced the Rural DOT ( Eaton Rural Dept. of Trans {ERDOT} ) to build him a road that he could use to start a town in to start a buisness of his own. An at grade intersection with the A12 was put in and a small road with a turnaround stub was made. You can also see the rail line that would later service the town.


Fast forward another 5 years and a town was born. A major stopping point for long distance motorists this small town serves many drivers with gas, food and sleep. The Hapton's still run one of the rural stores in Southern Hapton to this day. (Don't mind the UDI icon I remebered to turn them off for the next updates ;) ).


Thanks for reading. Next time I might put together a mosiac of the 4 large city tiles in the bottom right corner of the region that I have semi-developed and make it into a diagram - maybe I'm not quite sure yet but tune in next time to see what happens!

P.S. It's my 15th birthday today :party:

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