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About this City Journal

Due to the confusion of the Parkland republic CJ, i've decided to divide all the Metropolitan areas in the republic into their own CJ's.

Entries in this City Journal

The Pennsylvania Turnpike

How long has it been since i've updated a CJ of mine? Well i can officially say i've been working on the Englewood region for a whole year now so horray! :D Now that imageshack went and decided to make me pay for their service, i switched to photobucket and i wish i chose the. It's simpler and faster. Now here is my update. I'll try to update at least once a month.


As you can see, the skyline has changed a little. The white skyscraper near the highway bridge no longer looks out in the open with a few high rises and business around it now. I also replaced the Route 109 bridge with a NAM one. It fits pretty good.


Now i forgot what buildings i've replaced on the block here but here you see the city's newest apartment building which is now it's tallest. *The tall blue one*. You can also see the newly constructed hotel facing the intersection.


I replaced the state capital and moved it to a different city. I replaced it with a Marriott hotel facing the inner harbor.

sc4_zps40b00761.jpgI replaced the bus terminal that was located between route 109 and replaced it with a new office building that looks and fits pretty well.

sc6_zpsf6cb7f20.jpgNow to finish, here is the Englewood skyline at night. I will hopefully see you soon. :)

The Pennsylvania Turnpike

The Vikings are the home football team for Englewood. They are part of the WAFA league. Which stands for (West American Football Association). The Season starts in November and ends in April. They practice in the northern part of the Island. This is the stadium.


Vikings stadium on Englewood's inner harbor.


Viking point, a small boardwalk lined with shops and two hotels. It is open year round.


You can see Vikings stadium at the lower left hand corner across the harbor from Downtown Englewood.

The Pennsylvania Turnpike

If you Look up Diversity in a dictionary, you would get the definition for Diversity. Downtown Englewood is home to Koreans, Chinese, Pennsylvanians and many other people of different ethnicies.

Now enough talking, let me show you Downtown.


Downtown Englewood as of September 30th, 2013


Mack park and the Mack memorial Expressway


On the Other side of the Downtown peninsula, We have the new Inner harbor and Boardwalk.


Downtown Englewood at Night.

Stay tuned :D

The Pennsylvania Turnpike

Wasn't Englewood in your last CJ, the Parkland Republic? Well yes, but due to all the confusion in the CJ, jumping from one City on one part of the Republic to the other, i've decided to divide all the Metropolitan area's in the Republic into their own CJ's. All the entries about these cities and their surrounding suburbs will be put into their own CJ's for now on. Update 1 will come this week, stay tuned!


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