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B.C builder

Welcome to Harrystown

Hello and welcome back to the great Trafford canyon

Today we'll visit one of the canyon's biggest cities: Harrystown. This city was founded 1857 by Theodore Harrys from the Tinion prefecture which is 24 miles away from Harrystown. Today the city's population is about 255,000 inhabitants which is mostly young.

Paul Elison rated this city with 7 of 10 stars at the last "most beautiful city" contest what moved the mayor.

Fortunately in this city you have no unemployment and no debts towards the State. The city is home of the Harrys reapers, a popular cricket team.


Since there are many problems with the layout I want to thank you all for the comments last time !

Let's start !


"In this city we have a lot of green spaces, alleys and neighbourhoods" claims Victor Mans

You can see, in the picture below, that there's a lot of modern homes. This is part of the "great restauration" wich consist in replacing the old buildings by new ones:


This is the central downtown, with some old buildings and a new one which replaces the "Graham lofts", unfortunately destroyed in one of the century fires:


The El Gringo river flows through the city. He's mostly dry:


The avenue bridge on the left (pic above) leads to the Imperial theater, which is actually on renovation (no pic. sorry).

On the next picture you can see the "Eglise de la Redemption", french church built 1881:


The western CBD at night (next 2 pics.):



Western CBD days:


Harrystown on a foggy, rainy day:


Another nice neighbourhood:


These are the West-town condos in the 50's and today; you will see that the this hood didn't change over the years:



Today at night:


I hope you liked this new update !

Don't forget to rate +1 and comment if you liked it !

More soon ! :thumb:

B.C builder

Hello and welcome back to the Great Trafford Canyon !

Today we'll take the car and make a trip starting from our last stop: Crown city. We'll see a major city: Horsetown, and the south plains also known as "The Trafford plains". This part of the canyon is rather new due to massive fires which destroyed many towns and a lot of forests in the year 1901. Here is Argons, one of many destroyed towns:


But thanks to a lot of investment by the citizens new towns were built.


Well, let's start !


This city was founded 1903 by the son of Elias Trafford. The name was choosen because the terrain the city is built on was a plain with a lot of wild horses. These horses were used to plow acres and led people through the canyon; some of them were also sold.

Today the city counts 180,000 inhabitants and is still a major trade city.


Northern CBD (unfortunately the picture is very small, I'm sorry I don't know what happened):



Our trip leads us to the Johnsburg plain, a nice small town located 10 miles at the west of Horsetown:


Another pic of the city:


Here another neighbourhood located at the edge of a deep ravine:


We're taking back the road to visit the next town...


We're now at Central city, one of the towns having the most acres:


A new industry is coming !


Well, it's finished ! Don't forget to write a comment and rate if you liked it :D

Thank you !

Better entry comming soon !

B.C builder

Hello and welcome to my new CJ

In my first entry (of this new CJ) we'll visit the city of Crown city, Fall city, Hutchinson-an old ghost town and the Benson Family ranch.

Some history:

The Great Trafford canyon is named after Duke Trafford, a reckless adventurer at the service of his Majesty the king of Lostoria. Mr. Trafford's canyon expedition began at July 1789, while chaos was day-to-day in far country named France. After months of fighting against the laws of nature, Trafford found this wonderful place nearly 1,200 miles away from the capital of Lostoria; Hulkopolis. Our explorer got lots of gold, jewels, weapons and other items from native people living there and brought this to our holy king, who were astonished by these treasures. When he was back from his trip in 1790 he got the status of Lord of the lords, which means that he had more authority than the lords of Lostoria but less than the king himself.

But this wasn't exactly what he expected, what he wanted was gold and a lot of space to live. So he decided to return to the canyon and he made it an independent country, far from his king. Of course the king disagreed Trafford's decision and declared him the war October the 4th of 1790.

15 years of fight, 15 years of struggling against a vicious kingdom...Trafford won theses battles thanks to his native companions who knew the canyon and how to repel the enemies. King Charles the 3rd of Lostoria accepted his defeat and accorded Trafford's independence on November the 5th of 1805.

Duke Trafford died 1833 at the age of 73 years. He had two sons, Elias and Theodore and a girl, Rose.

Now, let’s start with some pictures!

Fall city:


Blackfield corner:


The blackfield antenna, 300m high and high quality transmisson:


The Benson family ranch:


Richard and Margareta Benson have founded this farm 1852, since this year the farm is in family property:


The Benson Ranch has its own train station and differend kind of fields:


Hutchinson, one of the canyons oldest ghost towns:


After an economic boost of 30 years, due to discovery of gold, and silver, Hutchinson were abandonned by its population because all the mines were overexploited. Now you only have some houses and factories left:


Richardson steel mill and the Bush wagon factory:

wosg.jpgThis rail bridge is witness of better times:


Crown city:


Crown city is a nice small town located 20 miles away from Hutchinson. The city was established 1856 by one of Trafford's nephew. 1930 the whole city were destroyed by a violent fire and rebuild 5 years later.

But there still some old pre-war factories:


Some farms 5 miles away from downtown:


The main road and its surrounding colonial houses:


This is the Wales bridge which leads out of the city:


Last but not least some houses at the edge of a 850 m ravine (seen in my teaser):


I hope you liked this first update !

Don't forget to add a comment and +1 if you liked,

thank you ! :D

More coming soon !

PS: I'm not very talented in photoshoping, so excuse me :lol:

B.C builder

Hello everyone !

New Simtown (the CJ) is finished...the people there (and me of course !) would thank you for your support during my work on the region :thumb: Thank you for every comment, rating and for the advices you gave me !

Here for you:


But now it's the time for changes...

A new country has been discovered at the end of the 19th century. A country which attracted humans for its precious natural ressources. Quickly you had a lot of people coming from evrywhere around the globe to start a new life. Some were succesful, some not...

You will see in this CJ, pictures of today and of the past decades and you'll see the country as it is today and what remains of an old Eldorado...

People are living on the edge of nothingness here, hundreds of meters to the bottom...Is it worth to live here ? We'll know it later...


Well, it's a teaser so you will see only one picture this time. But you'll seee more soon !

Thanks for following, rating and commenting !

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