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New Power

So the region is starting to look nice I think. The edge where the cities meat truly is almost blended end. I think I'm going to extend the farm down just to the real highway to merge them more. But here is my region so far:




Now, I started on the City Business area, and was working on that. My power plants blew up. So, I finaly rolled up my sleaves and said ok. I'm making power, and I'm making it big. I got lot that was big:


Than I went to editing. I didn't want it to blow up, so I removed the deterioration. Than, as nothing scales in SC4, I scaled it myself. I think this big guy can power the region. I don't think that is two unrealistic either, it is nuclear, and huge! So here is my progress.


Full Image



So, I got Fifth Ward to be profitable. I basically zoned a lot of things that will need to be upgraded and made to look better later. I guess I'm taking great pleasure in the fact that why I'm doing this, I'm not cheating. Well one thing, sound walls. But I feel those are a regional expense, and that budget we don't see. They only apply to the highways of the region. I would have made them have no park effect, but I couldn't find ones that did that. And I haven't modded them yet.

So without further ado, here is the tile:


Full Link:https://public.bay.livefilestore.com/y2pwPb4M_PuL2YSNd73jHAul6rkJHaXsTmLxA34m2cv2qF3m6UPCtJZVFQ6xgNtIjl9X4-us-onWBdBtp5xtYYG9vyLaEKIInDffteJQS4DiYo/Fifth%20Wide%20View.jpg?psid=1

So some key points of this tile. I put in the intersection that was the white circle. That was a challenge, but I finally got it. So, I'm not completely happy with way my interchanges look, but I hate those. So hard to make. Also note, there is house and a military base here. Part of what makes this tile profitable. Now a military base needs a fence around, and they put in a high security one. They lost the guard shack at the way in, but the secondary one is still in place. Hopefully they will find the one on the way in soon. (If you know of a guard shack, please post link)


Full Link:https://public.bay.livefilestore.com/y2pqFwRjAFCNIg7pDc2vZ1J7lLyBp7fmLqB013inaw3FTR88OI_QVuSsH4Gs1V-qeJ6hyWMOQMHdiIFaDCstpzrDquvN4G9xPpWHBTs_a1qK4E/Military%20Base.jpg?psid=1

And I swear I turned the zots off, but they came back. Also I forgot to turn the grid off. I will get better at this, but there you have it. Now I said I did lots of zoneing to get a profitable tile. Here is my residential that needs help with trees, parks, schools, etc. I have not gotten there yet, but I will slowly. As someone pointed out, they like how I slowly upgrade things. Well, I will upgrade this whole tile. Ok, maybe not the military base section. I'm happy with that.


Full Link: https://public.bay.livefilestore.com/y2pQHSpA1iLZHlGOrzNsaadJiCWAj8W_a304npmkZ70KVz_pEfHyD12V940MoJUeoDp72HEL_Ctmif4ls3BHKIybOLn4Y9Tz_r85snEGve8osA/Residential.jpg?psid=1

And last, the power that supplies the region. I'm thinking of modding a new power plant though. One that never ages. Only because that gets old, buildoze, build, buildoze, build. I'm busy planting trees over here!


full link: https://public.bay.livefilestore.com/y2pDSYgmblmL3zMjCorybOrjOXLlcKbVAOjTvimWtNVlP6mKRY29vl-of157B7zkAUp5njLgz7mpJWMZuBCS1q9-rBCF-x5GbAf5I6t8PDWc58/Fifth%20Ward-Mar.%204%2C%20931369123262.png?psid=1

What I am thinking of doing, is getting a skin I like, mod it to give way more power. Make it never die. And build the facility I want here. While I like some real stuff, I guess I'm cutting corners on things that I hate. Shrug. It is my region, and I fell I should tell you what I'm doing though. That way you don't think I did it all without some cutting corners.


Back to Fifth Ward

With my good progress on Home Acres, I have decided to go back to fifth ward. I learned that while I did a region plan, I needed a tile plan as well. I looked at the region, and I have varied from what I originally wanted to do. That is ok, plans are just that plans. So here is my new plan.



Ok, I wanted to get you something, and planting trees is VERY slow. Well the way I do it. Hopefully it turned out looking nice.



Link to full image. I didn't do the bigger zoom this time, but hopefully you like one at medium zoom for now.

Other things I fixed/did. Lets see I added the school in the CBD. I updated the avenues to have a correct slope, and wall texture on side. The trees in the residential district. Oh, as for the lake and river. So, I think it should be considered that as this is a secure facility, there would be culvert for the river? Do anyone know of one I could add? I just made it pretend for now.

I still have the daunting task of the forest on the hill. I had one, but the game crashed and I lost it. :( Also, the bottom right was taken in winter, hence the snow. I hope you like.

One last thing, I also did it at a different angle. I think I will rotate the tile each time I post so you can see it from all angles slowly over time. Off to play some D3. I can only place trees for so long. And to get them to look good, well I found it is slow. Trees are slowest thing to do.


Ok, so I was very aggravated last post, cause I'm not good at modding, and I thought I lost my city. I didn't, so I wanted to post a quick view of my farm land. I'm not in the black for this city, so I want to add police next to the middle of the city.



The End

Well sorry, I did some moding, and now my region cities won't load. Guess I'm going to have to try again, or maybe figure out why. If I do figure out why, I will continue. Otherwise I will start another region. I will post a link if I start another here.


So I added an interchange. I have downloaded noise walls to add to the look of the city. I put in a lot of trees to. The slope mod I was using was way to restrictive, so I got rid of it, and now I have terrible slopes. I need to find one that is gentle, but not so harsh I tear my hair out trying to build a road.



OK, So I am very behind Chris who is the reason I started this, but I'm continuing. I added some ponds to this one, and trees, but they don't seem to show?? I'm in acres, all though I didn't get to farms. My slope mod annoyed me so much that I removed it. Than my avenues looked terrible. I respect the slope, but when I can't see the difference on a street, I got annoyed. Anyway, I forgot how to get streets to neighborhood connect, so I used roads, but I hope you like that I tried for more real neighborhood. And yes, I get that they are block. I live in the greater Seattle area, and a lot of what I see is block. So here you go.



I realized with fifth ward, I planed region, but I need to plan each section as well. So this is what I came up with. Don't know how it will turn out, but hey, I think the best thing about this? I'm not real, I'm not perfect, and I'm going to keep going. I love seeing those perfect ones, but really, how many of you can do that? And if you can I'm jealous. :)


So the continuation of the residential from fifth ward. I had to use roads for connections, I couldn't figure out the street connection thing. Oh if we had a real city simulator that let us draw an any direction, as big as we want, and worked. My peg ponds worked, but still look funny. I will have to work on those. Funny, maybe in many moons I am continuing this and somewhere else on region I have great lakes... Well so I got some residential, I needed some commercials. And doesn't mean we are taking a commercial break. ha ha.

CBD: All be it small. :)


And the tile:



Well my city doesn't look very realistic yet. But I'm going to stick with it.

Here is my residential so far. I'm not doing the best, but working on it. I need to get more detail in, but I wanted to get a city that could afford itself. Maybe I could cheat for money for realism, but I want it real looking, and to make money.


And here is a wide view of my industrial.


I want to add the detail in later. Again I want a real looking city, but I want it to be able to afford itself. So as these residential areas are the poor part of town, I am not going to add schools. Maybe an elementary for basic education. I do plan on adding hospitals, maybe a center one in the industrial complex. I guess There is a lot more planing that should have gone into this. I also added my waste management, a large facility. I need to add security at some point, but again I'm new to this real stuff.


The NAM is hard for me to work with, so this might take a while. I am going to take my time, and if I don't have much reader because of it, so be it. I got the frst three cities done, and started on the industrial network in the bottom left. I figured start with the dirty industry.


This is home acre. I plan on putting farms in this zone. Hence the name.


This is fith Ward. I figured it fit a mostly industrial zone.


This is Swayzee. I don't know, random name generator and this is what you get.

Now all these locations aren't cities, they are neighborhoods in the City of Windham. This is the only city I have laid out in the region of usher, sitting at the foot of Mt. Usher. Anyway, if you read this great. If not, I'm having fun anyway.


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