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02. Lightwood

Great news! Lindar has grown up really quickly, finally reaching 300,000 residents! Maybe for most of you it's nothing, but for me It is a success, as I usually give up early due to rising unemployment...

Anyway, I'd like to show you how many things have changed (not in whole city of course!). I'll start from Lightwood - Lindar's district that contains High Woods and Laurence City. So let's get it started, shall we?


(Lightwood's borders with tawdry signature and tram lines marked)

I was going to make an entry about communication, but unfortunately it's not finished yet; I realised that I need to work on it, improve it. One of these improvements involved changing railway connections. There were two railways tracks going through High Woods, what allowed me to send my residents to Asgard where large offices are located. However, due to decreasing commercial demand, these railway connections became less profitable. I decided to delete a line and make a tram connection instead, because:

a) it would be easier for second major (and me as well) to place tracks, e.g. on streets or avenues;

b) creating tram routes is easier than spreading railway tracks throughout the city;

c) trams are awesome.

And so I made four tram lines, three of them going through Lightwood: Central Line connecting upper parts of the city with Laurence City's area, Greenhill Line enabling easy access to west parts of Lindar and another unnamed yet line linking Asgard with Lindar. In the future I will expand this by adding another line going to Silure, but for now it must be enough.

There are another means of transport of course. Over ten thousand residents travel to and fro Laurence City by subway and about six thousand inhabitants take bus to get to Lightwood. No wonder this district is really congested, since the most important offices are located here, along with modern high-tech fabrics.


(View of High Woods and Laurence City during the daytime)

The most important buildings in Lightwood are:

a) Walton Plaza - massive building with teal windows, where the most important offices are located;

b) Lindar Stadium - the only stadium in whole city, where most of OC League's matches are played;

c) Darklight Corporations - darkish building where many companies reside;

d) Blue Sun Technology - medium-sized high-tech office centre, gathering all informations from nearby industrial cities

Besides that, there are other significant constructions, e.g. hospital, elementary school or OCBS (Online City Banking Service) building, though commercial ones play the biggest part in life of this district. No wonder that major has put over two million simoleons into Laurence City's developement!


(Night in Lightwood)

However, living in Lightwood isn't perfect as it may seem. First of all, due to heavy traffic, roads are almost impassable. Also many people get injured in accidents that sometimes make entire street blocked for whole day! Subway and buses are overloaded as well, so it's not so easy to get to your workplace. Punctuality here is very important - time is money and nobody wants to lose profit. If you want to keep your job, you have to be five or even ten minutes before your work theoretically start.

Another thing that threatens Lightwood is crime. Robbery is a common thing there, so you should better take care of your wallet or mobile phone. Assaults and battery are on a daily basis as well. Authorities are helpless, as none of actions taken improved the situation. Even the most guarded banks are being robbed or top secret plans are being stolen. Maybe in the future things will change for better, but for now it's not safe to go outside your workplace...


01. Introduction

Hello and welcome to "Online City - Lindar" city journal series! I've decided to make sort of documentation including improvements, changes and plans of the biggest city in Online City, so I could ask you for your opinion and suggestions (that will be really helpful!). This is my first city journal so if I'm doing something wrong or if I should add something, please tell me in comments, so I'll be able to make better journals in the future :)

Located near south coast, Lindar started as a small town settled by group of two hundred people seeking a hermitage. This quiet, secluded place was a great choice, as it was not so far from big lakes or cold, refreshing sea. It had only two neighborhoods: Silure and Asgard that were just as small as Lindar was. However, more and more people were settling on south coast, which caused change of this beautiful and calm region into dirty, crowded place.

When Lindar reached 50,000 inhabitants, the major decided to stop nature's devastation by planting trees and making parks where everybody could rest after exhausting day of work; that helped for some time, as the city was growing faster and faster with more people settling in dirty, small houses. Soon, the only uninhabited place were west parts of the city, where it was forbidden to settle due to environmental problems. And so people lived in crowded, dirty Lindar, working in northern parts of region called "Countryside", where all industry was located. Filthy factories causing massive air pollution decreased land value and effectively discouraged potential residents for long time.

For many years things didn't change, until OCCS (Online City Communication Service) showed up, making a railway connection between Lindar, Silure and Asgard. In only two years Silure became manufacturing city, meanwhile Countryside turned into shiny high-tech zone. Lindar had changed as well - important companies as Technology Advances or Regional Tourism Services started making offices in east part of the city. Soon, whole Lindar divided into districts:


Lightwood with High Woods connected with Silure's high-tech zone and Laurence City with small and medium offices; Relington where City Centre was located; Upvile with famous Rosaline Roundabout and smaller Fontaine's Roundabout with incredibly high street traffic volume that caused massive traffic jam; Oatfield with Lindar Central Station that connected Silure with Asgard; and finally Helston with Falcon Roundabout and Colossus business centre that was connected with Countrysides. Each district had its administrator and council which were subordinated to a city major. These rules were established by newly elected major - Robert Hargrove, who had improved quality of life in Lindar by rejuvenating police and fire stations, along with founding first high school and hospital. From that moment on, new age in history of Lindar begun...

And that was my little introduction to Lindar - I hope you enjoyed this! Soon, I'll post another entry about this city, but at this time there will be more pictures.

Anyway, thank you for reading and see you soon! :)

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