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Welcome to Arnhem, Galloway Province!

Situated on the shores of Lake Pelorus and nestled the middle of the Trend Ranges. Arnhem is the premier holiday destination from skiing to mountain hiking to lazing at the lake.

Over the next few updates we will be exploring the City and Hinterland of Arnhem.

Here is a teaser picture of the City Centre.


This is the outlet where the Arnhem River flows from Lake Pelorus. It is a popular camping spot, even with town so close.


Hope you enjoyed this small teaser! :D


Forthwall: Yeah ;) Thanks!

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Welcome to New Holland!

Here are the stats.





Nation Name (Longest Official Form): Commonwealth Realm of New Holland

Nation Name (Native Form): New Holland

National Anthem: For these Lands

National Motto: Libertas, et prospera

Capital: Victoria

Government: Constitutional Monarchy, Parliamentary

Head of State: Queen Elizabeth II (Queen)

Governor General- Queens Representative: Edward Salway

Prime Minister: Grant Fredericks

Offical Language(s): English

Population: 3,805,505

Area: 152,256km2

Climate: Temperate

GDP ($ PPP - Per Capita): $36,769

HDI: 908

Drives on the: Left

Major Natural Resources: Medium deposits of Gold, Coal, Oil and Uranium. However the Uranium is not mined

Major Import/Export Partners: Australia, US, NZ

Main Industries: Agriculture, Horticulture, Fisheries, Tertiary Education, Manufacturing, High Tech goods and services, Tourism

Link to map: http://i.imgur.com/2fHLzAU.png (it's big)


The Islands of New Holland were first discovered by Abel Tasman in 1642 he named the islands after the province in the Netherlands. The Area was largely unexplored until James Cook returned in 1769 and mapped the entire coastline of New Holland. Settlement occurred in 1832 along with NZ. The colony progressed at a fast pace with over 10,000 settlers by 1840. New Holland became a Independent colony from New South Wales in 1851. The Representative Government was formed in 1852, in Victoria. Gold was discovered in the Southern Area in 1876. This caused a Gold rush with prospectors arriving from all over the world. This caused the City of Cambridge to swell with population and wealth as the miners moved to the region and other services. In 1907 after deciding not join the Australian Commonwealth the Colony gained Dominion status in the British Empire along with Australia, Canada and New Zealand. The New Holland army sent soldiers to WWI to fight with the British. Afterwards, the public seeing the heroism of their soldiers, there was a wave of national pride. Which gave impetus for the government to campaign for more sovereignty. This was ignored by the British Administration.

In the 1920's New Holland gained a more Liberal approach to foreign affairs and national security and decreasing its dependence from the UK. When World War Two arrived NH troops were sent to Europe to fight the Germans. The defense of the Nation was left to the Royal Navy and later after the presence was diminished the US. After the war when NZ, Australia and the US signed the ANZUS treaty, New Holland declined to join wanting to keep foreign influence out of the country. When Britain entered the European Economic Community, New Holland embarked on a liberal Free-Trade economy, in order to protect its economy and people. Over the years Respective government have adopted a People First policy regarding the Economy and Foreign relations. There are constant referendums on upcoming laws and changes in government. There is a high level of Public immersion in National politics. Citizens enjoy a high level of living and safety.

For more info see the New Holland wiki page.

Now here are some pictures of Cambridge City.



Out in the Suburbs


Southern Cross Arena

Night shots!




Central Station.

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