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Hey there folks! Just want to say that I'll be putting Utgard on the back burner for a little while as things are getting a bit hectic afk. I will return as soon as I have the time and I'll try and get Ingriaborg (the second city after Vanaheim) finished.

Thanks for all your support and comments!





@dubaidude303, 10000000000000, jason leo, RepublicMaster, 2b2gbi: Thanks for all your awesome comments!!! :D

@ggamgus: Thanks, it's the best bridge I've got! xD

@111222333444: Here it is! :P

@kentleprix: I've tried a few but it's only really this one that gives off the Arctic Ocean feel I'm looking for, thanks though! :D


Welcome to another update folks! It's a big one! We're going to take an in depth look at Elvoya and get a good look at the main settlement on the island Elvestad. Hope you enjoy and please take a look at the massive picture I've put together! It took me hours and I had to stitch about 30 images from 4 different tiles together! It's 7Mb.
















Careful now, she's a big'un! Use your mousewheel to scroll in and give it a few seconds to render.





@ggamgus: Thanks, I suppose it adds that extra little dimension of realism! :D

@111222333444: Thanks, that was the purpose :D

@Forthwall: Thanks, I've really enjoyed my time so far so you'll be seeing a lot more of me at the USNW!

@Jason leo: I'm preparing a proper report with all the graphs and more in it, it's on the back burner for a little while just now though.

@Republic Master: That will be no problem, it would be cool to get the stats from the other nations so I can include them in the report.

Thanks for your comments folks, right now though, let's look at a teaser I've put together for Utgard's second city Ingriaborg which has a population of 345,000. All international ferry services from Utgard operate from here, hence the ferry sailing below the Östberg bridge. Oh and this is the 10th update, nice little milestone for Utgard!


I'll also provide a basic shot of my part of the region so far. Please note that a lot of work is still to be done!





@ThomasSimpson: Thanks, I was going to add arable (crops) farms but the island was too hilly for that and crops only grown below a certain gradient and I want this to be as realistic as possible.

@jason leo: It's a very relaing place! :D But I'm doing things the opposite way around, When it's Summer in Utgard, it's Winter in real life and vice versa.

@PaulSawyer: Thanks, I was going for that feeling of quaint and cute alongside modern and progressive.

@ggamgus: Yeah thanks, I've been building up the region since December so it's not too much work to get the entries rolling out.

@IL.: Thanks, but you can't miss out the cows!!! :lol:

@Republic Master: Thanks, urban Elvoya will be in the next update.

@Fox: Thanks, I'm always looking to use stuff that doesn't have to conform the the grid.

@SilverCyric: Thanks, and good luck! Let me have a look once your finished and I'll give you a few pointers.


In this update we will take a look at the economy of Utgard and to do that, I have prepared a series of charts and graphs to best illustrate the statistics. Also included in the statistics are predictions for 2015. The figures are all provided in $USD with the current exchange rate at UKR 6.4 to the dollar. Historical levels of GDP also have inflation factored in and I have used the Purchasing Power Parity form of GDP as opposed to nominal GDP. Get ready for mind numbing jargon and statistics!


First of all, we will look at Utgard's GDP performance over the last several decades.




As you can see from the charts, population has steadily increased over the period by around 17% with GDP growing quickly between the years of 1965 to 1985. In 1963, Utgard went into a recession due to it's inability to repay the United States money it had borrowed during WWII. However, in 1964, oil was discovered in the Utgarsh North Sea causing GDP to spiral upwards. There was a brief financial crisis in 87 causing a small contraction of GDP however, since then there has been a healthy growth of GDP.

We will now take a look a look at Utgard's Economic performance from 2010 until today (2013).





As you a tell from the charts, Utgard has had steady GDP growth in every quarter since 2010 with only a minor contraction in the Spring of 2012 due to decreased economic activity as a result of a 2 day shutdown of the stock exchange after an attempted terrorist attack on the building in Vanaheim. Average income has fluctuated since 2010 but has seen non-stop growth since 2012. The main factor of economic growth in 2011 was a higher than average level of oil production and in 2012, it was down to higher consumer confidence leading to a growth in household consumption.

In the last part of the report we will look at last year's export situation and how Utgard's GDP compared to the rest of the world.





(please note that the Aaland Islands are not included in the Global results)

Looking at the charts, it is apparent that the largest exports were of oil and gas with fish following in second place. The largest export market was the EU (especially the UK and Sweden) with Norway and the United States following in second and third place respectively. Exports grew from $92.8 billion in 2011 to $95.4 billion in 2012. During 2012, Utgard imported $54.2 billion worth of goods making the country a net exporter by $41.2 billion. When it comes to the global stage, Utgard has the 9th highest GDP and the 3rd highest among the Nordic nations.

Please note that I am working on a much more in depth version including the Government's budget for 2013 which will be available for download in a .pdf file. Thanks for reading! The next update will feature Elvestad, the main settlement on Elvoya, hope to see you then!




@ggamgus: Thanks, but yeah, you're right, I don't want to rush it. However, I am only really making updates of material that I had been saving up over the last month so I'll start to slow it down a bit soon.

@jason leo: Thanks, it means a lot to me to have debuted at number 1.

@ThomasSimpson: Thanks man. We have a minority Government because the moderate party who is in power in a coalition with the greens has not been keeping it's promises to the Greens therefore the Green party has withdrawn it's support leaving the Moderate's in a minority Government. But anyway, that's all for another day!

@Forthwall: as @StaislavSoltys said, the council had actually said they weren't going to introduce tolls but have gone back on their promise. I guess I could have wrote the headline a bit better.

@dubaidude303: Thanks man!


Welcome to another update folks! This time we're going to look at one of Utgard's many island communities. There will be a lot more of these in the future.










@Hazani Pratama, jason leo, dubaidude303, SC4L0ver, sucram17, ggamgus, Sirron Kcuhc, TayMay27, gil_alves: As usual guys, thank you so much for your positive comments! I'm going to start using the "thumbs up" button a lot more from now on.

@Benedict: I'm so proud to be number 1, thanks man! May I stay in your chart forever!

@ThomasSimpson: You've seen it now, and that's all that matters :D You'll be seeing a lot of utgard in the future, trust me!


Welcome back folks! In this entry you'll find this week's Utgarsh headlines. Again, take not of the story on the parliament ;). I'd also like to thank you all for your support over the last fortnight, Thank you so much for the 3,500 views and over 70 comments! You guys all make it worth while. I've also entered Ben's Top 10 CJ chart at number one which is astonishing and has made me want to work on my CJ even more, so thank again folks!

(click to see full size)





@gil_alves, jason leo: Thanks for pointing that out guys, I didn't realize! ;)

@Forthwall, 2b2gbi, RepublicMaster, dubaidude303, Vlasky, Schulmanator, Hazani Pratama, ggamgus: Thanks again guys!

@Amerikaner: Could you recommend plazas with people on them? I have some but they don't fit in with the look of Vanaheim. Thanks though!


Welcome back folks! Hope you like the mosaic, it's our first foray into Vanaheim's suburbs and there's plenty more where this came from!





@ggamgus, Forthwall, RepublicMaster, Kruness, jason leo, pasquale199, tim.12.game, dubaidude303: Thanks folks! :D

@Fox: There's a lot more where that came from!

@Vlasky: Do you like politics? If so then you'll love this CJ!

@ThisIsMyName, wnsghks42: The park, along with the palace can be found in this download on the LEX.


So, on our last visit to Vanaheim City Centre before we move on to the suburbs and beyond into Utgard, let's take a look at the financial district, the beating heart of Utgard's economy.





From update 3:

@SimRico: Hey, when will I see my newspaper in Peyton Place?

@2b2gbi, dubaidude303, ggamgus, jason leo, Fox, RepublicMaster: Thanks guys!

From update 2:

@2b2gbi: Thanks, the canals are my favorite part of the city.

@dzekins, jack3oh3: Thanks, I've now got a population of 130,000 so there's plenty of traffic but I'll have much better provisions in the future. The following pictures were taken at the same time as the last ones though so there will be a lack of busy streets.


I've been putting a lot of work into Vanaheim lately and I'm almost ready to post images of the leafy suburbs, meanwhile, enjoy a few more pictures of the city centre...









@dubaidude303, Efkin, RepublicMaster, Hazani Pratama: Thanks guys, glad you all like it :D

@Fox, ggamgus: Thanks, as I said in the forum section, the canal around the Parliament is quite symbolic.

@InvaderNat: Thanks, but no, it's not the Millenium Stadium (that would be even better!) It's a German Stadium, it's

@jason leo: Thanks, I can't seem to find them again, I'll try again later and if I find them I'll put a link in the next update.

@riiga: Thanks, it's the feeling I was going for, glad I achieved it! :D


Welcome back everyone, I took a little break from city building to whip up a little publication. It's one of the national newspapers (with a lot of inspiration from it's Norwegian counterpart). Hope you enjoy! Also, take note of the story on the election *hint* *hint*.

(Click to see full size)





@Schulmanator: Thanks! It's great to hear from one of my CJ inspirations!

@dubaidude303, ggamgus, spspursrule14, jason leo, Efkin: Thanks guys, I put a lot of effort into the wiki article and it's the feedback that keeps me going.

@2b2gbi: Thanks! I hope you like this post!

@thehandyman: Thanks! I hope you like the rest of the canals in the city, I spent ages on them.

@titanicbuff: Thanks!

@TayMay27: I'll give it a go when it comes out but honestly, I think I'll still prefer SC4, it's ten years old and we're all still around, that says something. And thanks!

@Daan300: Thanks, your CJ is fantastic too!


Welcome back everyone! I have been dying to let you see more of Utgard so I've put together a few shots from the capital Vanaheim, I hope you like them, please leave feedback if you do!










(click to see full size)


Welcome to Utgard!

In this City Journal I will be showcasing my new region Utgard (see above wiki article for details), a Nordic country in the North Atlantic. The Journal will feature an in depth look at the nation of Utgard along with news articles and a political theme. I want to encourage as much interactivity as possible with you (the reader) so check back often as there will be a lot of polls to decide big issues such as elections and urban planning. Please leave some feedback, it's much appreciated!




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