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About this City Journal

The story of a young man who discovers that not only are there gods and goddesses around, they are also quite active in the world as well, and he's stuck in the middle of it all.

Entries in this City Journal

Lyhoko Leaci


Yuuko.pngYuuko: Hello?

Getting no response from Leaci, Yuuko wanders into the kitchen and begins looking though the cabinets, eventually finding a bag of chocolate chips.

Yuuko.pngYuuko: Yay!

As Yuuko starts eating the chocolate chips, Lyhoko pokes Leaci several times, then pinches his rear.

Nanleech.pngLeaci: Yaoch! What was that for?

Nanleech.pngLeaci: ...Why are you eating my--

Yuuko.pngYuuko: Ninnan!

A burst of pink light hit Leaci before he could do anything about it.

Ninleech.pngLeaci: Wha?!

Leech2.pngLyhoko: Ðyuu wora a gurl, now you're a girl!

You were a boy,...

Ninleech.pngLeaci: Eh?

Yuuko.pngYuuko: As I mentioned earlier, there are tons of god and goddesses out there that for whatever reason, think that you're the head god. But they'll be looking for a man, not a woman, so you'll be better hidden this way.

Ninleech.pngLeaci: Okay?

Yuuko.pngYuuko: Oh, Lyhoko, do you have the package?

Leech2.pngLyhoko: Yes.

Lyhoko then pulls a small box out of a pocket and hands it to Yuuko.

Yuuko.pngYuuko: Thank you.

Ninleech.pngLeaci: ...

Yuuko.pngYuuko: Each particular god or goddess has a limited domain, or two, and they have a very large amount of control on things within that domain, assuming they are nearby, and a smaller control on things in that domain that aren't so close. But outside of their domain, they only really have the same amount of control that any human would have. So if they don't know that you've been turned into a woman, they won't know it, unless someone tells them. The goddess of gender could tell just by looking at you... but that's me.

Yuuko then opens up the box, and pulls on the sides, causing the box to expand.

Yuuko.pngYuuko: One of the gods on our side is David, the god of boxes.

Yuuko then pulls several pieces of clothing, including a pair of high heels, and hands them to Leaci.

Ninleech.pngLeaci: Uhh...

Yuuko.pngYuuko: Oh, okay.

Yuuko then snaps her fingers, and the clothes that Leaci is holding suddenly vanish and reappear on his (her?) body, while Leaci's original clothes appear in a pile on the floor. Leaci stumbles and grabs the wall to keep from falling over.


Yuuko.pngYuuko: Anyway, the plan is to take you to the town of Egypt, and from there we'll figure out... something. Hopefully we'll be able to get some sort of time to rest there...

Ninleech.pngLeaci: And why do I have to be a girl?

Yuuko.pngYuuko: Because it'll be a lot less likely for you to be found out. Also, because I said so.


Yuuko.pngYuuko: There's a group of gods in Minster that we know of that could cause some problems, as they're part of the other group and are located near the only road out of here... but they should at least be easier to deal with than the group to the south of here...

Leech2.pngLyhoko: Don't worry, Lyhoko'll protect you.

Ninleech.pngLeaci: Eh?

Yuuko.pngYuuko: I know enough about him to know that yes, he will protect you. And even though he doesn't have any god abilities yet, he does have various other abilities to help.

Ninleech.pngLeaci: Wait, how can you believe that she is the main god if she doesn't have god abilities? Or how can the others believe that I am?

Yuuko.pngYuuko: The abilities will only manifest themselves in some sort of extreme conditions. Same is true for all of the other gods and goddesses, as well. If Lyhoko is put in a situation where he needs to use the god abilities... or is killed, then they'll active. Or if you are it, then they'll activate if you are put into that sort of situation.

Ninleech.pngLeaci: Okay... Wait, he?

Yuuko.pngYuuko: Yes, Lyhoko's a guy, isn't it obvious?

To be continued...

Do you wish to have your own god(dess)?

Name: Actual names, not usernames. No need for it to be your real name.

Domain(s): Choose one or two, the weirder the better. (but be reasonable, I have to fit them in somehow...) Just try not to get too narrow. If they have two domains, the two don't have to be related.

Gender: Male or female?

Who do they believe to be the main god: Leaci, Lyhoko, someone else, don't care? If they believe it's Leaci, they'll be a "bad guy", and they'll be a "good guy" if the believe it's Lyhoko. If they don't care or think someone else is, they'll be "neutral":...

Personality: Basic personality, also are they themselves bad or good, or something else? Note that this does not have to match up with the "bad guy" or "good guy" category above.

Appearance: What do they look like?

Lyhoko Leaci


High up in the mountains, located in a valley originally carved out by a glacier at some point in the past, is the small town of Upperton. What could be here that is of importance?


Well, there's some farms and pine trees, though not too much due to the problems in growing most things in this sort of climate.


The town itself isn't much to look at, just a main road and a couple side streets.


Overall, only a couple hundred people even live here. Again, what sort of thing of importance can be found here? The latest in heated swimming pools? High quality Christmas tree farms?


Meanwhile, a truck pulls up to a corner, and two people get out of it, both of them women by their appearance. They walk up to the front door of the house on the corner and ring the doorbell.

*Ding Dong!*

A young man looked up from his computer at the sound.

Nanleech.pngLeaci: Now, who could that possibly be?

Leaci walked over to the front door and opened it.

Nanleech.pngLeaci: Hello?

Yuuko.png???: Hello, Leaci Eruf, I am Yuuko Mitchell, and my partner is Lyhoko.

Nanleech.pngLeaci: Uhh...

Yuuko.pngYuuko: And your name and address, as well as that of everyone else in town, are available in the phone books, if that is what your are wondering.

Yuuko.pngYuuko: You are Leaci Eruf, right?

Nanleech.pngLeaci: Yes...

Yuuko then gently pushes Leaci back into the house, and Lyhoko follows them in.

Nanleech.pngLeaci: Wha?

Yuuko.pngYuuko: What I have to say isn't for everyone to here. There are hundreds, if not thousands, of gods and goddesses around. However, no one knows who the head god or goddess is, but some of them think that you are it. However, we believe that it is Lyhoko, and we will be taking you someplace safe until this whole mess calms itself down.

Nanleech.pngLeaci: ... What?

Yuuko.pngYuuko: Also, do you have any chocolate?


Yuuko waves her hand in front of Leaci's face, but gets no response.

Yuuko.pngYuuko: I think I broke him...

To be continued...

Region is for once not something I made myself, rather it is the NHP Mt Cook New Zealand region, available here: http://sc4devotion.c...php?lotGET=1863

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