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Bellwood-Montmorenci General Hospital

Welcome back! Today I'm gonna show an hospital I just built a few days ago. It's located north of Hill Valley, A City part of Sonoma.


Overivew. As you can see, it's a huge structure, maybe one of the biggest in the city. There's more than 1000 patients here, it's the biggest hospital of the Meridian State.


Near it. A lot of fastfood and other shops. If you have a heart attack after eating suspicious cheeseburger, the hospital is really soon! :P


Another subject. A quick snapshot of a newly erected tower in downtown.


And just a quick regional view of the next update about the Universal Studio of Sonoma.



Welcome to Sonoma, the biggest city of the micronation of Simland. For this third entry, I'm gonny show you the recently finished airport. It tooks more than 10 hours to build it in a swampy place near Victoria River in the North of Sonoma. It's aproximatively 10 miles from downtown - you can easliy reach it via I-7, train and buses. Hope you'll enjoy it!


Overview of the area. As you can see, adjacent surburbs aren't made yet, but it will very soon.You can see Victoria River on the left. A short view of Tetterboro town on the right with part of the I-7 junction to airport, and all the four terminals and four runways.


The freeway arrive directly at the terminal. Only the main avenue can be use. Supply road are reserved for buses and taxi exepting for drop-off/in.


A close view of terminal 2 with a twisty wing ^^


Here is Terminal 3, on of the 2 internation terminal.


Main wing for the Terminal 3.


The Control Tower near the coack station and the aiport administration BUilding ( on the right )


Overview of Terminal 4, the biggest one.


East Wing of Terminal 4


One of the Cargo Terminal.


View of the South side of airport ( facing south)


Connexion between the two parts of the airport via one way taxiway.


And the nort side of the airport with the two mest recent runway. You can see here stretch of water who were forming an island around the airport before it was filled.

Hop you enjoyed it. ( Sorry for my aproximative english ) and see you in a few minutes for a new update :)


Welcome to Sonoma.

Meridian State

Sonoma is a vibrant metropolis located in the middle of the San Fernando Estuary. Bay, Channels and other lake make up the landscape of the city. there's 20 million peop le living there in Sonoma. The urban area is well-known on the french web-site of Simland as the second most popular city after Westfield this year, and the most populous one. The City stand on the northern part of the Meridian State ( California of Simland ) at the east of the country. This is an economic hub for Simland because of the number of company headquarters as ST&T ( Simland Telegraph & Telephon ), SimFox, SBC ( Simland Broadcasting Company ) and the Bank of Simland among many others.

The city is a melting-pot of my inspiring town - LA - San Francisco & London.

Let's introduce this city CJ with some general shots.


General view of dowtown skyline. At the Center, Marylebone Gardens, a nice place for workers to lunch at noon, or for a walk during sunday. The building on the left of the park is the headquarters of the Bank of Simland.


Another view of the same area. You can see on the bottom the Beauville Mirschoff bridge giving instant access off maryville island leading on the right. The City Hall can be see on the left-bottom corner.


I'm not gonna make that long, so there's just a quick snapshot of the region view. As you can see, there's a lot more to discover here. But not today ;)


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