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About this City Journal

Waltham: A lush island full of trees, situated in the North Sea

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Hello! Welcome to my new CJ. This CJ will be all about the island of Waltham. For the first CJ, I will mainly just explain where Waltham is, and a brief history over the small island.


Waltham is a small island in the North Sea of Europe. It is a rather unknown island, because of it's smaller size. It is currently unclaimed, and unestablished land. A very few of people live here. Some rich mansion owners live on the quiet island. The only way to get to the island is by boat.


The size of Waltham is enlarged on this map, to show detail. It is quite smaller...


Waltham has very little history to date. The small island was once under British control, but then the Americas were discovered, and Britain lost interest over it. In 1610, three years after the English settled Jamestown, Great Britain let go of "Bristburg", which the British had named Waltham.

In 1762, Noticing the island still barren and incomplete, the UK once again took control over "Bristburg", which it was still called. They established one city, named "Bristburg City", after the island itself. The city was established on North-Eastern "Bristburg", and still exists today, although it is a self-governing city, the first in the world since 1801, when the UK gave up the island once more.

In 1809, Bristburg City decided to rename the island which it's city was hosted as "Waltham", getting rid of the tiresome name their British descendants gave them. Today, the land is still technically unclaimed, except for city of Bristburg.

I heard somewhere that the French were becoming of interest... Hmm.

Well, that's all for today. In the next CJ, which will be either posted tomorrow, or after Christmas Day, I will show you Bristburg, the old British settlement.

Here's an (as much as I could fit in a snapshot) overview of Waltham.


Thank you for reading, please comment of what you think so far. With love, and Merry Christmas! ~ Tyler

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