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Japanese with a hint of American

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Mastof: haha, yea, I do get carried away with it occasionally (probably because i enjoy it :uhm: ). Thanks!

LoonyMan: Tanx! and actually I'm a PC >.<


One morning, all was quiet; the streets were empty and everyone was asleep. The news yesterday had a goverment announcement to stay indoors for most of the day, so of course everyone was sleeping in. Not for long...

Explosions rattle the capital during the early morning hours.


Being a respectful bunch of people, everyone waited out the morning and then some as more Earthshaking explosions took place. Based on where they were coming from, it seemed the old farm out by the hightway was being destroyed by them. Everyone was deeply puzzled, what's going on?

Once it was a little while after dinner, everyone packed up and went out to see what all the commotion was. Yakingo's residents were greeted by something completely new to them... coal.

The new coal quarry has a small depot close to the entrance and the highway.


Beyond the depot at the entrance, everyone's eyes were fixed on something they had never seen before....

A huge excavator-type mining rig was erected in the quarry's pit.


A few weeks later...

The Dashyation government is the only group benefittting from the mine's revenue; the people have gotten many new jobs and have started buying many more commericial products and service luxuries. Though the industrial sector has been revitalized, the commericial aspects of Yakingo have improved as well.

A few new offices have opened on some terraced land overlooking the ocean to the east.


Small shops and restraunts fill plazas around town and sell products such as computers, TVs, bacon, and other things that the populace couldn't afford about a month ago.

They even stay open all night!


The town has outgrown its small central square, so the avenue at the northern end of the sqare is being expanded westward for a new residential and commerical district.


Finnaly, a grand overview of Yakingo. The quarry is up to the top right by Highway A-1 North and the now-decomissioned oil facility and its port are on the bottom right following the avenue.


Everyone's got coal for Christmas this year!

Hope you all enjoyed. :D



I've heard nite shots are popular so i'll be working on some :}


Welcome to Yakingo, Dashyato's capital and only official city. It lay amongst the massive forrest that covers the entire country and is home to many old houses and fine cobblestone streets.

Despite its lovely atmosphere and quality services, it harbors a major issue. The government is loosing money rapidly due to the oil operation running dry. The city is in deplorable conditions in many places and poverty is common. The services the pope took for granted are disapeering, and the highway is closed all to often because of giant potholes.

The only service station in the area is out of supplies frequently, so many cars sit in driveways and parkinglots without a drop of fuel in their tanks.

Along with the bad condition of Highway A-1 North, the lack of gas caused much of road-based trade to disapeer.

The local gas station and the roads around it are practically death traps.


Beyond the gas station is the local mall. People don't shop for its luxuries very often, so the back alley is often used as a dump. The actual building is in bad shape as well, with leaks and cracks everywhere. Its walls are also infested with rodents and roaches. Some day the people hope to rebuild the

Seems to have started raining... that's all too common here.


The little revenue coming into the government's budget is the oil shipped to the US and Europe. The only issue is that since the supply is almost out, this small port will become yet another useless dump in the ailing capital.

The port won't light up the night much longer. Its tanks will likely be used for garbage dumping and secret hiding places for Christmas presents.


Back in town, the presence of poverty is evident and growing quickly.

About 11/13 of the poeple are poor.


Yakingo still has some hope; back in the 40's when the land was surveyed for useful resources for the war, oil wasn't the only thing discovered.

Coal was also extrememly adundant across the main island, but wasn't needed so it was left alone. The government could gamble with possible tourism loss, the weakening of the ground around where a quarry would be, and the monumental costs of the equipment for a chance at getting Dashyato out of the bottom and become a fully devolped society.

They've got some big plans for this place....



Part Three soon! Hope the nite shots feed your cravings. :bunny:




Welcome to Dashyato, a small and mountainous country.

It is populated mostly by people of Japanese, American, and European descent, and has Japanese and English as its official languages. Dashyato is situated off in the Pacific and is one of the many groups of islands around Japan and Indonesia.

Now for some of the data. :read:

  • Capital - Yakingo
  • Population - 14,672
  • Descent - Japanese, American, European
  • Official Languages - Japanese, English
  • Government - Constitutional Monarchy (Monarchs are of the Kokura Dynasty)
  • Flag - blogentry-532257-0-26397000-1355620644_t


The Kokura dynasty have been in power for almost 900 years. They were nobles that appealed to many citizens and formed an army. They then sucsessfully rebelled and built Kokura Castle:


Kokura Castle

Afterwords, they began expanding the tiny country's economy through small family farms and gardens. They were shut out from the world for many hundreds of years after being settled in 682 A.D. by the early Japanese. As World War II took shape, Japan quickly requested an alliance, however, they turned Japan down and asked to be nutreal. By late 1942 the United States had discovered the island and requsted to survey for coal and oil. After discovering that the island chain was rich with the good stuff, the US asked the Dashyatian government for permission to erect an oil operation in exchange for the country's protection. After realizing Japan may attack them for not being their ally, the monarchs agreed. Their hunch had been correct, as a few months later there were numerous air raids. As the war came to a close, the oil operation was turned over to Dashyato and many of the Americans that had worked there for a couple of years decided to stay.


The Yomiru Oil Plant

Since 2001, the massive oil factory, now dubbed 'Yomiru,' has been decreasing in productivity as the oil supply it is drawing from is running dry, resulting in an economic crisis. The country is having major issues keeping Highway A-1 North in decent condition as the nation's money runs dry. The only gas station in the country rarely has adequate fuel for people to fill their tank up, and the mall's parking lot is often empty. There are new plans to go coal mining, but nobody is certain as the loss of the natural beuty could turn down future tourism.


First real update soon! Enjoy!

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