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About this City Journal

The Island collective of the DR Histalpol welcomes you to it's great country

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Ying Blanc

For a quick response; Thank you everybody for your messages, and those I can go more in depth I will :P

Wow. Did you hand-plop all those trees? That's dedication if you did! Looks great. :)

Thanks MaskedBandit, means a lot for me to get a comment from a RCT legend (though that don't really matter in a different game ;)). And yes all those trees, and everything else you see there, are lovingly hand-plopped, nothing grown here.

Love that Ying. The pictures are very detailed. I think you may want to try to increase shadow detail before taking your pictures though. It would really improve some of the open field shots. By the way, is that a float plane in that field? :P

Thank you Ace, and I have done that (I think can't remember) for this...either that or medium setting xD. And yes it is a float plane, but you ever heard of imagination or an amphibious plane :P Cessnas can land on both land and sea after all :P

Now lets get to the good bit!


We start on the eastern shore of the river in Bastilia, called the River Vearsaile, and this is rather south of the CBD near the branching off of the rivers, this little plaza here is one of the main attractions in this area, with the old church standing in front of the newly built tower that you see, only built in 2012.


Here is another view of the area, showing the prominent reason why this is a major attraction, Church Lane, being the equivalent of Saville Row in London, with only the poshest of shops, though there is still spaces for the poshest of AIN companies ;)



But with the major retail area of the section, there is also the beginnings of the residential area of Bastilia, bordering the suburb of Islington, and as you can expect, like Church Lane, they are some of the most expensive retail in the area (though not THE most expensive in Bastilia).


And here is Islington's claim to fame, the home stadium for the AIN Club League Islington Wolves called the Sp33d Sports Stadium, seating just under 42,000, opposing it is a row of apartments which have been known to be the exact opposite to the houses just across the river of it, which is really cheap because of the rowdyness of football crowds, in the shot you can also see Islington Railway Station, a part of the Capital Railways network and just around 5 mins from the nearest station in the city.




And because I have not much else to say, here are some other complementary images of Islington, including council housing, industry, a stop in the ERBus network and a lot more residential houses. See you again soon.

Ying Blanc

Thanks everybody, sorry for the late update, I kinda was leaving this off to make sure it's posted mid-week (I want to be in one of them top ten lists so bad @_@) but I kinda forgot that that was what I was doing. But enjoy this next entry. And Novak, it's that other one, not RHM but like....I think it was made by the same people, I'm not sure, I think it's called the Network Widening Mod...but don't take me as gospel, this is off the top of my head.

We enter Oxewood from the south, one of 3 or 4 entrances into the village that is rather well connected up to the rest of the rural area.


We move further north, and we start strolling through main street Oxewood. You can see that most of the settlement is only 1 thich (in buildings) backing right into fields, even for the shops.


Going near the back and beyond of Oxewood, we reach this eye-sore, some idiot thought that Darsingborough will become the new capital (which it might just....in 200 years...) and built a residential block in the edge of the village, which now resides around 80% empty. The plans are to knock it down, and replace it with a new school...speaking of schools...


This here is the only primary school in a long distance, This has enough space to teach maybe 200-300 pupils in 2 floors, as well as lots of space for break, lunch and physical education.


Now we move into Oxewood Forest, the forest that basically gave the name of the village, you can't see it in this picture though, this is one of the largest farm building lots in the area, but rather small size fields.


Here we see the extensive forests, bordered on all sides by fields. Again this is another small farm building area that was a converted barn, half of it being used for intended purposes, and the other for the actual farm-house, with all the modern additions inside it.


Finally here is a collage of the private airport that is situated right beside Oxewood Forest, attending to the Cessna's of the well off. I hope it would be easy to see where the runways and taxiways are.


Ying Blanc

Thanks to everybody, sadly I can't identify what BAT the garages came from. Ask in the forums and maybe you'll get a better shot InnerNerd.


Here it is, the city of Darsingborough. Though this is only one side of the river, the other side will come soon after this. Welcome to the City of Industry. We start off with one of the main streets of Darsingborough, where most of the high-street shops are based if not elsewhere around the city, and an Odeon cinema. Fairway Shopping Mall


Darsingborough is also quite known for the River Hune that runs right down the middle of it, connected by 4 bridges to the north and south, but we will come to them later, for now here is a picture of a recent residential development by the waterfront that shows off the Asian influence in a small section of Histalian architecture. Behind that is the 211 Tower which is nothing special but worth a small mentioning.


To the south of the 211 Tower and the waterfront development is the start of the main park in Darsingborough, surrounded by skyscrapers both modern and old, This small little park which spans over the next 2 pictures is called Holyrood Park, named that because of the Holywood Memorial to the other side of the park.


The memorial can be shown here, as well as more detail of the 2 art deco style buildings of the area and showing a tiny bit more of Fairway Shopping Mall.


Now the area that made Darsingborough famous, Milltown. This small section of Darsingborough use to be 10 times larger at the peak of the Steam Era where mills made Darsingborough the way it is today. Below at 2 of the surviving mills that have been re purposed into residential buildings, these are also categorized as a Tier II Historic Sites.


Shown here is the other refurbished mill along with recently developed Darsingborough Contemporary Art Museum or DACAM, built in 1998. This makes Milltown one of the most visited sections of Darsingborough for tourism with the mills, the museum and the town hall and courts in the next picture below.


And finally here are the town hall and city courts with a grand plaza that civilians like to just relax in on weekends and at the end of busy work days. And that is the end of this update, keep tuned for more, but for now, I'm going to do a bit of sunbathing.


Ying Blanc

Thanks everybody for the comments, lets move onto the next update, same City, different area than the teaser :P

Well, as Bastilia still hasn't been worked on for a LONG time (since of it's accidental deletion), I have been working on a city inspired by "up north", so giving you Darsingborough, more specifically, the suburban village of Bayer Hope for this update. I hope you enjoy


Welcome to Bayer Hope Golf Club, so glad you decided on our invitation to become a member, I'm sure you'll love it here, but I'm also sure you haven't been shown out nice quaint village yet, you'll love it. Shall we start the tour then.


I would understand if you want to save going around the course when you start your first round of golf with us, but just to note, we have this lovely water feature between two of the holes. We also got a lovely old county home that we use as our clubhouse for anybody joined with us to use.


What you see in front of you is our lovely village high street, mostly independent shops owned by our very own people, but very often we get the small chain of food shops in and out. You need anything more, it's just a small bus trip into the centre of Daringborough.


We, as the village, cater for every type of housing you need, from the cheap blocks of flats by the rails, or the houses just outside of the clubhouse and any around the local school, lets go there next.


And here it is, Bayer Hope Grammar School and Collage. This tends to kids from the ages of 12 up to the ages of 19 in our college. Again there are houses just across the street from it, and a small field that anybody can use out of school hours for playing in, but during school hours, it's under lockdown, as the whole school is.


And this ends our tour of this small village so far, I hope you liked it as much as I have, we hope to see you very soon as a member of our tightly knit community.


Ying Blanc

Okay lets get through the responses quickly.

@Carl: They are on the highest they get xDxD

@city89: Sorry I can't recall where I got it off top my head x3

@Amerikaner, RepublicMaster and Rex12345: Thanks all of you, I think the new airport coming soon should be better in space x3

Thanks everybody for your kind comments, and your patients for at least a teaser...which this is.


I hope the effects ain't too over the top....I would guess they are x3

Ying Blanc

awwwwwww only 1 comment :(

^ Renne Noir has the skills

Yeaaaaah, Mr.Noir does >_> <_<


We now are going to have a look at the first airport of Bastilia, outside the village of Hough called....bastilia Hough Airport of course. This here is the airport itself, enjoy.


This here below, is the actual airport bus/coach/taxi rank etc. for people just being dropped off. On each side you got Terminal 2 and Terminal 3 on either side of the little park area or so.


Talking of the Terminals, here are the first 2 you can pick from, Terminals 1 and 2, you can see a plane already starting to taxi on it's way to somewhere or other (Most likely Britain because it's BMI).


Another view of the taxing planes going towards Runway 36L. You might have seen this in the front page preview slide show thing.


The Air Traffic Control tower is nestled in between the terminals, access to it being protected inside the terminal as it is the only way to the tower.

We have no full picture of Terminals 3 and 4, but we have small sections, here is the section that connects Terminal 3's branch with the rest of the airport, and the shuttlebus service from Terminal 3 to Terminal 4, passing over the taxi-path.



Now under the airport section, we have a few more different sections, this includes a small industrial section and another section which I will go more in depth into, but both sections include car parking, the main section that every airport needs.


This last section, as said, contains quite a bit so bare with me, the large rounded corner square building is the HQ for Histalpols flag carrying airline, RoyalHistal. Right next to that is the BlueSky Hotels which will hold anybody stopping over for a nigh or anybody delayed for some reason. And the big bulky section coming from Terminal 2 is the Hough Airport Station which is underground so not in way of planes or even any travel in the whole road network of the airport. it was also right here in 2010 that killed 168 in Terminal 2 as it collapsed from a terrorist bombing.


And that is all for right now! tune in next update for more :3

Ying Blanc

beautiful town

Thanks Treka, taking a small break from the towns for this update

Good job Ying. Looks great :)

Thanks :3

How will the boats get out? NO SPACE NOOOOOOOOO SPACE YINGY!!! :(

But the rest is good. =|=

How will the boats get out? NO SPACE NOOOOOOOOO SPACE YINGY!!! :(

But the rest is good. =|=

i agree

Nice Marina but it's lacking a bit of space :P

I'll deal with you 3 together, I had it so close together cause I thought at the usual space that the marina lots are next to each other, it looked rubbish, I'm more use to REALLY cluttered marinas, not the sorta clean cut ones, but I can see what I can do next update xD

Excellent Yinggy :D

Thankies Forthie :3

Nice MArina!

Thank you ^^

Dat roadside parking :P

Awesome as usual.

Dat comment xP, thank you Kenken

Broken picture links :(

Hmmm strange, do you use Chrome......also right click and open in a new tab xD works in whatever engine you use xDxD

Hope you all like this, this is the PASSED application for Histalpol to the Alliance of Independent Nations (Sorry USNW, I'll apply to observer soon as soon as I'm settled in....and can be asked editing ma history xD)









[centre](Contains Teaser pics of upcoming CJ Updates)













Steam Era (1857-1900):

Following the reign of Queen Victoria in the Victorian Era, Histalpol adopted much of the Technology and Architecture from the United Kingdom. This included much Steam Technology, adopted at a later stage, this also boosted the econemy of Histalpol as well as make the islands more attractive as a stop-off between NorthWestern Europe and the rest of the world opposed to the UK. Yet in many of the rural villages, the Irish Potato Famine of 1847 also had great effect on them because of a dependency on Potatos in most households, imported from Ireland. This severly reduced the population of Histalpol while the citizens living in major cities were getting richer and richer off their steam-powered trade, the reprercussions from the Irish Potato Famine lasting until 1910 when the Steam Era ended and the dawn of WW1 was appearing.

WW1 (1912-1914):

Histalpol joined France and the UK on the Allied side of the war, in the trenches fighting with the British. The inclusion of revolving turrets manufactured in part with the French meant that holding German forces off were easier than other countries holding off the Germans without turrets.

WW2 (1936-1945):

Again Histalpol joined the Allied forces, yet some of the islands were captured by Nazi forces before the Blitz in Britain, this encouraged the Histalian Army on the mainland and also on the remaining uncaputred islands to set up blockades again, but this time adopting the "Blackout" method London took in the Blitz, this meant safety against bombings decreased, yet crimes increased from the insecurity of being in pitch blackness.

The deadliest battle happened 1941 and sea between between Llithustania and Histalpol as an invading group of Axis navy and air force soldiers approached and gave the loss of the war for Histalpol with most of the navy that was sent being destoyred and the taking of the entire land on the largest island. With the Axis loss, the land that previously belonged to Histalpol was given back. This started organised crime as well from soldiers who joined to help the war going to crime to continue the extreme life and to also gain money for the family as no money was able to be supplied to the families of the soldiers during the war.

Decades of Suspension (1973-1992):

As the Trouble in Ireland get increasingly worse, multiple organised crime groups spot a chance to establish more money for their doings. This is done by forming one big allience across Histalpol, the plan to use the terrorist activity in Ireland and the UK to create terrorist attacks in Histalpol. They planned for this to cause fear in the peoples to buy illegal guns to protect themselves, ultimately coming to these crime units, and to bomb multiple organisations and government run facilities and announce a price to make them stop, as well as having the government pay them to not attack up-coming events, but usually, no lives were lost as the local police were warned of the attack before it happened, evacuating the area.

In 1977 the worst spree of attacks occured, with pupblic transport being targeted, this being stations, bridges, tracks and tunnels. This was thought to have been performed by a spin-off terrorist group who wanted to kill to get the message of being unsafe out better and to give more urgency. Multiple trains derailed or got hit and the casualities climbed above 200, especially with 2 mainline trains being 2 of the targets. After this attack, the amount of attacks decreased, but the attacks with multiple fatalities increased and the government started a crack-down on these terror/organised crime cells. This continued until a ceasefire and the ceasing of weapons happened August 21st 1992 in the Forstole Agreement. But while Terrorism has slowed to almost a hault, Organised Crime is still strong.

Modern Day (1995-2013):

The Black Depression (1995-2002) occured as multiple countries pulled out from Histalpol or went into Administration in Histalpol as international companies gained more of a foothold on the Histalpol market, this caused a depression on the Histalpol econemy.

As Al Queda attacked London in 2005, Histalpol beefed up security and stopped a corresponding attack from a lone wolf against the current governments involvement in British affairs, this attack would have killed a vast amount of people as it was aimed at a football match in Renné with more than 200 people watching at the stadium.

Despite the security increase in 2005, In 2010, Bastilia Airport car-park was bombed, with the car being placed closest to the taxi-way, it was planned to detinate as a plane taxied to the runway, possibly killing hundreds again. This was not what happened, but the detonation still collapsed part of the airport building and killed 168 people. The group responsible wasn't found, but it was expected it was a spin-off group of the Lone Wolf in 2005 that supported a more harsh way to do the same policies as the Royal Kingdom of Histalpol who want to reinstall a royal family to control the country, the attack is still under investigation.

In 2012/13 Histalpol gained a buzz of activity politically from a new elected government with a surprise victory for Timothy Small and the Liberal Democrats, as well as the promise to join AIN which is currently undergoing.


Country Name: République Démocratique du Histalpol

Shorter Names: Isles De Histalpol, Histalpol

Capital: Bastilia

Largest City: Bastilia


National Motto: Imagination et de courage, c'est la liberté(English: Imagination and Courage is Freedom )

National Anthem: Sognu (English:Dream

Languages: French, English, Cornish (in used order)

Demonym: Histalian


Major Import/Export Partners: France, UK, Eastern Europe, USA, Japan, India

Main Industries: Agriculture (Vegtables, Carbohydrates), Wine, Automobiles and Parts (Cars and Bikes (Motor and Normal), Fishing and Meats, Logistics.

Gross Domestic Produce: $ 387.4 Billion PPP


Population = 13,532,390 (2010 Concensus)

Total Area = 79,917 km2

HDI = 0.812 (High)

Currency: Histalian Hyatt

Internet TLD: co.hs

National Sports: Football, Cricket, Autoracing


Government Type: Parliamentary Democracy

Upper House: Major Exposition Hall (MJEH)

Controlled by: Emerald Party

Lower House: Minor Exposition Hall (MNEH)

Controlled by: Commart

Current Government: Liberal Democrats

Other Major Parties:

-Commart (Labour)

-Emerald Party (Conservative)

-Histalpol Parti Isolationist (HPI) (Isolationists)

-Royal Kingdom of Histalpol (RKH) (Royalists wanting Histalpol to be ruled by a royal family)

Current Prime Minister: Timothy Small


Current Foreign Secretary: Renné Noir

Ying Blanc



bellissima complimenti

Graci Berna (is that right xDxD, it sounds right)

I love it! :)

Great Update Ying! :)

The hell? This is gorgeous! :P

Thank you 3 :3

Very Nice I like the Parliment :D

Thank you RepublicMaster, as said hopefully more of that area soon as said.

Great update , It's looking very good , keep it up . :)

Thank you raynev, I try to x3

Epic work yinggy :)

Thank you Forthie :3

Now we move on somewhere different, this here is the 2nd city of Maloná, a vibrant cultural capital as well as a great resort town, here I will show the first section of Maloná if you come in by the Mediterranean, the marina, Maloná Marina (obviously x3)

We sail in at sunrise through the Breakwaters that keep the expensive yachts from crashing into the marina structure, here you can also see one of the landmarks of the town, the old lighthouse to the right serviced by the lighthouse keeper living in the house beside it.


As we tie our Yacht to the marina and prepare everything for the day, the sun fully rises and shows the greatness of the marina. This services many many wealthy people as well as the odd fisherman come to try his luck off the coast, or the odd tourist trip out into the sea for god knows what.


We ascend the small hill to the rest of the area and instantly come upon this other landmark, the Orswell Opera House, traffic starting to come out for the daily commute to work or to the shops.


As we move down the avenue we come to one of the luxury hotels in the area, the Queens Hotel which is a 4 * Hotel. Though that is not the only hotel in the area as you will see in a small while, there are also lots of budget hotels for common tourists looking for relaxation for a week.


These are the budget resorts I talked off, the beginning of another area in a later update and not technically in the Marina district, but still a major part of the transition, these resort buildings are one of the main reasons that economically, Maloná us doing so well in the tourist area of the economic charts of Histalpol.


And I leave you with the shot of the night before we sailed in in the morning at sunrise, this shows the major landmarks clearly, including one we didn't get to see which is the main church of the Marina district and you can see most of the marina lighting up there as well as the lighthouse which wraps this update up in a nice little bow. Till next time.


Ying Blanc

Ooooh, that storm drain, I love the itty bitty complex things that go into the CJ, that make it even better!

Thanks Forthie :3 I'll try to go even more detailed x3

That railyard and dry dock are pretty awesome.

Thanks Kenken as well x3

Mastof, on , said:

Ooooh, that storm drain, I love the itty bitty complex things that go into the CJ, that make it even better!

So right , the details make it or break it , and this just made a 5/5 from me . Great job .

Thanks Raynev

Now it's right in the centre of the action, the reason for this fanfare x3, we have now moved into the capital, right at the heart with the Parliament District. Most of the space in this district is taken up by a few key buildings, we will go through them one by one in this update.

First off we take the former palace of the former royalty, the Summerhelm Palace, this though has now been turned into a small tourist attraction showing how the former royalty use to live and gives great views of the opposing buildings and the small park in front of it.


and with all great palaces, comes a great garden, Summerhelm Garden to be exact, one of the largest parks in the Bastilia metropolitan area. Also in this picture note the canal to the north that is a section of a larger canal flowing through Bastilia.


We also have the Parliament Building parallel to Summerhelm Palace, this is where the current government discuss laws, reforms, etc. etc. in 2 different houses; The Upper House to the left wing (in the picture) which is called the Major Exposition Hall (MJEH) and the Lower House to the right wing (in the picture) which is called the Minor Exposition Hall (MNEH). To the north we have some more private buildings than The Parliament Building, but they will be in a later update.


Now we move south from this point, to reach the hospital situated right in the middle of the capital, a relatively small hospital compared to the main hospital near the outskirts, but still a major contributor. As you can see it's surrounded on a man-made island created from the canals.


While to the north is this very intimidating building, containing the Ministry of Defence and Ministry of Commerce (Defence in the tower, Commerce in the square block), nothing much else to say with this but it's still a very major building.


Thank you all for reading again and I hope to see you again soon.

Ying Blanc

Very nice town ying :)

Thanks Mastof, more coming now.

Very nice CJ intro , looking forward to your next entry . Those diagonal houses look sooo good on the corners in that first picture .

Thanks raynev

I liek those houses :D

thanks Carl, I liek your comment x3

and to Raynev and Carl, I only just downloaded them before I started on that project x3 so it's a nice start into using them :P

Now we are going FAR into the capital Bastilia, yeeet not into the capital right now still, this here is a small industrial sector accompanied by low residential living. Here it is for your enjoyment.

We start with the storm drain that gives the area the name of La Bassinville (The Basin Town in French) which is prominently an industrial area. This drain collecting the running rain from the hills above it, but it's also used for fly tipping as well, as you can see.


To the west of the storm drain it gets a little better, with buildings from the 20s through to 40s lining Monsiere Avenue along with a more modern development of an apartment block, hopefully one of many to come.


While to the south of it, is the biggest industrial building of the area, the distribution centre to the nation-wide furniture store MHS (as seen by the giant logo on the roof). The warehouse sits right on the A1 Motorway out of Bastilia and towards the south. This making transportation a tad bit more easier.



Now we have a small mosaic for all of you, this of the small Dry Dock for the conjoining Le Bassinville Railyard, as you can see on 2 sides it's fenced by companies but to the other is the only access road into the complex.


This here being the conjoining railyard, complete with sheds with maintenance tools and scrap parts of multiple locos and stock trains.


Now this part is what makes Histalpol quite unique, they have a series of shanty like low residential areas, styled after the classic Asian style of architecture that pops up here and there around Histalpol. These areas being called Pabolías (like the Brazilian Favelas) and are a hive of activity, culture and hand made objects, great for sightseeing even though as said it's low cost residential abodes. This one here in particular is called the Roslonté Pabolía.


That's it for today, I hope you liked looking at this industrial area and will be back with more, maybe rural, maybe suburban, maybe the capital, who knows :P

Ying Blanc

Welcome to my new country, the Democratic Republic of Histalpol, and to start we are working rural to the capital (because I can't be asked making the capital yet), so we start with the small village of Beccales, hope you enjoy it.

As you leave the A-Road to the west of Beccales, the A Road of A17, you appear on the B142 which passes through Beccales as you can see. it continues on through Beccales and leaves to the east of the village.


Heading south at the crossroads with B142, you come to southern Beccales, and the only school in the village, the St. Joseph's Primary School which is where the whole village goes to school and has been teaching since turn of the century. The small building beside it is a small library where the children go to read as well as the rest of the village.


We reach the main road of the village now, where all the shops are as well as the only station, this is fittingly called Commerce Road. The building you see at the top is the only pub in the village, The Barley and Collie. a great pub for capital workers who want a small drink in a rural pub as it only a short walk to the station.


Here you can see the shops that make up the streets name, as you can see even rural areas of Histalpol have an Asian influence, still fitting especially with the only gas station in the city, the Shell gas station you see in the picture. Here you can also see the start of the station as well as the lane of parking between the rails and the houses.


Here we have the station itself, with all it's rural glory, build in the 80s to connect all the villages to the capital. You can see yet more parking out front.


The rural area around Beccales contains many country roads such as this, surrounded by forests, these leading to farms of the area, this one leading to...


...Trépan Farm, one of the many in rural Beccales. This one taking after 3 fields of varying crops.


The only other farm neighbouring Beccales worth mentioning is the farm belonging to Samual J. Watts, Watt Farm as it's called (place an annoying joke here), it's a much smaller scale than Trépan Farm but still looks after 3 fields as well.


And there we end it so far, next update we may move further in, we may move further out, but all is know we're continuing with the rural areas around the Capital of Histalpol. Here's an Ariel view of the area so far, enjoy.



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