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  1. Can't find it?... Ask here!

    Thanks both of you, I'll categorise it into mods and rename it.
  2. Can't find it?... Ask here!

    I need a tad bit of help on something quite unique. I'm resorting all my plugins to make them more organised and I have come across a file that has no distinguishing features in the name and doesn't come up in any search. If anybody can rack their plugins and see if they can work out what this plugin is all about, that will be awesome thank you. The file in question is titled and contains only one file with the same name and a .dat file-type.
  3. Can't find it?... Ask here!

    Thanks nos.17, and jmsepe, I would suggest what Cahos suggested, but also look into abandonment mods as well. They get rid of abandonment as says on the tin.
  4. Can't find it?... Ask here!

    jmsepe, you can download the extracheats mod and use the chest "Lotplop", that allows you to plop down maxis buildings from residential, commertial and industrial without needing to grow.
  5. Can't find it?... Ask here!

    I'd like to know what trees I used here please, I deleted all plugins and I can't find it now xD
  6. New Covington introduction + teaser

    Very promising in the early stages, looking forward to more.
  7. 183rd Annual Christmas Celebration

    I am very jealous of you fine sir looking at all your entries, you pull of the British style flawlessly, absolutely love it and I aspire to pull it off as easily as you can at some point in the very far future.
  8. Replies + Teaser

    OH SNAP!!!! That is possibly the best SC4 picture I have ever seen (edited) sorry everybody else x3 It's just pure.....MAGIC!!! Figuratively AND literally
  9. For a quick response; Thank you everybody for your messages, and those I can go more in depth I will Thanks MaskedBandit, means a lot for me to get a comment from a RCT legend (though that don't really matter in a different game ). And yes all those trees, and everything else you see there, are lovingly hand-plopped, nothing grown here. Thank you Ace, and I have done that (I think can't remember) for this...either that or medium setting xD. And yes it is a float plane, but you ever heard of imagination or an amphibious plane Cessnas can land on both land and sea after all Now lets get to the good bit! We start on the eastern shore of the river in Bastilia, called the River Vearsaile, and this is rather south of the CBD near the branching off of the rivers, this little plaza here is one of the main attractions in this area, with the old church standing in front of the newly built tower that you see, only built in 2012. Here is another view of the area, showing the prominent reason why this is a major attraction, Church Lane, being the equivalent of Saville Row in London, with only the poshest of shops, though there is still spaces for the poshest of AIN companies But with the major retail area of the section, there is also the beginnings of the residential area of Bastilia, bordering the suburb of Islington, and as you can expect, like Church Lane, they are some of the most expensive retail in the area (though not THE most expensive in Bastilia). And here is Islington's claim to fame, the home stadium for the AIN Club League Islington Wolves called the Sp33d Sports Stadium, seating just under 42,000, opposing it is a row of apartments which have been known to be the exact opposite to the houses just across the river of it, which is really cheap because of the rowdyness of football crowds, in the shot you can also see Islington Railway Station, a part of the Capital Railways network and just around 5 mins from the nearest station in the city. And because I have not much else to say, here are some other complementary images of Islington, including council housing, industry, a stop in the ERBus network and a lot more residential houses. See you again soon.
  10. 07 - Morioka

    Excuse me while I pick my jaw up off the floor. stunning, absolutely stunning, no offence to my Asian CJing friends but this has to be my far favourite :D
  11. BTT (CJ section): 22 August 2013

    I finally made it onto a list :D :D Thank you! Now to get Top 10 x3   Congrats Sim
  12. Thanks everybody, sorry for the late update, I kinda was leaving this off to make sure it's posted mid-week (I want to be in one of them top ten lists so bad @_@) but I kinda forgot that that was what I was doing. But enjoy this next entry. And Novak, it's that other one, not RHM but like....I think it was made by the same people, I'm not sure, I think it's called the Network Widening Mod...but don't take me as gospel, this is off the top of my head. We enter Oxewood from the south, one of 3 or 4 entrances into the village that is rather well connected up to the rest of the rural area. We move further north, and we start strolling through main street Oxewood. You can see that most of the settlement is only 1 thich (in buildings) backing right into fields, even for the shops. Going near the back and beyond of Oxewood, we reach this eye-sore, some idiot thought that Darsingborough will become the new capital (which it might just....in 200 years...) and built a residential block in the edge of the village, which now resides around 80% empty. The plans are to knock it down, and replace it with a new school...speaking of schools... This here is the only primary school in a long distance, This has enough space to teach maybe 200-300 pupils in 2 floors, as well as lots of space for break, lunch and physical education. Now we move into Oxewood Forest, the forest that basically gave the name of the village, you can't see it in this picture though, this is one of the largest farm building lots in the area, but rather small size fields. Here we see the extensive forests, bordered on all sides by fields. Again this is another small farm building area that was a converted barn, half of it being used for intended purposes, and the other for the actual farm-house, with all the modern additions inside it. Finally here is a collage of the private airport that is situated right beside Oxewood Forest, attending to the Cessna's of the well off. I hope it would be easy to see where the runways and taxiways are.
  13. The Woods

    So awesome and so immersive as a story :3 great job as always Cons
  14. Thanks to everybody, sadly I can't identify what BAT the garages came from. Ask in the forums and maybe you'll get a better shot InnerNerd. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Here it is, the city of Darsingborough. Though this is only one side of the river, the other side will come soon after this. Welcome to the City of Industry. We start off with one of the main streets of Darsingborough, where most of the high-street shops are based if not elsewhere around the city, and an Odeon cinema. Fairway Shopping Mall Darsingborough is also quite known for the River Hune that runs right down the middle of it, connected by 4 bridges to the north and south, but we will come to them later, for now here is a picture of a recent residential development by the waterfront that shows off the Asian influence in a small section of Histalian architecture. Behind that is the 211 Tower which is nothing special but worth a small mentioning. To the south of the 211 Tower and the waterfront development is the start of the main park in Darsingborough, surrounded by skyscrapers both modern and old, This small little park which spans over the next 2 pictures is called Holyrood Park, named that because of the Holywood Memorial to the other side of the park. The memorial can be shown here, as well as more detail of the 2 art deco style buildings of the area and showing a tiny bit more of Fairway Shopping Mall. Now the area that made Darsingborough famous, Milltown. This small section of Darsingborough use to be 10 times larger at the peak of the Steam Era where mills made Darsingborough the way it is today. Below at 2 of the surviving mills that have been re purposed into residential buildings, these are also categorized as a Tier II Historic Sites. Shown here is the other refurbished mill along with recently developed Darsingborough Contemporary Art Museum or DACAM, built in 1998. This makes Milltown one of the most visited sections of Darsingborough for tourism with the mills, the museum and the town hall and courts in the next picture below. And finally here are the town hall and city courts with a grand plaza that civilians like to just relax in on weekends and at the end of busy work days. And that is the end of this update, keep tuned for more, but for now, I'm going to do a bit of sunbathing.
  15. Republica de Guatalaga, a sneak preview ...

    Oh wows :o that looks very very nice ^_^ show more please :P