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Cheyenne, NV

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Southern US style city, made in CXL 2012

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Hi y'all!! When I left y'all last time just a tiny bit of this fine city's history had been revealed. Nah it ain't really nice of me to keep y'all hanging like this, so it would behoove me to narrate a bit more. Today y'all learn about some of our city's less glorious history, one of a shamefull nature, but it is a story that need to be told.

In last chapter , the city had just become the state's capital city, and plans had been made for a propper downtown. When the initial plans were drawn it became apparent that the governor's fine stately mansion he was living in at that moment stood in the way of much of downtown. Suffice it to say that our first governor was a mighty wealthy and influential man, and his fine home was part of the Donnelly family Plantation Estate. In them days plantations, sadly enough, were as normal as cows in the field.

By some miracle , the Lawd be praised, when the final plans came out, the stately mansion got incorporated into the downtown layout. Rumour went that our fine governor bribed the city planners, and had made a couple of promises of a very lucrative nature here and there.

A couple of years later the whole scheme got exposed by a disgruntled ex mistress and the governor was forced to hand over the property rights to the state. For many many decades afterwards it was home to many of our fine governors. Now it acts as a museum, and from time to time it serves for public purposes. The lawn in front of the mansion holds a memorial to all victims of the slavery period, a very dark and shameful period in the history of our fine nation.

Here's an old family picknick painting , late 18th century


As you can see the stately home is pretty much surrounded by open fields and woodland. This oil painting below can be admired y'all in the main hall of the museum


The same area today is beyond recognition - the memorial features prominently at Governor's Square.


Many of the old estate homes still exist today and serve a very different function. Here you can see the C-UNV main administration building (Cheyenne campus - University of New Virginia) , originally part of the Hagley Estate.


And before we close our tour of magnificent stately homes, here's probably the most famous of all, the Ladevere Home. Famous not only because it belonged to the richest of families in Cheyenne, also because it is the most haunted home in the city. Richard Devere was a wealthy man, whose riches did not always come legitimately, and was not a man without scandal. Rumour went that, though he was married to the wealthy heiress of the Devere fortune, Rebecca Devere, he had a special fondness for all of his maids. Most of the maids in service of the Devere family ended up pregnant. People used to joke the place was so full of kids at one time they should have called the place Ladevere Nursery Home. Poor Rebecca could not handle it anymore and committed suicide, after murdering several maids and their children. After this great tragedy Richard withdrew himself from public life, never to be seen again.

People these days report seeing the ghosts of the slain maids with their children, running away from Rebecca as she chases them with a butchers knife in the hand.

Here one can see a printing plate used for promotion, early 20th century.


I got one suprise for y'all, an old city map.. It shows several landmarks which got destroyed during the great fire in the civil war (eg the Magazine and the Market Halls..) Link to a larger size map: http://imageshack.us...apwithered.jpg/


Well, that was it for this update y'all, I hope y'all enjoyed it! Have a good'n!!!



Hi Y'all !!

Welcome to Cheyenne, New Virginia.. The capital of southern hospitality!


This is my first CXL city journal here on Simtropolis. I've had a couple of SC4 ones, but SC4 always thought it to be fun to ruin my cities halfway thru lol I always enjoyed playing SC4, and for the longest time I just could not find my way in CXL2012. But with all the new mods and buildings available I finally started enjoying it.

The reason I started this CJ here on Simtropolis is just to show you all CXL can be fun to play and it is possible to create a realistic looking US city. In a way it also an experiment for me to see how much I can get out of CXL ;-)

Before we start off I’d like to call your attention to a couple of things:

  • I’d like to thank all the modders for all their work, because without them I could not have made this CJ for sure. I hope much more american style buildings will be created (I wish I was good at modding otherwise I would have created) such as the mini malls, restaurant chains like Denny's or Chilli's or Outback or it would be great to see a Wallmart in the game...All in due time I guess :D

  • By no means is this city finished yet, at the moment of creation of this CJ there live around 500.000 people in and around the city. But as this CJ evolves so will the city. The city has very much a downtown at the moment, with a couple of tall buildings but as I like realism I opted for moderation. So the tall buildings for now will be not too tall and there are not many around. Also, the actual downtown core is comprised only of roughly 4 blocks by 4.

  • As you might guess this city is supposed to be a southern US city, and not just any city, it is the state capital city. I’d imagine its location to be somewhere in the very real Carolinas.. Its climate warm enough to support palm trees (though they do not grow naturally there yet) and yet in winter quite cool…

  • I always like a CJ to include some history and story, as it always tends to involve people more and it makes the city in some way kind of real. As this is a southern city , its presentation will be in a southern manner, which will manifest itself very much in the spelling and writing manner of this CJ. This is just intended for fun and to give the city a soul, so I hope y'all will like it wink.png

So without further ado, I hope you like my city and this CJ !

Chapter 1 : I declare!

Why, it's a wonderful city, our Cheyenne! We're mighty proud of it aroun' here.. but before I fixin' to narrate all the mighty fine stories of our city y'all, let me duly introduce myself.

My name is James Earl Trudeaux (the stress falls on -eaux and not on Tru-), but y'all can call me like my friends call me, Jay Earl..

Now, I'm not the mayor of this city, so far.. But I'll sure be the one showing y'all around.. Bless your pea pickin’ little hearts!

Another thing before we get started.. why, you might find ya self wundering from time to time, why is this word written like this or that.. or what in the Good Lawd's name is he ramblin' on about... Why, all that just means you're lost like last year's Easter eggs. Sure, we could go aroun' writing prim 'n propper as ya might call it, but quite honestly, it wouldn't mean a hill 'o beans.. cause ya see, aroun'here we're very keen on tryin' to make u feel at home.. but our southern hospitality cannot be felt and experienced lest ya truly be immerged in our culture and language.. We kinda got our own little ways aroun'here, and while y'all might think we speak english here, sirlee nooo... we speak and write diffrently... so why don't ya sit back y'all and enjoy , 'n if ya find yaself lost in the conversation, don't get addled! So don't be shy and just ask fa clarification! bigsmile.png

The story of our city starts aroun' the 1750's when one of my great great granddaddies, along with some other families settled in the area. A settler's fort was established on the the high hill near the Saganah river, as it provided a good lookout over the area, and the river itself gave easy access downstream. Now y'all might think what about upstream.. well, it's a complicated story y'all, Cheyenne is on the fall line from the nearby Appalachian mountains. The fall line is the spot where a river becomes unnavigable when sailing upstream and where falling water downstream cannot power a mill. Ooh, ain't I smart? I declare!!

So y'all can imagine that since it was the last city easily reachable by boat, the city became a center of trade and an important transportation hub. As in the 1780's the state of New Virginia was born, Cheyenne was chosen as its state capital - by then it was already the most populous town in the state.

Where before it was a town, now a mighty city was born. Commissioners quickly went to work and on unoccupied land laid out a street plan based upon a grid layout. To this very day we enjoy this area as downtown.

Well y'all, that's enough history for now, I'm fixin' to show show you some pictures now of modern day Cheyenne! (click images for larger version)

Downtown Cheyenne :


Ya can see quite a bit of landmarks and neighborhoods in above picture. In the right corner , those tall buidlings, why, that's our business district, or Market, like the fancy folk call it these days. This area of the city historically held all the city markets and shops, and its big street crossing thru it is now called Market Street.

On the left of Market y'all can see a white domed building I hope.. This is the State Capitol. The brown building with the high tower behind the Capitol is our beloved city hall, and lies at Independence Square with the Arthur Donnelly Memorial Column, our very first governor. Opposite the square there lies Saint Mary's Cathedral. The green park near the river has several names y'all, River Park - Independence Park - and many many more... Nobody ever seemed to agree on its name, and so many names were given that now there ain't a soul in heaven that knows!

Further left there is the Museum district, the big avenue with the trees in the middle is Assembly Avenue and seperates downtown from the other neighborhoods.

There's a an awfullest lot more to see in this picture, like Chinatown left of Assembly Avenue, Yorkville behind Chinatown, the Edward G. Burrard Bus Station hub close the river, why, I could go on and on, I'll swanee!!

Downtown seen from a northeastern viewpoint :


Downtown seen from a northwestern viewpoint :


And the last picture in this chapter, Independence Square, with the A, Donnelly Memorial Column , Cheyenne City Hall can be seen in the upper right corner. The fancy blue lookin' office buildings are government buildings, and the brown building left of the square is Montgomery Office Building, one of the city's older office buildings.


Blast from the past: a picture from quite a while ago, early sixties :


Well, that's all for the moment y'all. I hope y'all enjoyed it so far. And don't forget, gratuities , hhmm I meant commentaries are very much appreciated :D

Have a good'n y'all!


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