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New Chester City

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About this City Journal

New Chester City is a city at the east coast of the United States. Join the journey to this wonderful city in New England.

Entries in this City Journal


On the planning of today are two great things. First I will go on a tour with a helicopter, to see New Chester City from the sky. When I am done with that I will go to Chester Field, home of the Chesters, the baseball team of New Chester City.

But first the helicopter tour. After I had my breakfast at my hotel, I took a cap to the heliport in the industry area, which is located at the banks of the Oude River. The Oude River is located at the north side of New Chester Island, and separates the island with the northern borough Kings. The helicopter tour will show me the entire city. Firstly we flew over the New Chester Bay, from where I took this picture.


On the picture you can see the entire city. On the down side of the picture, Lower New Chester Island can be seen, with the McGuire Center on the right side. Above that Old Town. Furthermore, one can see that on the right side of the picture, mostly along 7th and 6th Avenue, the most important business district is located. These two avenues are famous for its high amount of office skyscrapers. Moreover, the Edwards Building can be seen, which is located on 7th Avenue. Also Central Square can be seen in the centre of the city. On the left of Central Square, the Carmen Building is located. A big eye catcher is University Park, the largest park of the city with the New Chester City University located inside the park. Above University Park, the Chester Field stadium is located.

The tour was amazing, although it lasted for only 15 minutes. However, when I left the helicopter, I was offered a free night tour, since I was the 1.000.000 guest. Of course I was thrilled, because the night tours are very exclusive and now I could see the city by night too!

When I left the heliport, I took a cap too Chester Field, home of the Chesters. The Chesters are one of the best teams of the nation. I was lucky I could buy tickets for the match against the Yankees. When I bought the tickets, I had still a couple of hours till the match would begin, so I decided to go to University Park. University Park is the largest park of the city. It is the place to be for relaxation in New Chester City. Many of the city’s citizens come to the park to relax or sport. The park has a large amount of sport accommodations, like baseball, tennis and soccer fields. The park is also a popular meeting place for students as well, since the university is located in the park as well. After I walked through the park I arrived at the New Chester City University. It is a very famous university, with its even more famous library. The University’s Library is namely opened for public as well. This was done as a gift of the university to the city. Since the library became public, it is one of the largest libraries in the USA.


- A view over University Park and the New Chester City University.


- Chester Field, home of the Chesters.

After I visited the university and its accommodations, I returned to Chester Field to watch the baseball match. The atmosphere in the stadium was unbelievable and the Chesters won the game. After the match ended, I rushed to a cap to go the heliport again, to do my night tour. The night tour was amazing and I took again a picture when I flew over New Chester Bay. This time it was great to see all the lights. After 15 minutes I landed again and I took a cap again to get to the hotel. At the hotel I had dinner and I went straight to bed and waited what would happen tomorrow.



Today I bought two tickets to visit the observatories of the two most famous skyscrapers of the city: The Carmen Building and the McGuire Center. As I had read, it is one of the must do’s in the city. First of all I decided to go to The Carmen Building by subway. It is located on the southern side of the city and right in the centre. Since The Carmen Building has its own subway station it was easy to get to. The subway system of the city is a very good one as well. When I left the subway station I was immediately impressed by the building. The height and the structure of the building were really magnificent. ‘The building was built during the 1930s and has a height of 420 meter’, says the folder of the building I read during the queue for the elevator. Once I stood on the observatory the view was great. At the southern side I could see the borough Victoria, at the western side University Park and Central Square were clearly observable and at the northern side the Edwards Building and Grand Central Station were. Nevertheless, the view on the eastern side was the best. With a great view on the New Chester Bay and the Atlantic Ocean with the skyscrapers of Old Town and Lower New Chester Island in front of it.


- The Carmen Building, in the centre of the picture. As can be seen, the building is surrounded by other high skyscrapers.

After some great pictures and the enjoyment of the magnificent views, I decided to walk to Lower New Chester Island. Walking this way, down 8th Avenue, I came in Old Town. Old Town is the neighbourhood which is the oldest of all and from here the city grew in the city it is nowadays. Old Town is famous for its subculture in the city’s culture. Since most of the immigrants started to live here, they created their own culture. Some streets, or even blocks, are dedicated to a particular culture, like for example the Italian street and the Russian street. This is why I walked away from 8th Avenue for a bit and explore 7th Street, the Chinese street. It is great to see the difference with the rest of the city, although this part of the city is getting more modernized each day.


- A picture of Old Town. Its famous for its subculture and has the 'old' grid system.

After I walked out of Old Town I came in Lower New Chester Island. It was the goal of mayor McGuire to make it the most important business district of the city. Unfortunately for him, it did not become the most important business district. However, Lower New Chester Island is famous as a shopping and nightlife district. First I walked on Hamilton Square, built during the administration of mayor McGuire. The square should become the centre of the business district. Nowadays it becomes more and more the centre of the business district, since business is growing in Lower New Chester Island. I left Hamilton Square and I walked down 3rd Street to the McGuire Center. This building was built just after former New Chester City mayor John McGuire announced that Lower New Chester Island should become the new business district of the city. Nowadays, it is one of the only skyscrapers in Lower New Chester Island. I decided to go upstairs, to enjoy the view over the city. Hopefully it would be as good as the view on The Carmen Building. Once on the observatory I had a great view over the city. On the western side I could see the whole city, with its most important skyscrapers, like for example The Carmen Building, the Edwards Building and the dozens of skyscrapers along 8th and 7th Avenue. On the eastern side, however, I had a magnificent view over the New Chester Bay and a beautiful sunset occurred above the Altantic Ocean. In the distance, oil tankers seemed to be tiny ships and the cars on the New Chester Island Freeway seemed to be lego cars. After sunset the city became one great ocean of lights. This made the view from the McGuire Center even better. When I left the building I decided to go to The Carmen Building by subway again, to see how it would look at night. But first a bite in one of the hundreds of restaurants in Lower New Chester Island. When I arrived at The Carmen Building again, I was amazed by the great lightning on the building. After some pictures I decided to go the hotel again and to have a drink, before I went to sleep. Because tomorrow I will see the city from up in the air.


- Lower New Chester Island. In the right corner the New Chester City Lighthouse can be seen and in the centre of the picture Hamilton Square. Between the lighthouse and Hamilton Square the McGuire Center is located.


- A closer look on the McGuire Center, the centre of the Lower New Chester Island business district.


- The McGuire Center at night. In the left corner the lighthouse can be seen and the Victoria Ferry can be seen in the New Chester Bay.


- The Carmen Building at night, with its amazing lightning.


Welcome to New Chester City


'Welcome to New Chester City' says a huge poster on the wall in Edwards International Airport. I just landed in New Chester City for a nice trip through this city. I have seen a lot of cities, but I have never been to a real large city in the USA. Therefore I am quite excited about the trip. My flight from Amsterdam was pretty nice one and we landed right on time on Edwards International Airport. After I got through the immigration service I felt I really was in the city!

After I stepped out of the terminal I decided to take a cap to my hotel, which was located on 8th Avenue. It took the cap around 20 minutes to get to the hotel. Although it was easy to drive down the New Chester Island Freeway, it was still a challenge to get through all the traffic and to arrive at my hotel. The hotel was located right next to Miller park. After I left my luggage at my room I immidiately started to discover the city.

My first stop would be Miller park. Since this is the nearest attraction, I decided to see this firstly. The park is one of the oldest ones in New Chester City. It is a special park, since the park contains a cemetery. It is one of the only parks in the city which has one. Miller park is right in the middle of the business district, between the neighbourhoods 'old town' and 'central'.


- A picture of Miller park. It's located within the business district along 8th Avenue/ Chester Street

I walk down 8th Avenue after my visit to Miller park. 8th Avenue is the most important street of the city, although the main business offices are more located on 7th Avenue. The importance of 8th Avenue, which has the official name of 8th Avenue/ Chester Street, dates back from the inception of the city. The city grew along this avenue, which had in the days before the grid system only the name Chester Street. After the grid system was introduced by mayor John Edwards, the avenue got the addition of 8th Avenue. The grid system in New Chester City is based on the same one as the one in New York City.

Since I am walking to the west I come in the neighbourhood Central. Central become the central business district under the administration of mayor Edwards, but it never became the most important business spot. However, mayor Antfield moved very important buildings to Central Square, as for example the City Hall and the Courthouse of New Chester City. As I can see the square is wonderful place to relax and observe the beauty of the buildings on the square. The Opera House and the City Hall are the two major attraction of the square. I can see the world famous Carmen Building very well too. However I decide to visit The Carmen Building tomorrow, since I do have a jet lag. I return to my hotel by the subway, which is a great way to travel to the city. When I arrive at the hotel I immediately fell asleep, so that I could explore more of this great city tomorrow.


- A view of Central Square. The City Hall can be seen and the back of the Opera House. In the left corner a glimpse of The Carmen Building can be seen. The square is a beautiful place to relax.

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