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North City

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About this City Journal

The journey of one small island city-state in the northern atlantic ocean

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Towers Of Despair


Jacob Guajardo-Thank you for commenting so often!

Dubaidude303-Thank You!

Today we will be exploring the not so nice side of north city. Filled with prostitutes,drug dealers,gang members and the occasional politician;this part of the city is bursting at the seams,filled with more people than the government ever thought possible in the 1940s, 50s, and 60s.


Named for the mayor at the time(Ts'ami Akin)These blocks,built from 1952-1955 are

generally agreed to be the best off of all the projects. They

are filled with mainly the working

poor,however they

still have a very crime rate.


Named for President Hamar Kw'esa-nuar (1897-1949) these communist style blocks were built in a frenzy, to house thousands

of immigrants coming from foreign nations as well as the countryside. They have always been over capacity, however the age of these

towers makes them almost a hazard to live in. They are scheduled for demolition in 2022.


"A sea of endless gray, from the ground to the horizon, nothing but a row of towers, stretching as far as the eye can see" (Dane Dragan,Poet 1865-1975)

Named for Dictator Nuwasi Kemae Ha-Kywate'li Juanes (Ruled 1957-1983) these blocks were built as a testament to the power of

his dictatorship. Today however, they are all one heavy gust of wind away from destruction.


And finally Ansa Projects. Named for civil rights leader He'shaiek Ye-Ramasai Dwekaine Hampar'kwasznatal D.Nuane R.S.K Huave Ansa,these

projects are mostly abandoned.They are known around the nation as a symbol of urban decay, but are

expected to be demolished around 2015 (money permitting).


And finally,a change of scenery.

Thank you for viewing!

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Merci de regarder!

Gracias por ver!


देखने के लिए धन्यवाद!


Lights On,Sun Down


jesus christ-erm...i hope that was a joke?

jacob guajardo- Thank You!

Forthwall-Thank You!

Below is an overview of the nation.


And now on to the city at night.


This district is called the arts district because it used to be home to many art galleries,coffee shops,artists,hippies,writers....

This all changed with the arrival of multinational corporations and yuppies in the late 90s'


In the late 60s' and early 70s' thousands of people immigrated from their small rural villages to the capital. In response to this population

explosion the local government built hundreds of commieblocks to house the newcomers. Today most of them have been demolished,however

these remain.


This bridge was built in 1992 to bridge(haha,get it?) downtown with one of the two peninsulas after the old bridge collapsed. It

is the busiest bridge in the nation.


This is downtown as of 2012. As you can see numerous new towers have gone up

since last time, making this northern coastal city an even more spectacular place to live.

Thanks for Viewing!




Jacob Guajordo- Youre right, i should place a skydeck in my city!


Raynev1-Thank You!

ALERT: A snowstorm is barelling towards North City! Dont worry though! news 7 has you covered!

1:15 PM


The snow is just starting to fall in this small town 10 miles NW of the city center. 7" of snow is expected here.

1:45 PM


Several inches of snow are expected in the city centre. making this one of the biggest storms of the last decade to affect the

city. Already several schools are closing.

3:59 PM


Snow is really starting to pick up around the metro.....

6:10 PM


The city is shutting down for the next few days due to expected blizzard conditions. Electricity outages are expected.

7:50 PM


Looks like the power is out!

Thanks for viewing! Comment, +1 or rate if you enjoyed it!


The burbs

So hey simtropians! Im sorry for the long hiatus(so busy right now!) however as school is easing up for Christmas! So lets get right down to it!

Today you will see one of the many new planned suburbs of north city,gem of the atlantic...


The district was founded just 30 years ago, however recent astronomical growth has caused population to soar from just over 3000

in 1990 to over 50,000 today...


Above is At&ts headquarters in the Nord Isle along with some wealthy suburbs. All of these buildings were built in the last 10 years

during the economic boom...


The economic boom has also allowed the construction of many new public works projects such as the hospital above...


What you see above is two 50 story towers located in the suburbs. These beauties were built from 2002-2007 to mark the economic growth and expansion Nord Isle

has experienced over the last 15 years. Today they are major tourism magnets...


And Finally ,We show you downtown a cold snowy december night.


Have a merry christmas folks!

P.s-Don't Forgot to comment, rate, and plus 1 this entry!


Around Town

Hi guys today i'll be showing you downtown north city(also replies are in the comments section)


Above is the centre of the urban powerhouse that is North City.


As with all metropolises,North City has a thriving downtown filled with hipsters,office workers,skyscrapers,and boutiques....


...And as the centre of an urban metropolis of more than 800,000 ,City Island has a strikingly modern transport hub to serve the thousands of office workers/tourists/and residents who visit the district every day...


...Even in the hustle and bustle of a major city the spiritual side of life still prevails...


...And If you're ever in need of a major surgery ,look no further than Saint Annes Hospital...


And Thats All For Today Folks!

Leave A comment,Rate,or follow my city journal if you liked it..

Au Revoir,Mes Amis!



Hey simtropians! This is my new city journal about a city-state island in the Northern Atlantic ocean.

This Is an overview of North City,often Called The Dubai Of the North by the locals.


So Whadaya Guys/Girls/Others think?

Leave a Comment Or Rate so the whole world can find out!

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