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The City of Skyscrapers

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The Bustling Metropolis of Carlson - Dumge City

The Metropolis of Skyscrapers

(My First City Journal for the Region of Habrin)

There was a thriving towns called Carlson and Dumge, they were just a few kilometers away from each other's town central. In the past few decades, growth has come to their great seaside areas. Slowly, rich people came to their humble towns and made their towns rich of resources and money.

Year 2012:

A letter from the Mayor of Carlson.

Rm 201, Centennial (420th) Floor, Carlson City Hall Tower, Hallmark Road corner Sg. Runners Avenue, Carlson Downtown, Carlson City

Dear Mayor of Dumge,

I the Mayor of Carlson wanted to see our future, our future to become one city, a metropolis that is bustling with businesses, fortune, and tourism. I give to you this letter to give us an option to combine our cities and make it as one.

Sincerely yours,

Mayor of Carlson

August 23 of 2012:

Both mayors signed a petition that they will combine their cities, then after few minutes the judgement was over. And the cities were combined. Now the city is ruled by the Dumge mayor as signed in the petition, and the mayor of Carlson is the Vice Mayor.

Welcome to the Metropolis of Carlson-Dumge

"Where skyscrapers goes higher each day"

Downtown Area:




Thanks to all modders who created some of my downloaded Lots, Styles, etc. on SC4. Thanks to the NDEX Group, SimPeg Group, Paeng, BSC, CAMelot, RHW & NAM, SimGoober, Caligrafx, and all other modders! Thank you for making the buildings, props, details that I have downloaded! Dont forget Maxis and EA for creating this game!

City Statistics:

Name: Carlson-Dumge

Region: Habrin

Season: Tropic

Population Total (Estimated): 3,400,000 Sims

Income Earned (Estimated): 50,400,000 Simoleons

Major Transportation: Subway, Bus, Car, and Walking of Biking

Distance to the Industrial Complex: 200 miles

Highest Tower: Unity Tower (680 m) [blue tower with a helipad on top]

Next Highest Tower: World Trade Center (??? m)

Airport(s): John Newark International

Education: K-12, FUTURE Curriculum, and La Sallian Curriculum

University: La Salle Institutes : Carlson - Dumge

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