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real world greater pedro bay CDP

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I have included a picture of the housing problem on this region map. The Green Square indicates the region map even including all of the non-playable water sim city districts in between. as you can clearly see in this Picture there are no houses for sale right now in the real world version of this sim city Chitmits mountains sim city region.

my city planer Neil Fairbanks constantly says things like "four walls and a roof are rare in this city" blah blah blah. i cant even figure out where all of these 42 people that live in Pedro bay actually live using Google or any thing. how am i supposed to build this the real world way if i cant find any of the houseing spots?

on the other side of the coin i have a school so at least my education advisor is a little bit happy but my financial adviser is not happy about the school i built.


In this Picture you can see a Updated Picture of Pedro Bay CDP and also this picture shows what my 6 year old Niece has done to the Porcupine Island across the Bay from Pedro bay's downtown area. in the picture you can see that Hannah has added a bunch of rail roads for no reason and also that the rail roads in each of the city tiles do not connect to each other. Its important to note that in real life no one actually lives on this island and that there's no rail roads on the entire region map in the real world. in fact the only Alaskan terrains you can download that have rail roads are Fairbanks ,North anchorage (Called Meadow lakes) and Maps based on Anchorage showing its downtown. Hannah has not played on this map in a few months but im certain when she comes back she will want to play on this region again because the Chigmit mountains are her favorite Simcity 4 region that i have installed on my computer.


I finnaly Built the Ferry Terminal that i found on Google maps depicting the Pedro Bay CDP. so far i have not expanded the terminal. i know that in real life the People in charge of Pedro Bay are considing to abondon this Settlement and relocate its 42 people to another part of the State of Alaska. so i decided to instead built Pedro Bay CDP as it used to be in the year 2010. its a shame that all these expenditures that Pedro Bay is running up could not be paid for in taxes by the 42 people that live here. but none the less im going to keep trying to build the region. i have given 99% control of this region over to my 6 year old Niece Hannah and shes aloud to build anywhere except the Districts that are part of the Pedro Bay CDP which ill continue to build.


Theres a Small Wharf along the Bay of the Pedro Bay in the District of Airport right across from the Down town. this Wharf is used to transport Post (Packages and Letters) from outside of the Village to Pedro Bay Village. my guess is the Ferry terminal is the Post Office and you just go there knock on the door and say things like How much to send this box to Anchorage and then the post office clercks give a price then they make you put a buch a stamps on the box and then send it over to Anchorage. along this road might be a good place to expande the terminal with other structures like a Fed-Ex shop and things like that.


This is a map showing all of my Real world progress on the Chigmit Mountains. a vast Wilderness in Alaska with only about 200 people in real life. i have put alot of people here but im trying not to go crazy with adding too many people im trying to keep tiny villages like in real life.


iv included a Google Picture Showing where the Downtown School house is located. the purple marker lines indicate the site of the new wachovia bank i have decided to build. originally the site i chose was a small peninsula on school road and now this site will be a new wachovia branch building with a large 3x3 sized parking lot the school house on this site is going to be relocted to the proper site indicated by the google map i uploaded.


Theres been a medical building that was constructed in the past year and added to google maps of the area its called Pedro Bay Clinic. it is not a full blown hospital but so far its the only Medical building the Settlment has in real life. plus the building is located in a area relativly easy to find on the simcity map due to its proximity to the coastline.


the purple marker lines indicate places in the region in real life as of 2001 AD does not show ghost towns or abandoned cities. The largest Settlemt Is pedro Bay as you can see part of its administrative area extends off the simcity region map Boundary. the other settlments are un organized. Theres one ghost town thats not shown on this map.

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