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Pittsburgh ,PA

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Real world Pittsburgh

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I built the Downtown Verizon Store located in Pittsburgh ,PA. i also included the other building next to it which has a mc donalds inside it. both of these buildings are meant to represent the Park Building in downtown Pittsburgh at the corner of Smithfield and 5th ave. the picture i included is the park building looking towards the east. smithfield runs north and south so i had to rotate the map so you can see the signs for the stores in the park building. i bulldozed the large tower across the street so you can see the stores better.


PNC tower is Built

I downloaded PNC tower and built it on its exact location in Pittsburgh Along wood Street and at the corner of 5th ave. The building was really ment for Louisville kentucky but the one in Pittsburgh looks almost exactly like it. the image im showing is a view of it from the West looking east.


In this Picture it shows a graph of the Usage of mass transit in the Downtown of Pittsburgh. the simulation of downtown is about 230 years old but the usage of mass transit is much shorter in history perhaps 200 years or less. the Usage of Mass transit is now at a all time high. only on this city tile in the region can you find Subway or elevated rail. but the rail system does go off map but stops using these types and then is called Passenger rail. im still tweaking the Bus system im trying to add more stops and get more riders and see how hhigh i can get capacity. i once seen a bus stop somewhere in downtown in the CBD part and it said 120% capacity. there were so many riders that that part had too many up until today i have never seen a simulation with 120% capacity for a bus stop this much bus activity in one location was unheard of.


Mellon Green

Mellon Green Is Finished i rotated the Mellon Bank Tower so that the parking Garage is now facing the corect side. as you can see the green trees that are part of meelon bank building are supposed to be a park of mellon green park owned by the mellon tower. this Park is Nicknamed Steel Plaza and has a subway station here in the park named that.


I added a new Bus Line Connecting the Allegheny commons to the downtown area all bus lines on the map are purple marker lines and the subways are orange marker lines, my bus networks ois also at its highest leval of use i could further expand it and see how many more people use the sustem.


Point State Park

This is Point state park its at the tip of where both rivers converge to form the Mighty ohio river. no sky srapers here in real life but i did zone high density and this is what i got im satisfied with it but i think i could add some bus stops but im not sure if busses on this game have the ability to use free ways like in real life ill try anyways


i added the Fifth Third tower in its correct spot there was no Pittsburgh version of this tower so i used the only version i could find and it was from Louisville, kentucky. the actual building does not look like this its called gulf tower but regardless adding a fifth third tower in its correct spot has increased the realism plus this building provides jobs.


i Built the court house complex its kinda large its across the street from mellon bank tower to the south. i had to use 3 court houses i placed plaza sidewalks all around it and included a bus stop where it goes at the corner of Forbes and grant street. the land on the other side of Interstate 579 is not been edited yet its just random built up area but most of the downtown thats west of I-579 is finished.

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