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About this City Journal

A tropical paradise- set in the eastern islands of Indonesia!!

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Its Saturday morning in Arafura Island, and Erwin(E) has just woke up to a TV broadcast on new homes;

Announcer(A): Bachtiar Ramli speaking, we're here to advertise Flores New Town!


A: Complete with its own downtown and only blocks away from the Indonesia Semiconductor and South Beach Industrial Complex.

E: Hey thats interesting!



A: Amenities include the renowned SMA(High School) 2 Tanjung, Windjammer Club, a shopping district, hotels, Flores Hospital, fast rail connection and private security.


A: Amelia Gardens, the final cluster of Flores New Town. Hurry up...starting at Rp. 250.000.000 no one will miss any oppurtunities!

E: I think I should buy a house there.



A: Flores New Town, a hollistic, safe, one-stop environment for you, and your family!

Erwin has decided he should go to the nearby Century21 and look for his dream home, preferably 3 bedrooms with a maid room.

What will he do next?

Read on!


Next update: Update 3.0b Erwincensoredcensoredcensored




@dubaidude303: Thanks!



I'll just show you some random closeups of the city:


South Beach. An exclusive gateway for the upper and upper middle class


North Beach. Formerly a slum, then public housing, the area has been renewed and is dominated by condos and rental apartments alike, after a clean-up and a Rp fund that is.

You can still see public housing in the far right side of the screenshot.


Palms and trees line South Beach's mansions.


Home to PPSB Arafura Utara, the local soccer team, currently playing in IPL division 2.


Latuharary National Hospital. Named for an Eastern Indonesian independence activist, it serves the entire Arafura Island, as well as some smaller islands around the south of Timor. Even that, patients requiring certain testing need to go all the way to Surabaya, as the equipment here is quite lacking and mostly outdated.

Thats all for now, good luck!!!


Next update: Update 3a Real Estate Saturday


Update 2:

I'll just show you the main residential areas(currently) of Tanjung Wedhus. I will only show the parts governed by the municipality of Tanjung Wedhus.

Let's all start!


Northern Tanjung Wedhus A.K.A North Beach, just due north of the downtown, is an upper middle class suburb. To the south you can see the PT TransArafura railyards and Latuharhatry Regional Hospital, serving the the entire north region of Arafura Island and the small islands between Arafura Island and Timor. A housing project housing the city's(mainly native Timorese) poor lies just west of North Beach.


West Tanjung Wedhus, or more known as Mbojo, a middle class suburb. To the west it borders Flores New Town, a (currently) unincorporated community. The border is Jl. Tandean, a major north-south road.


University City. No explanation needed.


East Tanjung Wedhus, or Sawunggalih, is a mainly lower-middle/working class suburb with some big homes here and there. The big homes are priced the same as the average family house in other parts of Tanjung Wedhus.



South Tanjung Utara, or South Beach. The houses in front of the beach are priced upwards of Rp,- . It has a considerable amount of Westerners living here as well.


Taliwang Gardens, an elite neighborhood where houses, even the smaller ones, regularly reach prices above Rp. Like South Beach, there is a considerable amount of Westerners here, mainly Australian expats.


Baturea, or Northwest Tanjung Wedhus, a basic middle class subdivision. Smaller houses here range from Rp 400.000.000-,- while larger ones fetch prices slightly lower than those of South Beach, Taliwang Gardens and North Beach.



Far north Tanjung Wedhus, or Rasunae Baru, is a middle class neighborhood constructed around the 90s to respond to the national housing boom, due to the existing rail line and the firm, non-marsh terrain which makes it much easier to build around. To the south is Rasunae Stadium,


Thats all for now guys!

Next update: Update 2.1 Random Closeups




I haven't been CJing but beneath all this BATting work, I actually had some time off doing incredibly complex Victorian homes. You can see them all in my BAT thread.

Back to the CJ/MD or whatever you call it...

Most important, the details:

- Region view:


Nation: - (part of Indonesia), Nusa Tenggara Barat province




- Wonokromo Regency: 18k

- Capital: Wonokromo

- Tanjung Regency: 42k

- Capital: Tanjung Wedhus

- Kaliasin Regency: (WIP)


Occupied by various unknown kingdoms and natives before Dutch occupation, the Dutch reached Arafura Island in 1859, where they promptly settled in Javanese and Sundanese settlers to work on spice plantations as well as clearing the lands. Unknown to the settlers nor the Dutch, very little fertile land and for years, spices such as pepper dominated the trade. Whatever fertile land was available they were located in what is now Wonokromo Regency and scattered parts of the western half of the island. Things came to a change though, when drillers found oil in Tanjung Wedhus in 1936, but before anything big could be made, the island was occupied by the Japanese.

After a fierce Indonesian independence movement, the massive oil resources were forgotten until an exploration to the south by a joint Indonesian-Australian team found oil in 1994, just off the southeast coast. A boom followed for just 3 years where overinvestment and the general crises crippled the area. Today, the area has bounced back, and its currently growing fast with more and more oil being drilled.

The island is also known for having houses larger than one may expect in other parts of Indonesia, due to the large amount of undeveloped and underdeveloped land. Many of them share things in common with Dutch style houses, an oddity in a country known for favoring minimalist housing.


A teaser for you aswell!


Don't forget to check my BAT thread from time to time!


After conducting a survey, the fishermen took farmers along to the recently discovered island. The farmers liked the island's soil so much, they took residence there. In just 1 month, the island had a few homes, populated by the English and the Powhatans who owned fur businesses.

A marina, a ferry dock and civic facillities were also built


With excess farmland, the mayor now have 3 choices.

Vote 'A' to develop Island 'B'

Vote 'B' to build on the farmland of Snapper Isle

Vote 'C' to expand to the west region of Island 'A'


On a regular cod-fishing convoy, they missed the Snapper Isle Docks and veered towards the north-west, while they saw a distant land. They returned to town late but with very important news. They discovered 2 unnamed islands.

Pic in relation to Snapper Isle:


What island should they land at?

Vote A for the northwest island

Vote B for the northern island



Now in England, Captain Richard Rutherfield went to King Charles to announce the founding of a new settlement.
To complete the settlement, a map of the Atlantic was made, with Snapper Isle and surrounding land added to the
Spanish map the English stole from stray Spanish fishermen. An expedition was planned with 100 people, 12
sheep and 3 boats, 1 of them was a fishing boat.

Not long a settlement was made and in 1 year, migrants from Norwegia found out that the island had a settlement
and it now looks like this:



Captain Richard 'Dick' Rutherford and his fleet were travelling from London to complete fur trades with the Powhatans in the year 1709. Departing from the Colony of Virginia, a storm swept him south and Cabin Boy Taylor Roberts found land over the horizon.

This is what they saw:


Taylor: Land! LANDD! I see LAAANNNDD.
Other sailors: Really?
Taylor: Yes!

The other sailors rushed to see the magnificent land populated with what seemed to be Powhatans.
One of the sailors, Able Seaman George McHanahhan woke up the sleeping captain.

George: Captain! Captain!
Captain Richard: ZzzzzZzzzzzz...... uoohhhhhh
George: Wake up Captain! We found land!
Captain Richard: WHATT? You Found Land? Are you joking?
George: Look outside and have a look.
For Captain Richard it was a funny sight.
Without thinking much, he ordered that the seamen sail the boat back with the aid of native Powhatans led by John Smith, a man who had
kind relationships with the Powhatan, while he, a translator, his wife Sherry, George and Taylor stopped at Snapper Isle. The survey proved suitable and they travelled by land back to Virginia.

Not so long, seasonal Norwegian fishermen came to unload their fish and dry them into stockfish. They had no idea that it was English land now.


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