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About this City Journal

A City governed by Mayor Nibbles.

Entries in this City Journal


It is with great fury that I lay down control of Luxengia due to a stupid and preventable mistake. During my computer's reset, I neglected to back up my city. So, once again, the prospering city that was lying on this large piece of land vanished-this proves that that land is cursed. I may create yet another city, but I need to know if I should reuse this thread or create another one.

With a long sigh,

Mayor Cuthbert Nibbles.


Luxengia Down

Dear fellow Simtropolis bloggers. As you may have notices, I seem to have been neglecting my Journal lately. Unfortunately, my computer(being Windows)has come to that point in every Windows computer's life for a complete system reset. Don't ask me why, but it seems that every 6 months I need to do this, and the schedule is like clockwork. So, Luxengia will be offline until I can get the backup files melted back into the game, and once I have the game installed. This may take a while, since I use this computer for school, and right now Simcity is a bit lower down the list than Academics. Wish me luck!

Sincerely, Luxengia's Mayor,

Cuthbert Nibbles.


I finally got fed up with living in the cramped area around the river, so I developed an avenue going out of the town and going into the industrial bowl, forming a right turn. I am now developing full health and education coverage, as well as water(duh) and an attempt on desirability. This backfired substantially when the avenue became overloaded with freight trucks and happy commuters, so this city is going to get a brand new Rapid Transit system. Should I use bus, Sub/El, Monorail or Train for transportation? Or should I use a combination of them all(I have a mod that lets me use all of the transit types)? Please use the poll to help out this city!

Luxengia, now actually called Luxengia on the game-rather than Luxenia, is working on water throughout the town, and needs some advice on sanitation. We want to keep our Farms, but can't* afford the sanitation equipment to clean up after them. Also, do you keep sanitation plants on a different line than the supply line, or do they even need a line of their own?

*Don't want to. Should I?

Thanks for reading and your advice. Signed your Mayor,

Cuthbert Nibbles


Well, it looks like Luxengia is starting to go through some tough times-not financially, we made over § 1,000,000 so far-but a planing problem. I became lazy, and didn't want to put most of my population on the waterside, with twisted and hilly roads, so I started a new residential sector away from the original one. Now I have to manage and maintain 2 water 'grids' as I can't connect the two residential ones with the farming sector between them(water pollution), and I need to upkeep more power lines, not to mention still having to manage the original road system(didn't think that through too well old buddy). But that's nothing compared to the traffic problem-even with such a small population of about 20,000, if you have half of your population trying to use one road, that road becomes very clogged up. So now I require an avenue, maybe even a highway, but there is a catch: over 90% of the traffic comes from workers with their jobs on that street-5,000 people will lose their jobs(half my town)if I construct an avenue.

But that's not all. We have a garbage problem.


So Luxengia has decided to start working on a garbage solution. A special incinerator that dumps trash into the center of the earth.


On the brighter side, a fair share of my town is now watered thanks to my new new water tanks(mod), this is in the 'new' area of town, depicted below(the incinerator isn't that dull, but you know...)


The 'new' area of town is a bit away from it all, but it doesn't look like it, thanks to the commercial sector which is actually just a profitable power-line.


Also, our city has been hard at work with schooling, we have a brand new high-school and an elementary school, and are considering healthcare. Did you know that both the city planner and the health and education adviser star quacking?

P.S. Did anybody notice that while I called my City Journal's city name 'Luxengia' while on all the photos with the UI showing it is called 'Luxenia'? Ouch.


Well, that time has come, when we need to decide on a new path of life for our new city. You see, this one little street, now a road, connecting most of the residential to a good part of the commercial and most of the Farming, is completely overloaded (I wonder why...) With only a few thousand people, it would be OK to move the main part of the population over to the large forest area, leaving the few unlucky Sims behind until the city grows and swallows up the area with the money to take care of the problem (Rapid transit; I set a rule that the 5 million from this point on is just to bail me out of in times of need). What do you think?



Welcome back to the Luxengia update!Our Terraforming is now complete, and we are ready to start building! With numerous features added to the new land, we are now ready to build a perfect new city.


First, the Industrial Bowl. Although it has a river going through a lot of it, taking up precious land, and probably defeating the purpose of isolating the pollution, I needed to provide another method of transportation. Last time I used this technique, I almost needed to build a second highway to accommodate the heavy traffic going into and out of the Industrial Bowl. This river will let me put in ferries, and most importantly, Seaports. The last city had the lake as far away from the Industrial Bowl as possible, so a Seaport was futile.


Next is the river flowing into the Industrial Bowl. This will probably be the base of our civilization, because everybody likes the waterfront. It may have some disadvantages, such as getting cars into the Bowl will be difficult. You can't make diagonal tunnels, so I would not be able to create a direct route into the bowl which will result in serious difficulties once a Highway is necessary.


Finally, a little about the land that we will be building on. It is pristine and tree covered, swallowing up all the pollution that our Sims may produce.

I will update you when more information becomes available. Have a good day!


Hello, the name's Nibbles, Cuthbert Nibbles.

I am the new Mayor for the town of Luxengia. I will frequently be reporting updates on the progress of our new city.

First a little history. A while back, Maximus's Demographers determined that our city had too many inhabitants, and although we were a very wealthy and well-to-do city, we had run out of room, and needed to expand. Mayor Maxix sent us to develop a new city, into a new and un-populated chunk of land so that we could continue our development. After we finish the tera-forming we will start development.

It turns out that a former city existed on this particular section of land. A medium sized city with a population of 100,000 inhabitants. The entire civilization disappeared with no warning what so ever*-let's hope the same doesn't happen to us.

In the future, I will be consulting you for advice, for both your experience and opinions, so please feel free to contribute, and don't feel upset if your idea isn't used-all advice and opinions will be taken into consideration, providing they are posted before the decision is made.

This city is hopefully going to become a full-on sprawling metropolis, so you won't see the development stopping at 100, 200 or 300 thousand people, I will continue to grow until I run out of room or go bankrupt.

Since this City will be a 'SubCity' from the Main City of Maximus, we will be starting with a grant of 5 Million dollars. Please don't squawk about this on the Forum, as Maxix himself insisted that I take the grant.

Hope you enjoy the Journal!

*For those of you who weren't reading in between the lines there, my game file corrupted and I had to delete the city because the game crashed every time I tried to load. It was really sad.

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