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Conquest of Paradise

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NEW AMSTERDAM 1625 - Live is good in Stuyvesande and many more colonists have arrived from the Old World. Hundreds of farmers have spread into the nearby regions and several farming villages have sprouted to support the growing needs of New Amsterdam.

East of New Amsterdam we'll find the village of Den Bosch.


North of New Amsterdam we'll find the village of Amstelveen


In both villages you can see they've been build quite similar in layout to a lot of villages in the Netherlands in long stretches along a main road. The surrounding fields are separated with rows of trees.


New Amsterdam is growing fast and clearly will be the capital of the New World. 'The Church' in the Netherlands has sponsored the congregation in New Amsterdam and the small church has been replaced with a grand Cathedral.


Much like its old world counterpart, Amsterdam, the town center is surrounded by Canals.




NEW AMSTERDAM 1612 - The colony of New Amsterdam has grown steadily over the past months. After the foothold was established in the New World the West Indies Company has sent numerous ships with new colonists. Religious as they are, the settlers soon erected a small church to show their devotion. As the city grows the merchants come in and have build the first stone houses as well.


The first farms have been set up quite close to the city to provide sustenance but a number of farmes have discovered that they also can grow tobacco, one of the most profitable imports the East India Company has been trading in the far east.


As the riches now come in, the villagers are quick to build an impressive city hall.


Editors Note: I'm finding it pretty hard to keep up the medieval bit as of course the cars come rolling in. Has anyone attempted to replace cars with old fashioned carts and coaches?


Okay. Here goes.

Back in 2003 I joined Simtropolis as I really enjoyed playing Sim City and started modding myself sometime during 2004. And then there were... kids, so there was ... no time. Somewhere over the years my PC crashed and lost all of my own creations and the mods and rarely played a game. Lately I've picked up an interest again, so I thought why not give the CJ's a shot. Sim City has some trouble nesting itself back into daily routine in my busy schedule so don't expect a daily update, but I'll do my best ;)----------


Amsterdam, 1602. Over the past years the wealthy merchants have set up a new and prosperous company, called the United East-India Componany (Vereenigde Oostindische Compagnie - VOC), rumoured to be the first company to sell stock to fund the building of new trade vessels. The ships sailed to Indonesia to bring spices and other riches.

After Henry Hudson got stuck somewhere down a river in Dark Territory in search of a western route to the Indies in 1609 it took a number of other missions before in 1623 the West India Company was formed. On a sunny summer day the Board ordered Peter Stuyvesant to set sail and settle new colononies in the west.


And so he did. The ships were careened and fitted, crews put together and ankers cast away!.


Land Ahoy! After a perilous journey the ships arrived in the New World. For those who pay attention, it is a slightly adapted version of the Eaton Map (credit where credit is due).


Time to make landfall. Stuyvesant chose to settle a few miles up river where the waters were calmer and decided to name the first western colony of the Netherlands "New Amsterdam". Quickly the boots were moored and unloaded. Trees were abundand and the carpenters quickly build docks,


and the first cabins were erected.


The fertile lands made farming a piece of cake and soon they were harvesting their own crop. That day became known as Thanksgiving Day, to thank for the blessings they'd received.


CU In Stuyvesande - Snowcrash

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