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About this City Journal

A country with a mix of French and Dutch culture

Entries in this City Journal


Sorry guys I'm really to busy in RL to reply so let's get straight in to the entry.

I feel truly bad I don't have time to reply, I will reply to everyone in the comment section including the ones from the last entry. So, on to it.


A residential area in Bayasa City experiencing a large rain shower:


As the rain clears up, we view a little agricultural part of Bayasa city, these types of "Island farms" are dotted all over the Bayasan coast:


And finally a view of the downtown area of Bayasa City overlooking some slums:



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Hey guys, I'm back with an update of Loftindor,

and I just came back from Miami on vacation which is why I haven't been active

recently :(. Anywho, today we'll be looking at the City of Krankow, the second largest city

on the Loftindor mainland, and 3rd including the dependencies. This city was the former capital,

and by the citizens is considered a "secondary capital" due to it's amount of activity in the government.

Before we begin, I'd like to try to promise to comment on as many CJ's as I can.




emperordaniel: :P, thanks for commenting buddy.

Shingure: LOL, it did, thanks for commenting.

NMUSpidey: indeed it does, thanks for commenting pal. :)

Efkin: Snow Day for the children! :D

emperordaniel (again): could be! :O

jephonesewarrior: ;) thanks for commenting

Flyhigh: Hope you like this update :)

matheuspaulo: Thanks bro!

Wraner: Lucky, we didn't have snow in cincy :(

Schulmanator: haha, I sure was :):ducky:

Simbourgeois: Thanks buddy, Happy new year to you as well! :)

Roberto Robato: yum :drool:

Note: I will be deleting the update before this because of my equatorial location on adonia, it doesn't really make sense, and I wasn't really "proud" of it. It will be deleted when the next entry is up, if you'd like to view it, please do so now, and please don't rate the entry.




Socialist Apartments blocks overlooking Stelling's Dike, the entryway into the city.:


Downtown Krankow:


Central Krankow:



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Hello everyone, I'm back with another update of Loftindor.

Don't have much to say, so here we go! :), I also wanna thank everyone for the support



emperordaniel: :blush: Should of studied up on my Adonia seasons, thanks for commenting

escilnavia: Hello there :P

ee99: Thanks dude :D

NMUSpidey: Thanks for the descriptive comment, I'm glad you enjoyed :)

Wraner: :lol: haha, thanks for the funny observation!

bwong: :lol: That pizza sure looks good :P

Archean: Thanks dude!!! :D

Schulmanator: :) Thanks for commenting, Orange is Loftindor.

Jamonbread: Thanks man, I'm going crazy :P

Fox: Thank you

100000000000000: Thanks!!! :)

Simbourgeois: Thanks bro!! :D

Spursrule14: Thank you, I am once again honored.


... as you can see, the blizzard is massively affecting the south, including the capital Hamersund. The Area around the Williams River

is being overwhelmed with snow, most government offices have been shut down, just minutes into the snowing, it is reported that Hamersund has shut down most government offices, leaving...


...Snow has been reported all over South Loftindor. The Loftindor mainland has not seen snow for about a century. It is also claimed by scientists that the snow will melt on contact to the ground. The Loftindor Weather Service says "the condition was just right for snow, a degree warmer, and it would have been rain...

Trentown, Loftindor.


... the foreign affairs Ministry office in Jansburg has been Shut...





Thanks guys, I hope you enjoyed, please rate, comment, +1 and/or like.



Hello everyone, I know fall is over in the Northern Hemisphere, but in Loftindor it's

to warm to snow. So, in the very North of Loftindor, it goes from fall straight to spring practically.

Here are just a couple pics of the very north, I could of done a snow update from my colony,

but I'm in the autumn feel, enjoy. Oh, and thank you for all the support, I did get into USNW!


Schulmanator: Thanks man :ducky::P

jack3oh3: Thanks Cpt. :P

Patokiller96: Thanks buddy, your Cj is baws

NMUSpidey: Thanks Broski, tell me what you think of this update ;)

skyscraper: Thanks dude.

emperordaniel: Thanks man, I really appreciate it.

111222333444: Thanks #s

Retep Molinari: Thanks, tell me what you think of this ;)

Simbourgeois: Thanks bud, you make a ton of lovely pics :)

pielover: Thanks pielover, more to come

111222333444 (again): haha, thanks pal, look forward to seeing you in the forum

Huston: I might make an AIN CJ ;):uhm:


Here we go guys:

Autumn falls upon this rich manor in the north:


Here we have a small hamlet far from the port city of Williamsport.


And the most up to date map of Adonia:


Map provided by 111222333444 and 9988, haha both #s


I know this was short, but for more, please rate, comment, +1, and/or like.




Hello everyone, I promised a new Cj at my workshophere

anyways, I hope you enjoy, I don't have much to say, and I will be submitting this to the USNW forum.





Corporation, fishing, farming,lumber, oiling, minor mining (gold and ore)


Socialist Republic

Prime Minister:

Davis Falfurgur


36.5 million (census, 2010)




Loftindor is scattered with small lakes and massive forests allowing local fishermen to make a living.


Lofindor's Capital, Hamersund's Metro District:


One of Loftindor's oldest churches, dating back to the 12th century...



Thanks for viewing, if you enjoyed, please take the short time to rate, comment, and +1,



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