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Small town has it all!

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Meet New Hope

Hi everyone, I would like to share this little city I have designed. I'm sorry in advance for my english. Im a little rusty and quite tired.

This is built on a small size terrain in Sim City 4.

I attemped to create a non pendular city, with both business and residential blocks mixed. The result is good circulation throughout the whole city. There are avenues, roads, elevated rail connected to subway and ferry boats. If a neighbourhood has el rail, it wont have subway close by. Buses are spread by the city covering some distant areas.

Instead of scattering subway stations all over, I attempted to make them "real" by placing few and concentrated, onto transportation hubs, connecting to buses, garages and ferry stations. I used different subway stations found here at the Stex, so each place has its own identity.

Every one of these transportation hubs has a toten so people can identify transport. I used The Pylon, available in the Stex. Its cool and makes a system whole.

I did not plop all the buildings as I've done before. All residential is grown, so as the Office Space, of course except for those buildings that have no grow option.

When i liked the building that appeared I made it a monument and when not, i destroyed it. Its how I controlled it.

I made this for fun, so I used that money tree so I could have freedom. Haters gonna hate. Those wealthy buildings were built sometimes by themselves, and other times by some mother nature help. Entering god mode again and planting trees makes it more convenient for them to grow, but my city has it all, poor, middle-class and rich. A lot of rich though, cos the buildings are prettier.

So, here it is. Hope you guys like and can use some of my ideas on your cities. Critique is welcome.

This is my pride and joy. Here you can see the observation tower up the mountain overlooking the city and the sea. There is also my transportation hub for this area. There is no downtown, but you could call this the historic centre, because of the old important buildings, as the theatre and the library.


Here you can see it at another angle, and in more detail.


Here is a broader night shot of the bay.


Following that avenue that leads to the ferry station close to the Theatre, youll get to a residential and office neighbourhood, and you can see there are tall and not so tall buildings and the museum.


At the end of that avenue, you have a small civic centre. You have schools, Hospital and everything you need, including a market.


On the tohser side of town, there is a Sports Arena, another transportation hub and some recreational space. Since this is a valued place of town, youve got high rise residential buildings. People can watch the game or the concerts from their balconies!



I really like this Chicago themed building, so i took a shot of it close to the elevated rail system. I like the old and new thing too.


Here you have the detail of the other side of the bay. This is an landfill area. You have the tunnel and the ferry stations, close to subway. On nice sunny sundays people get here to ride boats and spend some time by the lighthouse.


And, finally, some general shots of town.




Welcome to Newlands!

This is a small town I built by mostly plopping buildings. I wanted to have complete control over the city. It has many aspects that i consider crutial to my perfect city. It is compact and transportation is mainly on foot (buses+subway). I hate cars, but, broad avenues are still required. I live in Brazil and I have tried to replicate some of the good things in brazilian cities. Large cities in Brazil often have an historic part of downtown that concentrates government administrative builidings that may still be working as such or that now work as cultural centers. That part of downtown is closely followed by tall office buildings with shops at ground level. Even tough the buildings I plopped on my city dont appear to be that way, think of it as they are. Streets bustling with life day and night, be it downtown or in the residential area. Shops, restaurants, bars, cafés, everything. So here it is. Let me know what you think about it.


This is the civic plaza with subway station and historic buildings.


Here you can see the older more corporativist buildings clore to the beach and to the historic center.


Right in front of the beach you have this beautiful plaza and museums/library/movies for everyone on the city to enjoy.


Here are the posh residential buildings and the Santiago Calatrava Transport Hub that in this distopian city also serves as a cultural center for annual arts expo, and fashion shows, comicon et cetera.


Here is another plaza, but this time with a monument, and a very beautiful very modernist building right close to the beach, past the Atlantic Ave.


Overview of Downtown, beach and knowledge center.


Close up to the knowledge center, with university, an application high school and research centers, as well as a central library. The cool thing about this is that it is close to downtown but also quite reserved.


Overview of Downtown and the residential area.


Another view on the knowledge lands, downtown and the main plaza, for concerts, and open gatherings, like protests et cetera. A place for everyone to meet.


here you can see the new buildings of downtown, the city mall and the university. Students gotta have something to do when their teacher misses class.


Overview of the residential area.


Detail on the most recent buildings.


And finally other angle on the main plaza, the citys heart.

So, what do you think. I think its a quite livable city.

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