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San Fransisco in a parallel universe

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Bayview is somewhat of a cityscape, a big portion of the tall towers and hi-rises being located in the inter-city of Sublon. Here are some screenshots from the beautiful city—take a look.

Current Statistics

Population: 166,996

Commercial Jobs: 92,424

Industrial Jobs: 11,057


This is the central residential skyline that makes up for a large percentage of Sublon's 166,000 people. Most of it is Medium-wealth residential, except for a few namely hi-rises, such as the twin brown townhouse complexes to the left.



This is the main commercial skyline of Bayview, with the Bank of China tower at the near center, and two Alexis Buildings on either side of it, originally from nycc06's Austin City as Alexander Buildings. Also, you may notice the elevated rail and the big grass field in the lower left corner: it is the most preferred form of transportation due to its compatibility with subways, another popular form of inter-city transit in Bayview.



Here is the city's commercial suburbs, where small-time businesses tend to crop up. To the right is some immediate medium-density residential for jobs with short commutes.



This place is where the average people of the population live and work. There's no tall buildings in this area, yet there's a university and a cemetery located fairly close to residential proximity. It seems that this area has its own employment infrastructure, with the balance of similarly sized commercial and residential buildings.



The two feature buildings in this screenshot are the Three World Financial Center (left), and the One World Financial Center (right). In between you'll find plenty of medium-density, medium/high-wealth commercial businesses.



This area is chief of recreational buildings, and includes a zoo, an opera house, and a movie studio, all built on the water's edge. There are other reward-type buildings scattered throughout Sublon, but this area gets its name "Recreational Hub" because of the such high concentration of special buildings.



This is where sublon gets all of its power: solar energy. 20,000 megawatts of clean, safe, and reliable energy outputted monthly, all in one city.



This is where a lot of the smaller office towers are located, the place named the sub-skyline of Sublon, with one non-landmark Smith Tower and two non-landmark Coit Towers, plus many other buildings.



This is an overview of most of the city's skyline, including the aforementioned Bank of China tower, Alexis Buildings, and the two World Financial Centers, not to mention some residential skyscrapers near the top of the photo.


That's all I have time for for now. C'ya!


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