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Volcano Region

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About this City Journal

The most suspensful, entertaining journal you'll ever read

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Volcano City has been the center of new development, and it is getting bigger and bigger! The first highway is already under construction, which will soon be Volcano City's connection to the outside world:


And more development continues down main road, Volcano City is thriving!


But, one day, something would bring this thriving city to a grinding halt.

It was a beautiful Thursday afternoon, and Peter has just got home from school. As he went to the kitchen to get a snack, the whole room shook, literally throwing both him and his mom on the ground.

Mom: "I bought you some snacks, Do you want chips, or cookies?"

Peter: "I'll have chips" (Walks into kitchen)

(low rumpling sound)

Mom: Do you hear something?

Peter: Yeah, it sounds like- (Big explosion, room shakes violently) Whoa! (Censored)!!



They scramble to get back up and run outside, and see everybody on the sidewalk looking at the mountains behind them. Mom and Peter turn around and are shocked at what they see.



A plume of smoke is seen rising out of the Volcano.

The whole city stops. They just stop and look at the plume of smoke and ash rising from the volcano.

Soccer field:


Coach: (blows whistle really loudly) everybody out of the field! (people panic)

All everybody can do is watch in awe as the ash gets bigger and bigger, and then another very loud bang is heard from the volcano, shaking the ground. Everybody immediately goes from staring in awe at the volcano, to running around in a frenzy screaming. No one was expecting an eruption from that volcano, so they didn't know what to do. The major ran downhill from his house, and screamed to everyone there: "Everybody into the church!"

About 400 people ran into church, many others ran out into the farm fields. An ordinary afternoon turned into chaos, by the first recorded eruption.


5 PM, ash is now raining down volcano city; the beautiful, blue skies are now dark, choked with throat-clogging, ash. The ash rains down from the skies, making breathing difficult for anyone in Volcano City. Peter, his friends, and his parents are at the church, praying that they survive the eruption. Luckily, the lava is too far away to affect the city, but not the volcanic blocks that rain down from the sky. The citizens can only watch as houses nearby along with stores get smashed by car-sized blocks, and pray that none of them hits them. They could die any minute and they know it.


8:00 PM

Fires rage throughout the town, burning houses everywhere. The fire brigade work around the clock to put out the fires, with their new water hoses (no more buckets).

The only concern now was the pyroclastic flow, but thankfully, the flow happened on the other side of the mountain, sparing Volcano City.

Fires were put out, and hundreds of people came out of the church and ran back to their houses to put out their own fires. Peter's house hasn't caught on fire, nor has it been hit by a block. Other than some damage from the earthquake, they were okay. Some weren't as fortunate, as they ran to find heaps of burnt wood that used to be their houses.




7 AM (Next Day)

A beautiful morning dawns over Volcano City, but there was no school, and a lot of people went to the medical community center. The citizens are everywhere cleaning up the streets, and cleaning up the mess. This eruption was a 4 on the explosive volcano scale.



Volcano City continues to grow larger and larger as more people move in. Here are the pics of Rural Volcano City as it goes from small town to rural village to large rural town.

Population growth: 377 to 2000 people

About 2 new neighborhoods are being built, the only challange is to cut more thick pine forests, but they were able to manage. These are the development images:



During (Trees are cut down to clear the land):




The now elects it's first mayor (known as "person in charge" at the time) This mayor is the one before Peter. The Mayor's mansion is a beautiful house with a great view of the town:


As mayor of this town, he wanted the main road paved. The construction workers soon got on the job and got the town's first asphalt, the first step in the great transformation from rural village to modern city:


The town is now much bigger, with new commercial buildings. Peter is especially happy with the store (Gander Mountain) that sells outdoor and fishing equipment.

Volcano City is now a rural town:



Volcano City's settlers had decided that this was the perfect place to build a city, with plenty of hot springs. Now back then, no one worried about the volcano, in fact, it was just another mountain, it wasn't really doing much on the outside (while on the inside, the lava would soon build) The first trees were cut down and the wood used to build houses. Clearings were made for dirt roads, and they would be maintained. This city was just about 4 houses with a farm, and Bob's grease pit. Peter, (who would be the future mayor of Volcano City) was 13 at the time, and always loved to hang out with his friends at the restaurant afterschool. He was born in this city (back when it had 1 house) and only this family lived here.

One lovely afternoon, when Peter got home from school, he was shocked from what he saw.

Peter: "Mom! Why are they cutting down the trees?!

Mom: "Because they're going to build new houses there. Don't worry, they'll plant trees in the backyards.

Peter: "Are they going to cut down my tree?"

Mom: "Don't worry, they won't cut it down."


(an old pic of the house from satellite)


(After trees were cut down)

Peter was a nature lover, he grew up around trees and loved the outdoors. When he was 4, he planted his own tree in his backyard. He loved it very much, and wouldn't let anything happen to it. The trees he had been used to seeing in the backyard all his life had been cut down. Either way, his school work would soon keep him focused. He actually liked the fact that the new community was being built.

An Old factory was torn down to build farms:





Volcano City is now a small, rural community. A beautiful little city, that lies in the shadow of a huge volcano. (But that shouldn't be too much of a problem right?)


Keep scrollin'


(The town grew, about a year later, many new houses were built, and farms as well. The town is powered by a windmill plant.)

Here's a night image:


Here's some evening shots:





Welcome to Volcano region, the region where cities where built that depended on purely trade. Which city did all those cities depend on? Volcano City, the famous metropolis that was built on the shadow of an active volcano (and a big one). It is the center of all trade, every city around it depends on it. It's a complex system that would soon make these cities succeed. This is the epic story, of a very powerful city, the struggles, and the heroic acts. Now, without further adieu, let's start this story!


The story begins in 1922, a beautiful region with everything you would need to build a city. Water, fresh water, lots of wood, and hot springs created by an active volcano, which had no geographic name at the time. The colonists figured that this place would be the perfect tourist attraction, which is perfect for the economy.

(5 PM, Volcano region)

It's a beautiful afternoon out at the region, where the next morning would mark the construction of the first houses. The sites of these future cities are here:


(no name for the city yet)

and this, is the future site of Volcano City, where the volcano is on the left:


I hope you enjoy the first update!


Volcano Region (is here!)

Remember Volcano City? (Island Cities: A growing region) I didn't know much about making a journal at the time, and the ratings got too low, so I decided to start the much more realistic version of Volcano City here. Get ready... for the ultimate journal!

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