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Come out and see the real Delaware!

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11 | Flashback 1941

IN the year of our lord, 1941, when the war broke out. Delaware in 1941 was the worst year to remember, let alone the cilivians who suffered far worst than the soliders. For 88 consuctive days between July to September 1941, Nazi Germany dropped over 4,380 small bombs around the city of Delaware during the scary night time. During the bombing era in 1941, Delaware was pretty much torn apart, even with another existing political problems - Communism and Democratic governments. Government of New Albana (now called Federal Government of New Albana) was out of control, because of all of the existing problems within Delaware and other cities in New Albana. The air quality in the No Man's Land (Chelsea today) was horrid, with gaseous air and nitrogen being released into air from Communist to Democratic side of Delaware in order to take control of Democratic New Albana. South New Albana (South Delaware) have no moral support from other nations or cities because of its location, Delaware Airport is located in the Communist side, along with the major seaport and other inter-city infrastructures. In 1939, when the war began, South Delaware relied on the support of nearby farmlands to provide the food, and that farmland is located at present Delaware City National Park.


The famous photo of South Delaware residents (democratic side) tucking in inside the Delaware Underground for their protection during the 88-Day-Boming in 1941. The sound of siren is activated every time when the Watch Tower spotted a German plane, warning all of the South Delaware residents to take cover.

Delaware is only Democratic-control city in New Albana, while other cities within the country already took control by the Communists. The Communist Government of New Albana, which it is headed by a Russian, Flan Vanschjsvk, aimed to take control of Delaware City Centre because it was the only way to claim the victory for the Communists. The war took nearly ten harsh years, with almost no support from other democratic countries, Democratic New Albana kept fought and fought. December 1941 saw the beautiful city of Delaware cut in half, with Communist New Albana dictating the North and Democratic New Albana taking care of the South. During this moment, the Delaware Wall was erected to divide the city into two. Delaware City Centre (controlled by Democratic New Albana) is home to many government departments, especially the City Hall and it is very fortunate that it is located in the Democratic side, without it, Democratic New Albana would fall.


Another famous photo, which it was taken at MacKontch Cross in 1942. MacKontch Cross now known as St. Mary's Axe (or just St. Mary's.)

The peak of the War is pretty much in 1941, the war calmed down in 1942, until the tension increased dramatically a year after, in 1943 when the situations and cases worsened to a rock-bottom. Average civilians death count is 85 per day in Delaware, and the living quality in the city is very low, where everyone is shaking and 'about-to-die' in their hands of God. Communist New Albana kept invading Democratic side of the country, demanding to take control but failed every time; St. Ives Gate remained the sole centre of the War. St. Ives is a famous checkpoint between Communist side and Democratic side of New Albana during the War.

Democratic New Albana finally recieved a support from British and U.S. Army in October 1943, four years after the war began, and fought against the Communist New Albana. The Communist army and Government retreated from the war immediately when U.S. naval vessels arrived at the Settlement Hill (now it is called Unley, at Old Delaware) and began to send 7,400 US troops and 358 heavy vehicles (tanks etc). British Army's naval vessels ports at West Bank (also at Unley) and began to deliver foods and supplies before Communist air vehicle begins to attack the new "seaport" at Settlement Hill (Unley). US Army fought and fought against the Communists, right at St. Ives Gate and the nearby dividing walls. For next 33 consuctive nights, the residents of Delaware suffered the loud noises of bombings and bullet firing, a tense war between two sides of one city. In November 14th, 1943 when the War began to settle down, and suddenly, there was a sunny day with no civilians death, people opened the doors to outside to a peaceful world.





I know, it looks so boring around airport, but I will develop suburbs around the airport soon.


Hilton Hotel Delaware Airport.


Small international terminal.


Delaware International Airport, from air.

Tune in for next masasive update, featuring 30+ pictures!



St. Ives Gate


City Hall of Delaware


Brunswick Building (famous for its art deco design)

You can see new 444 Collins Street building in this picture, it is the glass modern with pale grey cement tower on far left, next to the tallest tower in Delaware.


Brunswick Building


National Court House of New Albana


National Court House of New Albana (from air)


Monument (it actually calls "Monument" itself), with King George Building (far right) with Delaware Casino (actually calls it "Mantra Delaware Tower", located behind the Monument, centre - blue glass tower).


Leighton Hotel, the famous "six-star" hotel.


St. Marys Cathedral


St. Nicholas Cathedral


Delaware Cathedral.

Delaware have so many different types of landmarks, from cathedrals, to public squares, including old museums and art galleries which it was built before 1940s. The oldest landmark in Delaware, must be, Delaware Cathedral because it was built in 1604, just less than 100 years after Delaware Settlement in 1511. Tune in for next update, guys/gals!


8 | CBD Skyline grows!

This year, 2011, marks the new skyscraper under construction (and now completed) in the Downtown, so all of us, let's celeberate! Delaware Downtown never managed any new developments since 1999 when AP Delaware tower completed. The new tower, 444 Collins Street, now is the sixth tallest tower in Delaware, but is the most newest building. 444 Collins Street building is mainly office and commercial tower, which roses for 70 metres into Delaware sky. This is most honorable day for local architects and town planners, to see something new in Downtown; as that most of the new developments you have seen in Delaware is located at the outskirts.


444 Collins Street building, next to the historical Russell Tower (left)


A view of 444 Collins Street building from a rooftop of a nearby tower.


Even if it is so new, and tall building (not really but for Delaware, yes :P), 444 Collins Street building still sinks into the downtown skyline hiding like a camouflage.


WRP (Waterfront Redevelopment Project) have been approved by Greater Delaware City Council, and is committed to invest nearly $600 million on this picturestique waterfront apartment and cultural redevelopment. As part of this WRP, Delaware will have its first ever proper-designed stadium, capable of seating nearly 65,000 specators. Greater Delaware City Council declared this morning that the new stadium, which it is officially named as Suncorp Stadium, will be used for upcoming International Baseball Competitions. This Waterfront Redevelopment Project also includes few new blocks of apartments, new open-spaced parklands, new large shopping centre/mall and of course, a new stadium (Suncorp Stadium). Only thing that concerns Greater Delaware City Council most is that the site where WRP will be located, have one of most oldest corner retail shop, and City of Chelsea will spend at least $8.4 million toward relocation of this old corner retail store in order to allow the development to go ahead.


Before the Redevelopment


After the Redevelopment

As you all might wonder about Delaware International Airport, the official update for airport wil be relased sometime very soon, so tune in!



Greater Delaware City Council have confirmed that it is highly possible that Delaware will host 2018-2022 World Expo. The local community strongly support the idea to host the World Expo in at least next decade. Mayor of Delaware, Gordon Palaszsck have announced that it is most likely that Delaware will host 2022, rather than 2018 because there are also some serious considerations for 2016 Summer Olympics to be held in Delaware as well. Today at City Hall, Mayor and Minister of Infrastructure (along with other ministers) have confirmed that Greater Delaware City Council have sufficient funding to cover the World Expo, and expecting a huge revenue being earned afterwards. Mayor of Delaware have confirmed that the graphic design for the 2018-2022 World Expo will be designed and released to the public for a feedback whenever if they like it or not. Once if they like it, we will go ahead with the design regardless if it is small or big. Our main idea for the World Expo theme, will be focused on River Tyne, and old landmarks, along with the trees. "Maybe, something green? To demonstrate to the world that we are environmentally friendly, and this World Expo will be environmentally friendly." Mayor announced. International Committee have confirmed that Delaware is most likely to be next candicidate city for the World Expo, because of its unique location, its culture, its sense of "city life" and its multi-cultural diverse city. The official plans, designs and general information will be released within next upcoming updates. So tune in, for the massive international event, after the proposed 2016 Olympics plan. :)


Delaware City Hall - at Old Delaware.


AT Delaware City National Park (often dubbed as Frenchs Forest), where you cannot count every single trees and its wildlife. This massive part of land was proclaimed as a national park in 1989 by Greater Delaware City Council to prevent the city sprawling into this beautiful forest parkland. However, before when Delaware City National Park (Frenchs Forest) was proclaimed as a protected land, there are few private farmlands scattered around the land, creating its beautiful rural countryside. Today, even if it is protected as a national park, Delaware want to develop a school camp base there for educational, biodiversity and protection benefits. The local communities angered with the proposed plans. Delaware City National Park is only accessible by twice-a-day (9am/3pm) ferry services from the local national park ferry wharf to Delaware Cruise Terminal, or four hour drive all around the lake to reach there from the city centre (by M876, A3 and I-14, and down right into Falls Creek Road). Speaking of Falls Creek Road, there are beautiful small creek drifting through the national park, Falls Creek, and it is an important source of water for wildlife as that it is fresh water creek; and is highly protected by New Albana Nature Protection Agency.







I'll tell you something special, tune in for next update ... it is about possible 2018-2022 International Expo. :) So... better keep your eyes on this City Journal ;D Please feel free to comment for your feedbacks, ideas or what you want and/or expect to see for next upcoming updates. :)


4 | Panaroma

Today, I am sitting on my sofa in a thankful relief that I brought my Canon digital panaroma camera to the ferry tour of Delaware. At 5:58pm, 29th September, 2011, I proudly took this picture. I am considering to sell it to City of Delaware for their own benefit. This simple panaroma shot of Delaware skyline generally explains HOW beautiful Delaware is, and so quiet and relaxing city. This single photo can be used to express the poems or short story because it is basically amazing. Here I am, uploading it to my blog on the internet proudly and hope everyone would love my photo skills! I am really glad that I am Delawarnian!



3 | Connecting Delaware 2032

Metropolitan Area of Delaware launched a long-term master plan for the future of Delaware public transport to tackle the traffic problems around the city. Prime Minister of New Albana, Andrew Josef agreed that New Albananian Federal Government would invest 70% of the Master Plan. Connecting Delaware 2032 Master Plan was launched today at City Hall, and majorily of the master plan focus on the development of underground rail system and efficient bus network. By 2032, Delaware is to be predicted to reach at least 3.5 million people and lead to a voicing concerns about existing traffic problems within City Centre, and lack of proper motorway system. During that year, Delaware will have one of the worst public transport coverage if we fail to do anything now. Delaware's current population of just over a million people, already faced an embarrassing problems, and it is the key reason why the city council and New Albananian Federal Government are committed to "save" Delaware.

AS SOON AS 2016 you would be able to catch a train, underground, from the City Centre directly to as far as ten kilometres, to your home in the suburbs. Greater Delaware City Council will be committed to invest over $283 million per year for frequent train services and an additional of $558 million every year for proper bus network. AT THE MOMENT, Delaware only have four metro lines, all connecting the city centre, and leaving the suburbs behind - same with bus network, less than ten routes, and also leaving the suburbs behind as if it is not important. Greater Delaware City Council promised to cover entire city as soon as 2032. Delaware and the Government have enough money and revenues to spend on this massive long-term infrastructure.


Proposed plans for the "super" efficient metro system, with marroon box as a "Central Interchange Zone".

Greater Delaware City Council announced that Delaware WOULD have the Airport Underground Line from City Centre to Airport (International Station and Domestic Station), with at least fiteen minutes service during peak hour and takes up to 22 minutes, express, to Delaware International Airport. As you might wonder what "Central Interchange Zone" means, and how will it benefit Delaware? Well, basically, "Central Interchange Zone" (as highlighted in maroon box) acts as a "large central station" where the entire city comes to one point, and change the bus or trains there and continue to commute around the city. By 2032, "Central Interchange Zone" will serve over 100 million passengers every year, all by bus and train services.

New Albananian Federal Government, Greater Delaware City Council, City of Delaware and taxpayers have agreed together to invest on this project, and it will cost us up to $9.4 billion to complete (as by 2032), including all of the construction costs, plans, running costs and services. But it could cost us at least $600 million per year (after 2032) for the running costs for trains and buses but the profit will be huge. Delaware's official public transport company is called "Transport for Delaware", but the sub-company name for underground rail is "Delaware Underground".



2 | Delaware Notebook


Victoria Street, the main street along the riverbank. This street is commonly referred as The Embankment, and from this point of Victoria Street, you can see the new office tower, which it is second tallest in Old Delaware area.


Delaware-Wellis Building, which it was built in 1952 as the tallest tower in the city, but it wasn't until 1973 when another tower dominated the city skyline by fifteen metres. But generally, Wellis Building is very well-known and if you are lucky, in a clear day, you can see this building from up to 72 km away.


Typical terrace houses in Covent Gardens, five kilometres away from Downtown... even ten kilometres away from the downtown, it is still very dense with old buildings and terrace houses, and rowhomes.


Novotel Delaware, the five-star hotel right in Old Delaware, and a quick walk away from Delaware Cathedral. Old Delaware city council plans to remove some buildings next to Novotel hotel and replace it with an open-spaced friendly Sunday markets.


St. Ives Gate. The famous checkpoint between Communist New Albana and Democratic New Albana in the Great War in 1928 - 1946. In 1946, Democratic New Albana won the Great War and decided to keep this honorably gate as a national hertiage and an official monument of the City. As you can see, the places further away from the gate, away from you, it is the Communist territory.


St. Ives Gate.


Delaware City Shopping Centre, the largest shopping centre in Delaware. This shopping centre includes over 864 different retail stores within 8 floors, and nearly 4,000 car parking spaces underground - but generally, most people catch public transport to reach to this shopping centre (metro or bus).


Delaware General Hospital, the second largest hopsital in Delaware - located at Queens' Junction.


Generally, most of the shops within Delaware City Centre - by law, that it must remain open 24/7 except for national holidays, official holidays or official "breaks". This photo is taken at King's Cross at 3:44 am in the morning, it is still bright and look "busy".


This area, (right side of this picture) is the oldest part of Delaware with the mouth of River Tyne.


Downtown Delaware and National Avenue runs along the coastline around the downtown.





Typical suburban houses around Delaware, you can find it for at least $250,000-$350,000 with low mortgage rates, as negiotated by Reserve Bank of New Albana.


oh, did I forgot one more picture?


Here you go, this picture pretty much explains it all. :)

Tune in for next update! Comment for feedbacks or thoughts, or ask me what you want to see for next update.

If you want to check out the pictures of Delaware International Airport, you have to wait for it, maybe few updates away :D


1 | Our Delaware


First City Journal

Metropolitan Area of Delaware


DELAWARE is the capital city of New Ablana, with the estimated population of 1.4 million people (326,000 live within City Centre area). Metropolitan Area of Delaware is known as most culturally-diverse city, with high immigrant population; the city share its passion on culture, living, society and art. Delaware City Centre area is home to over ten landmarks, including Delaware Cathedral, Sciencentre and the Monument. Most of the landmarks are located within Old Delaware area, because Old Delaware was the former site for the Delaware City Centre, (until when relocated to current location in 1949). Within the City Centre area, there are five local councils that manage its districts and areas, one of them is City of Delaware which it manages Downtown, Strahan, Monument and King's Cross. One of the local council, City of Chelsea, it is most popular district to live in (Living in Delaware: Best District to Live in 2009, 2010 and 2011 awards). In City of Chelsea, you can find the beautiful parks, with large landmarks, old row homes, old museums and wide roads with shops along its sidewalks. Despite of its horrible traffic problems around the city centre, Delaware is still the beautiful city, with so many old buildings found, literally, everywhere. In any chance if you are going to Old Delaware, you can find so many cobblestone roads around the district, including the gigantic Delaware Cathedral (built in 1604), and street-trees being found on every street sidewalks. Thankfully for its "super" slow population growth, Delaware is one of the best planned city in New Albana.


An aerial view of Old Delaware and some parts of the edges of Downtown.


Another aerial view of Old Delaware, and the mouth of River Tyne.




Beautiful photo shot from a weather-monitor helicopter this morning, this is a view of Old Delaware, the Downtown and its surrounding districts at, err... 6:34 in the morning.


A sleepy downtown with few highrises; the City of Delaware have no plans to build another tower. Most of the buildings you see above is built between founding of new downtown in 1949 to 1969. Newest building is the AP Delaware tower (Water Inc Tower).


Typical inner-city rowhomes at Old Delaware; you can get a normal-sized apartment for $285,000, a bargain!


BEAUTIFUL River Tyne drifts through Delaware and its many bridges over it. Most of these bridges you see above is built between 1775-1875.



William Street Tower was the tallest building in Delaware until MacGregor Tower built that dominated Delaware skyline. Way back in the time, before when Delaware downtown began to grow up, this tower, William Street Tower was the "landmark of the modern world".


A modern Convention and Exhibition Centre, located at Waterfront. Delaware Convention Centre is able to fit up to 6,600 guests and it is a popular option for high school homecoming dances, or city meetings, or general international conference events. Right next door to the Convention Centre, you can find Delaware Cruise Terminal, where you can catch a cruise ships to other cities around the world.


Delaware Cathedral - at Old Delaware.


St. Mary's Cathedral - at Queens' Junction.


St. Nicholas Cathedral - at Old Delaware. You can see the new office low-rise tower behind this small cathedral, it is the headquarters for Samsung New Albana, and the construction was just completed, hence the reason why it look so new.


Fitzroy Park with small road bridge over the small lake. Fitzroy Park is the important park in Delaware, because this small lake is the Wishing Well, where all of people who wanted to wish something, can put anything into the lake. City of Delaware (and City of Chelsea) have invested together to save the lake (and its things on the bottom of lake) from being robbed by thieves and criminals.


In 1993 when the old and well-known old building collapsed and Old Delaware district council quickly replaced it with a semi-modern apartment building with EXACT same brick (from the collapsed building) for the walls at the ground floor of the apartment tower.


UD (University of Delaware) City Centre Campus. The City Centre Campus is considerably small compared to other UD campuses within the city but this is the first university ever built in New Albana, and nowadays, over 3,400 university students complete their courses at University of Delaware.


Leighton Hotel, the famous "six-star" hotel in Delaware, and it was the first "tower" built in the city in 1927. Today, Leighton Hotel is the important hotel in Delaware and also very popular. Book your hotel room quickly otherwise you will end up in the dark alley backpackers hotel.


BUY THIS HOUSE! It is your dream home, guys! Only $220,000, and at least 20 minutes drive from the Downtown ... well, depends on traffic.



The suburbs of Delaware.

Tune in for next update! Comment for a feedback, or what you want to see for next update! I hope you LOVE Delaware already, and hope you will visit again sometime soon! :)

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