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11 | Flashback 1941

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IN the year of our lord, 1941, when the war broke out. Delaware in 1941 was the worst year to remember, let alone the cilivians who suffered far worst than the soliders. For 88 consuctive days between July to September 1941, Nazi Germany dropped over 4,380 small bombs around the city of Delaware during the scary night time. During the bombing era in 1941, Delaware was pretty much torn apart, even with another existing political problems - Communism and Democratic governments. Government of New Albana (now called Federal Government of New Albana) was out of control, because of all of the existing problems within Delaware and other cities in New Albana. The air quality in the No Man's Land (Chelsea today) was horrid, with gaseous air and nitrogen being released into air from Communist to Democratic side of Delaware in order to take control of Democratic New Albana. South New Albana (South Delaware) have no moral support from other nations or cities because of its location, Delaware Airport is located in the Communist side, along with the major seaport and other inter-city infrastructures. In 1939, when the war began, South Delaware relied on the support of nearby farmlands to provide the food, and that farmland is located at present Delaware City National Park.


The famous photo of South Delaware residents (democratic side) tucking in inside the Delaware Underground for their protection during the 88-Day-Boming in 1941. The sound of siren is activated every time when the Watch Tower spotted a German plane, warning all of the South Delaware residents to take cover.

Delaware is only Democratic-control city in New Albana, while other cities within the country already took control by the Communists. The Communist Government of New Albana, which it is headed by a Russian, Flan Vanschjsvk, aimed to take control of Delaware City Centre because it was the only way to claim the victory for the Communists. The war took nearly ten harsh years, with almost no support from other democratic countries, Democratic New Albana kept fought and fought. December 1941 saw the beautiful city of Delaware cut in half, with Communist New Albana dictating the North and Democratic New Albana taking care of the South. During this moment, the Delaware Wall was erected to divide the city into two. Delaware City Centre (controlled by Democratic New Albana) is home to many government departments, especially the City Hall and it is very fortunate that it is located in the Democratic side, without it, Democratic New Albana would fall.


Another famous photo, which it was taken at MacKontch Cross in 1942. MacKontch Cross now known as St. Mary's Axe (or just St. Mary's.)

The peak of the War is pretty much in 1941, the war calmed down in 1942, until the tension increased dramatically a year after, in 1943 when the situations and cases worsened to a rock-bottom. Average civilians death count is 85 per day in Delaware, and the living quality in the city is very low, where everyone is shaking and 'about-to-die' in their hands of God. Communist New Albana kept invading Democratic side of the country, demanding to take control but failed every time; St. Ives Gate remained the sole centre of the War. St. Ives is a famous checkpoint between Communist side and Democratic side of New Albana during the War.

Democratic New Albana finally recieved a support from British and U.S. Army in October 1943, four years after the war began, and fought against the Communist New Albana. The Communist army and Government retreated from the war immediately when U.S. naval vessels arrived at the Settlement Hill (now it is called Unley, at Old Delaware) and began to send 7,400 US troops and 358 heavy vehicles (tanks etc). British Army's naval vessels ports at West Bank (also at Unley) and began to deliver foods and supplies before Communist air vehicle begins to attack the new "seaport" at Settlement Hill (Unley). US Army fought and fought against the Communists, right at St. Ives Gate and the nearby dividing walls. For next 33 consuctive nights, the residents of Delaware suffered the loud noises of bombings and bullet firing, a tense war between two sides of one city. In November 14th, 1943 when the War began to settle down, and suddenly, there was a sunny day with no civilians death, people opened the doors to outside to a peaceful world.


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