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About this City Journal

Welcome to Simsbury! The Official Rural Ameropean CJ with cool extras the thread doesn't have! Check it out here if you have Pagebugophobia...

Entries in this City Journal


The End. 2.gif

Sorry, but my City Journal will end here. I haven't updated it in months as well I have lost all my plugins files and the region itself. However this does give me the opportunity to start something new. 4.gif Don’t expect that this will be my last City Journal.


Cecina Pt 2 - Arezzo

Cecina Development

Ok I'm going to start building on Arezzo, first let's plan out the area. Here seems like a good area... 2.gif


Okay now we need schools to educate our sims so lets try adding a school complex...


Okay lets finish up the area. Add streets, add commercial areas for jobs, add a power station, add a local hospital, zone the area. Now it's a matter of clicking the "play" button...


Click! The town of Arezzo comes to life...


Cecina Pictures

Now that's done, lets show some pictures of the finished area!

6-1 "Arezzo Residential"

The European homes are located in the central part of the city. The train station can be seen on the left side.


6-2 "Arezzo Shopping" The shopping district of Arezzo. 1.gif


6-3 "Geothermal Power" becuase of Cecina's volcanic Activity, Cecina was eligible for a Geothermal powerplant provided by the Simsbury enviromental board.


6-4 "Southern District" The southern district of Cecina includes the local hospital and commercial businesses.


Stay Tuned For Cecina Pt. 3! 35.gif



Cecina Introduction

Cecina is a mountainous area in the northern part of Simsbury. It is known as the little Italy of Simsbury for its italian style farms and its Italian style wineries that surround the area. Simsbury is the 2nd largest producer of wine in Simsubury as more than 1000 vineyards are in production per year. The largest town in Cecina is Arezzo.

Cecina Statistics

-Comming Soon-

Cecina Development

What you can expect from Cecina...


Red - Rural Farms

Yellow - Pienza

Blue - Arezzo

Orange - Roads

Green - Rail

Cecina Pictures

5-1, 5-2 "Sky View" A scenic view of Cecina can been seen in these pictures. Most of the terrain is made of limestone which explains the snowish-like rocky areas.



5-3 "Pienza Rail" The Pienza train station (SRTA) is used by many people in Pienza everyday because many people look for work in other urban areas such as Arezzo.


5-4 "Hillside Train" A small train passes many farms along the way to Arezzo.


5-5 "Cecina Farms" A small pepper farm which borders Pienza can be seen in this picture...


Click For HD! 35.gif



Sparks City Teaser

4-1, 4-2 "The City Train yard" These modern condos overlook the city train yard... Many of the Region's trains, and frieght cars are stored here because the SRTA's (Simsbury Rail Transit Authority) Headquarters is not to far away...





Altavista Introduction

Altavista is a peaceful town is the northern-central area of Simsbury. Most of the area is made up of rural farm areas and middle-class Sims. Some of the major landmarks of the area include the Sim TV station, the Organic-Biomoleculatedplantsandotherstuff Co, The Simvista Soccer Stadium and the Sim-Achetectual college.

As you will notice most of the buildings in SimsBury have the prefix "Sim" infront of their name, it shows how much the Sims have developed their culture. The only people that think this was a good idea were the Sims, everyone else thought it was confusing and annoying...3.gif

Altavista Statistics


Altavista Pictures

3-1 "Road to Altavista" Highway 81 is the main transport route to reach the small town...


3-2 "Technology meets Enviromental" Organic-Biomoleculatedplantsandotherstuff Co's headquarters. Rumors suggest that the company is testing out its new skyfarm to grow new species of plants. The company also added a windturbine farm to keep the enviromentalists happy.


3-3 "Cafe Laval" A small french cafe and a rural church. The area is usually flocked with hundreds of people on Sundays.


3-4 "Baire River" The town's sewage is treated first before entering a stream or a lake. Here the treated water flows into the Baire River. On the top is Bob's Cow Farm, from there the cattle are loaded on to freight trains and sent off to other farms.


3-5, 3-6 "Rural biking" Many of the sims travel to their workplace by bike in the summer months. So the mayor had decided to fund a biking program by building rural bike paths and giving citizens a $40 off incentive to buy a bike.



3-7 "Suburbs in the wilderness" A small community on the outskirts of the town. At the bottom there is an elementery school and a highschool where the founder of the school was swedish. Today the schools are run by the SSB (SimsBury School Board)


3-8 "Central Altavista" This is the town center of Alta Vista. In the picture you can see the Sim TV station, Alta Vista Elementery school (SSB), The local library and the main police station run by the (SimsBury Police Deparment). You can also see an air-purification plant in testing by the OxYgeN Co.


3-9 "Downtown Shops" The downtown shopping district is usually flocked with people on the weekends. However the shops close in the afternoon on sundays to give everyone a rest. An outdoor pedestrian mall was built to allow market stalls to be built.


3-10 "SimVista Soccer Stadium (MLS)" A few years back Alta Vista was granted a MLS team by the Simsbury board. It is due to the fact that AltaVista is the largest town within a surrounding area. On Fridays many people in the surrounding area come to watch a game.


3-11 "Vista Sqaure" Another shopping district on the outskirts of Alta Vista. It includes a movie theatre, two grocery stores and a multi-mart.


Check out the full view picture here! (It's In HD!)

Ok well that's it for the update! Less ruralness to come... stay tuned! 35.gif




Ok so I'm now go to introduce my city journal...

Simsbury is a small rural area near France, Germany, Belgium and The Netherlands. Simsbury became its own country when many people for some reason got brainwashed by a strange company that develops city-simulation software and after that preferred to be called, "Sims". So that is exactly what the European Union had decided to do. They allowed the country to rewrite the textbooks and call the earth flat with an abyss that seperated the country. There have also been aligations in the Simsbury Times that god had been teasing them with lighting blots, fire and UFO attacks. As well as many allegations of houses randomly being distroyed by a so called, "bulldozer tool" and new cities and offices being built within 5 minutes.

Well everyone thinks they're crazy...Apart from that the "Sims" are perfectly normal.

Simsbury has some of the world's leading technonolgies and provide most of europe with fresh fruits and vegtables. 7 out of 24 Simsbury wine companies were voted top ten best wine three years in a row and The mayor has won office (agianst mayor defacto) 14 years in a row. Also the country is leading is terms of healthcare, education and saftey.

Where is this SimsBury you speak of?

Right here.


Words that describe Simsbury

I'm going to let the pictures do the talking now. I stole this one from the Simsbury tourism office. 3.gif











Anything that was requested as a "where can a find this?"... (Posted In order)

- Darasouth Thorium Nuclear Powerplant by hdorriker

- SOMY LNG set

- Highway Restyling Mod V3 by maarten (Make sure to put th files in the NAM folder if you have the NAM.)

- Anfield Stadium by dmscopio

- Billboard Pack by sevenoled34

- JRJ Sidewalks Mod by Jeronij

- SOMY Pedestrian Mall

- Plop Farms

- Highway sound walls by sargeantcm

- Slope walls by jeronij

- Railyard - Freight Car lots - Passenger Car lots - Train lots by Andreas



Table Of Contents


Page 1 - Main Page

Page 2 - Table Of Contents

Page 3 - Custom Content Requests

City Journal

Page 4 - Introduction

Page 5 - Alta Vista - Full View!

Page 6 - Sparks City

Page 7 - Cecina

Page 8 - Cecina Pt.2 (Arezzo)

Other Useful information

- Check out my blog for useful informaton on Simsbury

- Check out the Simsbury City Journal Thread (Still Updated)

- Check out my list of Simcity 4 websites that will help you get the custom content you need.

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